Nature’s Essence I-Lift – Eye Roll-On

Nature’s Essence I-Lift – Eye Roll-On

Product Description:

Nature’s eye roll on helps drain swelling and puffiness under eyes and provide immediate cooling effect. Green tea present in it act as a stimulant to reduce tiredness of eyes. It will help the skin to brighten up and boost under eye radiance.

Nature's Essence I-Lift Eye RollOn

Eyes may the windows of the soul, but they also tell others a lot about your body. Eye-Puffiness, dark circles and eyestrain can be manifested by working a lot in front of the computer, watching T.V or if you are a frequent traveler.

Nature’s eye roll on will provide a perfect soothing effect to the eyes and it is a technique to decongest puffy eyes.

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How to Use:

Apply to the eye contour area, with light pressure in circular movements. It can be used above and below the eye. Use before sleeping at night and after waking up at the morning and it can also be used anytime in a day whenever your eyes feel tired and drowsy.

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Key Ingredients:

Green Tea, Potato, Apple & Liquorice extracts.

Price & Quantity:

INR 150 for 10ml

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Nature's Essence I-Lift Eye Roll On (5)

My Take on Nature’s Essence I-Lift – Eye Roll-On:

Most of the nature’s essence product has worked for me. There was no harm trying another one. Being software professional, my eyes get tried easily and that shows up immediately. The product was very affordable and doesn’t hurt the pocket. This is a big pen like structure. A metal roll on top shows up when opened. The product has a mild herbal fragrance but nothing disturbing.

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When applied with light pressure, you would feel a nice soothing sensation. I guess the cooling is because of the metal roll on tip. It hydrates the eye contour area well. It eases of the tiredness and gives a fresh look. I used it whenever I feel my eyes feel tired and it works well. It is a good handy thing for frequent computer users. It comes out as a transparent fluid and doesn’t disturb the eye makeup. It doesn’t cause any irritation or leaves a white cast. This does helps to reduce puffiness but even after 2 months of usage I see very little improvement in the under eye circles.

Pros of Nature’s Essence I-Lift – Eye Roll-On:

• Easy on pocket.
• Easy to use.
• Easy to carry around.
• Helps with puffy eyes.
• Hydrates well.
• Helps tired eyes.

Cons of Nature’s Essence I-Lift – Eye Roll-On:

• Doesn’t help much with under eyes.
• Not fragrance free.
• Complete ingredients list missing.

This is an above average product with helps amazing with the puffy and tired eyes. This is an easy to carry around product and can be used at anytime of the day. If you looking for a product that will work in the under eye darkness, skip this. No harm trying this product. I will repurchase this product as it helps my tired eyes

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12 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence I-Lift – Eye Roll-On

  1. i have the garnier one… it does nothing for the dark circles i tell u bt it gives a cooling sensation which hardly lasts long.. i’m sure the same is the case with this one.. nice review fahveen ,for the price seems worth a try though 🙂

  2. i really liked the garnier one.. it helped in fluid drainage around eyes so much… is this available online… good review fahveen. 🙂

  3. Not for me 🙁 I have slightly dark circle around eyes & it wont help me in this regards so I’ll skip it 🙁

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