Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner Review

Hair type: Wavy texture; dry ends, prone to split ends; oily scalp

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Due to the harsh climate, pollution, chemicals and other factors, taking care of your mane has become very important these days. Even though natural hair masks and products work, they need a longer period of time to work. Conditioners come to the rescue to protect our hair after every wash by building a shield around the hair strands. Nivea has launched some very good hair care products recently. I have already used their Color Protect shampoo and conditioner, and today, I will review the new conditioner, the Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner.
Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner Review

€3.49 for 200ml

• Restores your hair exactly where needed
• Every woman wants to beautiful and healthy hair. However, our hair often has to take a lot, so it can dry, dull and brittle. The new NIVEA Repair & Care Targeted product attracts damaged hair like a magnet, and restores her exactly where needed.
• NIVEA Repair & Targeted Care Conditioner tackle its problems addressed to. The secret behind this innovation?
• The “intelligent” Kera Detect® technology as a magnet to detect the damaged zones and hair so when necessary restores the hair, strengthens and protects. A customized care!
• This Kera Detect® technology restores hair targeted at:
• The “Repair active” ingredient, which damaged its zones detects exactly.
• Panthenol that nourishes damaged hair in depth and strengthen from within.
• Peptides that attach themselves to the hair surface and so protect against environmental aggressions.


My Experience with Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner:

My hair really needed care. I had skipped conditioning for a month as I was super lazy to buy a new conditioner after my old one finished and always hurried to the office forgetting to buy; my hair clearly started showing the difference. My hair started to become dry and the split ends were back, again! So, I bought the conditioner a month back. I have issues only half way down of my hair so when the bottle mentioned ‘repair and targeted care’, I picked it up.


The packaging is similar to all the other hair care range. The product comes in a light blue bottle with a dark flip cap. The cap is tight and there can be no leakage thus the product is travel-friendly. The product looks foamy but is creamy in texture. This line of product has been targeted for dry and brittle hair. The fragrance is pleasant and not strong but it doesn’t stay for long.

When applied on wet hair, the first thing I noticed, was that it lathers lightly. I was shocked and looked at the bottle again to see if I had picked up a shampoo, but no. I do not know why it lathers, but it lathers! And conditioners are not supposed to lather, right? I was put off the very moment and didn’t have any expectations out of it. But, after I dried my hair, my hair was very smooth and silky. I didn’t have any tangles and the comb went through my hair just like that without getting stuck anywhere!


The hair was shiny and looked very healthy and nourished. Within a month of usage, my hair looks healthier and has become less brittle. Also, fewer hairs fall when I comb. I do not have hair fall (touch wood) but my hair breaks and falls. I noticed a huge difference with this conditioner. I believe all the claims to be true as it has made my hair much stronger. The only other downside to the product is that it made my hair limp and very very smooth.

We love smooth hair, but I have thin hair and the product makes my hair look thinner and my hair becomes all straight and very smooth. I have naturally wavy hair with an oily scalp and I like the texture of my hair, but the smoothening doesn’t look good on me. I now use this product only as a deep conditioning mask once a month. So, if someone has very thick, dry and frizzy hair, it is a perfect product. But, for limp hair, it can weigh down the hair by making it look smoother and thinner.


So summing up,

Pros of Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner:

• Good for brittle, dry hair.
• Makes hair silky, smooth and straight.
• No tangles after a shower and hair can be combed easily.
• Strengthens hair on prolonged usage.
• Made my hair look shinier and healthier.

Cons of Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner:

• Makes hair very smooth and sticky, thus not good for limp hair.
• The conditioner “lathers”.
• A lot of chemicals.

Will I Repurchase Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner?
No! I have already bought another conditioner for everyday wash.

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