Nail Trend Nail Enamel in Royal Mauves & Orchid Mauves Review

Nail Trend Nail Enamel in Royal Mauves & Orchid Mauves

I have been on a nail polish kick these last few weeks and I’m always on the lookout for new colors, new consistencies and new brands. As much as I love my MAC, OPI and Lakme nail paints, nothing makes me happier than finding dirt cheap nail paints actually worth their value and then some.

I was at the checkout counter at Reliance Trends the other day and came across these Nail Trend Nail Enamels. They were on display at the counter and I couldn’t help myself picking a couple of shades that looked gorgeous in the bottles (I had seen these previously but was always hesitant to even browse through the collection because of their rock bottom price). I was extremely apprehensive about the colors and the formula but thought that if they wouldn’t work for me, I could always give them away.

(Left: Royal Mauves; Right: Orchid Mauves)

I must admit that I am one of those people who still believe that if something is really cheap, it will translate into a cheap product. Although, ELF, Jordana and NYX products have changed my view when it comes to finding great products at great prices, I still have my old school mentality of “you get what you pay for” for Indian products.

That is why I couldn’t stop myself from writing this review for these nail enamels because seldom do I come across a nail paint that costs Rs.18 a piece (yes, 18!!!!) and works so well!

The 2 colors I got are: Shade A10 – Orchid Mauves & Shade A11 – Royal Mauves.

Price: 18/- each

Net Weight: 5 ml

Orchid Mauves is a completely matte light purple color whereas Royal Mauves is a deep purple color with very fine shimmer.


(Orchid Mauves on my fore and pinky fingers; Royal Mauves on my middle and ring fingers)


(Royal Mauves (L); Orchid Mauves(R ))

The pros and cons of these products have been written by keeping their price in mind. I could not bring myself to criticize these too much on various different criteria as I would a regular nail paint, solely because of how cheap these are!

What I love About Nail Trend Nail Enamel:
• Price, price and price! These are practically a steal at Rs.18 for 5 ml product. Compared to these, I find Street Wear and Avon nail paint a tad expensive now (LOL)
• I have had these on for more than 3 days now. My nails look exactly the same as they did when I first applied these. These should last me another 2-3 days easily so a nail paint that’s so cheap and lasts a week, wow! How can you go wrong with it? (I have not applied any top coat as I wanted to see how long these last on their own)
• Dries really fast. A few seconds are enough and you are good to apply a second coat.
• No chipping, no cracks, no fading, nothing! These look great and don’t give the impression that you have something cheap on your nails!
• Orchid Mauves and Royal Mauves complement each other perfectly if you want to have some fun and apply both colors on your nails. The former is completely matte and I love it. It makes your hands fairer and is a nice change from all those shimmery nail paints more commonly available. Royal mauves, on the other hand, is a wonderful deep purplish mauve color with very fine shimmer that’s not OTT and will work great with party wear or Indian bridal wear.
• These are great to build up your collection by not forking out a fortune. Even if a color doesn’t work for you, you have just spent a small amount and can always gift these to someone.
• Each color will last you for at least 6-7 applications (2-3 coats per application).
• For something that’s this inexpensive, the packaging is really not that bad.
• These are also very easy to remove. A single swipe of nail polish remover is enough to remove these.
• These nail enamels do not make my nails drier anymore than the other nail paints I have used.

What I don’t love About Nail Trend Nail Enamel:
• These are quite thin and liquidy in consistency. Orchid Mauves is sheerer and more liquidy than Royal Mauves so at least 2 applications of each color is required to get a good shade that’s true to the one in the bottle. 3 coats of Orchid Mauves gives the perfect color. But since these dry so fast, waiting is not a big issue.
• I have come across this brand only in Reliance stores. These are not as easily available as the Street Wear ones but are available in all Reliance Timeout and Trends stores.
• The color selection is limited most of the times. They seem to carry multiple bottles of just 5-6 shades but if you are into purples, check out Orchid Mauves and Royal Mauves. The rest of the shades look shimmery and could work well for party wear. I have my eyes on a gold shimmery one which I will definitely buy the next time.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

These colors are amazing for the price. Even if they had cost 3-4 times more, I would have purchased these shades again and again. I do like to have different colors in my collection but there are certain shades that I go for a lot more and Orchid Mauves and Royal Mauves are definitely in that category. I can’t tell you how much I am impressed with the colors, staying power and price.
I really hope you would not be turned off by the price as I was previously and check these out. These shades are gorgeous!

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24 thoughts on “Nail Trend Nail Enamel in Royal Mauves & Orchid Mauves Review

  1. I have petal pink shade, and i’m wearing it right now 😀 😀

    I agree its steal at such a low price :)) But I never saw these shades there 🙁

  2. both luk much similar.. but they r really a steal at this price.. & tht too with so many pros n a 4.5 ratingss… wow.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. I loved both the colours bhawana.. I have a similar mauve one from colorbar. I’ll keep a look out for this brand here. havent seen it around as yet. :))

  4. Ive picked up a few of these too, quite decent I must say. Use them for my toenails so am less concerned about quality!!

  5. hey bhaws u know i got 6 of these last year from rel mart n i was amazed at how good these were
    i have these two :shy:

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