Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask Review

Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask

Hello ladies,

Today I am here to review a face mask again, from Nivea. I have been using Nivea face masks for a while and love the way it performs on my skin. I have already reviewed the mask for combination/oily skin. This mask is for normal skin types. So lets see how this fared for me.

Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask

AED 6.20 for 7.5 ml

Product description:

Normal skin gets a great hydration boost from NIVEA Refreshing Moisture Mask after a long day at the office because it replaces the moisture that the skin has lost during the day. Formulated with Hydra IQ, aloe vera and vitamin E, it energizes the skin’s natural radiance with lasting results. Aloe vera also counteracts dehydration by helping the skin to absorb moisture.

How it works

NIVEA Refreshing Moisture Mask enriched with Natural Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Hydra IQ:

provides your skin with an intensive moisture boost and
instant freshness
supports skin’s natural moisture balance
Result: The skin is intensively moisturized and left with a sensational fresh skin feeling.

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Apply once or twice a week, especially on the T-Zone. Leave on for approximately 10-15 min and rinse off with water.



My take on the Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask

The face mask comes in a sachet packing like the Nivea masks reviewed before, two sachets are combined together to form a single packing. This one is for normal skin types, even though I have a combination skin I decided to give it a try seeing the word ‘moisture’, which is something I need on a daily basis.

The mask inside is light blue in colour and has a bit thin lotion-like consistency, which did not impress me very much. I didn’t get the feel of applying a face mask, it was more like spreading a thin lotion on my face, it also started oozing all around my fingers. It had a very refreshing scent and gave a slight tingling sensation on certain dry sensitive areas, but it lasted only for a minute. So those who have any raw or sensitive areas on your face will definitely feel this sensation, but it does cause any major issues.

After around 15 minutes the mask was slightly dry and I washed it off with warm water. It was quite easy to remove from the face because of the thin consistency, There was an instant freshness and brightness to my face post rinsing and it also made my skin very soft, smooth and supple. My pores were also clean and clear and there was no greasiness.The moisture mask really moisturized and hydrated my skin, it felt really good.
This mask is suitable for all skin types, maybe extremely dry skin might not get required benefits, but still can give this a try. So let me sum up the pros and cons for you.


Pros of Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask

  • The soft lotion- like consistency is easy to spread on face
  • It had a very refreshing scent and gave a tingling sensation on the skin which gives an impression its working on your skin.
  • It does not dry on face thus avoiding any stretchy feeling.
  • Easy to rinse to off due to thin consistency
  • It gives instant freshness and brightness post washing, also makes your skin soft, smooth and supple.
  • It cleans pores and gets rid of dirt and impurities.
  • Provides enough moisturisation and hydration, does not give a greasy or dry feeling.
  • It claims to contain Natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Cute sachet packing is easy to carry around while travelling.



Cons of Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask

The thin consistency of the mask, even though easy to spread tends to be a bit runny, a little thick formula would have been appropriate.

IMBB rating:

4.5/5. I would recommend this mask for all skin types, even very dry skinned beauties can give it a try.

Would I repurchase Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask?

Yes, definitely I will try out more of these and keep it in stock.

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12 thoughts on “Nivea Refreshing Moisture Mask Review

  1. This looks really hydrating and i have always loved nivea products *happy dance* *happy dance* i don’t think i will get this here *headbang* *headbang*

  2. it sounds like a good everyday mask. I dont think it would be available here …good review 🙂 the blue of the mask looks sooo cooling for summers 🙂

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