Nivea Pure & Natural Intensive Moisturising Mask Review

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Hello IMBBians,
The temperatures are so down here and it is so cold! The winter is still on which means dry skin and while I was looking for a good mask, I wanted to try the small sachets instead of investing in a big one. So read on to know more about the purchased product.

Nivea Pure & Natural Intensive Moisturising Mask Review

Price: €1.99 for 2 x 7.5 ml

What the company claims:
The new NIVEA Pure & Natural Intensive Mask with organic Argan oil and aloe vera pampers the skin with intense hydration and soothing ingredients, so that the skin maintains its natural balance.
• Pampers the skin with intense hydration.
• Creates a natural balance of the skin.
• Suitable for all skin types
How to use:
• Use once or twice a week as part of your face care routine.
• Apply the mask liberally to cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth.
• Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes and remove the remains with a tissue below.


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My Experience with Nivea Pure & Natural Intensive Moisturising Mask:

I picked this product just to treat my skin that went dry during the winter. I have used Nivea products and have a little trust in the brand name. So I didn’t think twice before picking this one up.


The product comes in a sachet form. There are 2 sachets and I really like that they are travel friendly. You can just put one of them in your bag and you are good to go. Each sachet is for a single use application; however I have used them 2 times and I think the single application is a liberal one for face and neck. The first one was too much when I applied all the contents from the sachet. Like all the other Nivea sachet masks, this also comes in a white one with the name written on it. The smell is very similar to Nivea Soft cream and the consistency is also similar to the same. This was the first time that I have seen the semi solid consistency in a face mask and I reread the contents again to see if I had made a mistake in buying a cream instead of a mask.


When applied to the face, it is more like a cream than a mask. It gets absorbed in 5-10 min. Later it turns a bit greasy like a cold cream. I have combination skin and I was a little scared that it would cause me pimples. I removed the remaining residue on my face using a cotton pad and washed my face with plain water to remove all the residue cleanly. The results were good. My skin was supple and looked hydrated. I never applied anything to my face again and the hydrated dewy look went on for the whole day. The skin was intensely hydrated as claimed. I didn’t have any dry patches for almost 3-4 days and with the regular usage I am sure that the patches would fade soon. I didn’t have any breakouts and the product suited my face perfectly. It is bliss for dry skinned beauties as it contains argan oil and is known for intense moisturization of the skin.

Pros of Nivea Pure & Natural Intensive Moisturising Mask:

• Travel friendly.
• Spreads evenly and gets absorbed by the skin working its way from within.
• Makes the skin look supple and hydrated and lasts long.
• Lessens the dry patches.
• A boon for dry skinned beauties.
• High content of natural ingredients.

Cons of Nivea Pure & Natural Intensive Moisturising Mask:

• Not yet available in India.
• Pricey.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Will I Repurchase Nivea Pure & Natural Intensive Moisturising Mask?

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