L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick Bella Donna Mauve Review, Swatch


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I promised you all I will write about my HG pink lipstick. That is still in the making. But this is my HG mauve lipstick.

l'oreal Color riche lipstick bella donna mauve

To begin with I am wheatish complexion, with a moderate acne and open pores problem.
So not every lipstick in this world can be worn by me, I think at least not 30 percent of them. Most of us being Indian complexion face this problem.

But it is also a boon as some colours look exceptionally beautiful on our tone and I personally love dusky skin colour. :beauty: 😉

l'oreal Color riche lipstick bella donna mauve

This one is my Holy Grail mauve.

I use mauves as a substitute for pinks when I want something even more subtle and day like. In summer mauves are very much required.

If any of you does not have mauve lipstick these are my 4 recommendations for must have lip colours for our skin tone. One of each kind:
• A red
• A coral
• A pink or mauve
• A brown

If you have these 4 colours for your colour specific you can mix and match and that basically all you need.
L’Oreal colour riche lipsticks come in so many colours. Too many colours. If you stand on the counter I was surprised at the number of colours they have. In this range I have already reviewed ashwariya rai’s colour: ashwariyas beige.

l'oreal Color riche lipstick bella donna mauve swatch

About the colour:
It a beautiful mauve and is sheer. It is not full coverage and you have to apply numerous layers for it to come up.
It is a mauve with a lovely brown undertone to it. I cannot define but it’s not just very over the top kind of colour. It blends in.

Standard golden with a tight cap which would not come off if kept in a handbag.

About 6 dollars.

Widely available across all L’Oreal counters in India and abroad in stores like Wal-Mart etc. I picked mine from Wal-Mart . 🙂

l'oreal Color riche lipstick bella donna mauve

Pros of buying the L’Oreal colour rich lipstick:

• Beautiful colour. Will suit every complexion
• Not much expensive.
• Available all over
• About the texture it glides on easily but needs to be applied again and again
• It does nothing for the fine lines.
• It evens out lips pretty well

Cons of l’oreal Color riche lipstick

• L’Oreal tests on animals, I am not buying anything from them until and unless they stop it. There are plenty brands out there who do not test on animals and have wide variety of lip colours and other make up items. Like Revlon.
• It has to be reapplied again and again; mine does not stay for more than 2 hours.

Hope you all have mauvy lips this summer 😉
Fly girl

Which is your Holy Grail Mauve lipstick?

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  1. i thought the loreal color riche was retailing in india for 680 rupess earlier while the new shades are for rupees 720 each…..ratidoo, am i wrong?

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