Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba Review



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When it comes to keeping our skin nourished body lotions play a big role. Since the winters are here, I was looking for some rich lotions. Today’s review is all about Nivea Jojoba Body Lotion. Read on to know more.

Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba Review

Price and Quantity: $5.85 for 400 ml
Product Description:
NIVEA Jojoba Body Lotion nourishes the skin intensively. The caring formula with Jojoba Oil hydrates the skin and restores the natural moisture balance. Contains Jojoba Oil for a softer skin, for 24 hours.

My Experience with Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba:

The body lotion comes in a bottle but its packaging is very different from the traditional blue Nivea bottle. The lotion comes in a rectangular white plastic bottle with a flip cap. The packaging is pretty basic. It just has the jojoba symbol on the front and the name and nothing else. There is very less information about the product on the back.

Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba Back

The price is pretty good for a 400 ml bottle. The body lotion is white in color and has a semi-thick consistency. The lotion has a creamy texture and feels very rich. The smell is pleasant and it lingers around for a while. The bottle doesn’t cause any leakage and is perfect for travels.

The lotion is very easy to spread. It gets absorbed pretty quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind. After the application, the skin feels very healthy. The product works best when used after the shower when the skin is still moist. This way, you can make the most out of the lotion.

The lotion makes the skin very soft and smooth. It adds suppleness to the skin and enhances the texture of the skin. The product easily eliminates the dry skin. In winters, I have pretty bad skin and this lotion soothes the skin with its goodness. The lotion intensively nourishes the skin. It fills the skin with the needed moisture and protects the skin from drying.

Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba Ingredients

The lotion keeps the skin moisturised for more than 8 hours, which I feel is pretty great. My skin doesn’t become dry too quickly on the days I use this lotion. The product doesn’t cause any irritation and is suitable for all skin types. The lotion can be a perfect option for dry skin as it feeds the moisture food that is most needed by this skin type.

The product definitely makes the skin smooth but the claim of 24-hour moisture is pretty bizarre. The moisturization or the softness remains only on the days the product is applied. After that, the skin returns to its original form. This product is just like an emulsifier; it just protects the surface and doesn’t provide any long-term benefits.

The product also contains sulfates and silicones which create an illusion of good skin. The lotion also soothes the skin after exfoliation or waxing. The product is a good one for dry winters and it might be a little too rich for summers. Even though it provides short-term results, it is still great and worth a try.

Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba Swatch

So, summing up:

Pros of Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba:

Makes skin look healthy.
Makes skin soft and smooth.
Adds moisture to the skin.
Eliminates dryness.
Intensively nourishes the skin for around 8 hours.
Soothes the skin after waxing.
Doesn’t cause any irritation or redness.
Suitable for sensitive skin.
Perfect for dry skin and winters.
Inexpensive for the quantity.

Cons of Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba:

Contains sulfates and silicones.
Short-term results.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Nivea Body Lotion Jojoba?
Yes to both!

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