Garnier Skin Naturals Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturiser


This one is endorsed by priyanka chopra:)

Hello IMBB-ites!!!
I recently had a bad bout of acne all over my face & it had left marks which I was desperate to get rid of. So I got this moisturizer. Because of the intense marketing by the company I got carried away. And priyanka’s natural flawless look too.



Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer with revolutionary Spot Breaker Technology has the unique ability to fight different types of spots and acne marks. Acne marks are visibly reduced and dark spots appear less visible in size, number and intensity. In just four weeks get skin that is softer, visibly fairer, and more even, with reduced spots and has a healthy glow.


With the combination of advanced technology and active ingredients, the new Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer offers 3 way dark spot reduction and makes skin 2 tones fairer.

Its revolutionary Spot Breaker Technology has the unique ability to fight dark spots and acne marks. Acne marks are visibly reduced and dark spots appear less visible in size, number and intensity. “It’s not a Miracle it’s a molecule”

With its unique formula enriched with Pure Lemon Essence, Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer helps remove dead cells accumulated at the skin’s surface and lightens the complexion.
Sun is a main cause of dark spots. This multipurpose cream not only gives you glowing skin but also gives 16 X more protection from the sun. Its formula with SPF 16/ PA +++ protects your skin from skin darkening and spots reappearance.

Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer is available across retail outlets in India. It comes in two sizes, 40 g and 18 g, and retails at MRPs of Rs 199 and Rs 109 respectively.

The first time when I applied this cream, it gave a subtle glow to my skin, dewy finish kind. I thought that it has already started working. But after an hour and half my face started looking like a frying pan with oil all over it. I thought maybe because my skin is oily it is not working for me.
So I asked my sister-in-law to try it because she has dry skin. Her experience also was the same but it took 2-3 hours to get oily.
The second day I used it, it started breaking me out. There were these tiny bumps on my skin which flared up the next day. I thought just two days into using this cream & I am already breaking out. I immediately discontinued using it.
It is one of the most horrible moisturizer for marks I have come across.
Pros of Garnier Skin Naturals Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturiser:
I can’t think of any.
Cons of Garnier Skin Naturals Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturiser:
I can write a book on it. It broke me out, made my skin very oily. May be it works for extra dry skin.
The only thing that’s revolutionary about this product is the marketing which lures innocent buyers like me.
I don’t even want to give 1 point to this product.

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43 thoughts on “Garnier Skin Naturals Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturiser

  1. Why do none of these Garnier products for face work for anyone!! ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/ ?:) :-/

  2. How come all products related to skin care from Garnier are all disastrous, not a single person yet has given a good review on these!! :yuck: :yikes: :pan:

      1. Yah…even I’ve used that roll on thing..still lying in my drawer..Its high time I write few sentences on it and bury it in a grave..pathetic product!! :((

          1. yeah..actually I think of only one pros in it…the concept of a roll on pen..I feel like filling that pen with other creams that work and then apply it!! 😛

      2. ya good thing u didnt..I was so excited when it launched. i thot wow easy to use so thats make it easy for me to remember and wont feel like i have to go thru hazaar pain to use it but very disappointing..

    1. yes, have used their body lotion… that body cocoon wala, donot clearly remember the full name, that was good, but face products are really bad

  3. Dimpi, Sad this dint work for you..
    I had had a similar experience with a garnier light cream which i had used 3-4 years ago, to get rid of blemishes. But whenever I used it, I’d see 2-3 whiteheads on my face after just a few hour..and it was sooo thich that I could not even blend it properly. It used to leave a whitish cast on my face.. :yuck:

    1. But my mum also used the same cream, and somehow it suited her just fine.
      She has AMAZING skin, and has never had a pimple in her life… sighhhhh…

      1. May be her skin is like that….some people have this kind of flawless matter what they apply nothing happens to them…Like some sort of “Naturally Strong and Radiant” skin…..I wonder if Garnier cream did anything to her….you sure about that??? 😛

        1. Yeah Cali!! Her skin is sooo smooth..she tells me never never applied any cosmetics on her face until the day she got married….you know sometimes if she runs out of face cream she just applies a little body lotion (i can’t even think of doing that :suspense: )…and her skin stays just fine.. :))

  4. only garnier body cocoon works for me……..other Garnier producs does not work for me :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nono:

  5. its been the same experience with me also… 🙁 garnier products work for none..i just came to knw… one of my relative had such a bad breakout after using the normal garnier fairness cream that she had to consult a dermatologist…. :yuck:

  6. I’ve been tempted by this many times but I’m so glad I never purchased this. Garnier has never worked for me! But they are good at marketing..always getting actresses to endorse their products! I guess their hair color is the product that works best on most people.
    Skincare :nababana:

  7. I think garnier prodcts never worked for almost all of us…. :yuck: :yikes: :yuck: :yikes: :yuck: :yikes: :yuck: :yikes: :yuck: :yikes: :yuck: :yikes: :yuck: :yikes:
    From now on…I swear myself OFF any garnier products…NEVA NEVA NEVA EVER

  8. I am still recovering from the breakouts n scars because of this product… :reallypissed: :reallyangry: :pissedoff: :pain: :(( 😥

  9. yeah….bhavana dats so true….if garnier walas wud hav dne dat…i wud hav been saved from the nightmare im presently going thru…. 😥

  10. For me too!!
    None of the Garnier Product have ever worked!! Garnier should just stop making more flop products and stop looting our money.

  11. I remember being scared of using this product when I was in college, I thought it would break me out instantly but one of my friends used it religiously after she got hyperpigmentation following chicken pox. Luckily, It worked out quite well for her. I have never tried it and wouldnt even think of after reading this review.

  12. iv used this toooo and hated it from the bottom of my hreart and soul :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed:

  13. this made me look like a ghost :(( then I gave it to mom – maybe its for super dry skinnned ppl… it took care of her tan so I guess It might induce fairness types… I feel it has tons of bleaching agents

  14. i have been using Garnier Light moisturizer for the past 2-3 years and now am using Garnier Ultra light. i hav used lots of products available in the market n Garnier is the only brand which suits my skin. my skin is normal and Garnier gives a perfect dewy effect. i just luv Garnier!!!

  15. Im thinking that Garnier seems to be evil for anyone with breakout prone or sensitive skin … everyone else seems to be ok with it … I was considering giving it a shot .. tragedy avoided coz i anyways have frying pan super sensitive skin 😛

    I do like that body cocoon though 😀

  16. 🙁 i didn’t go through this all comments before buying this product….i just bought one ….must think twice to use it …. :-/

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