Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection Review

Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection

Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection Review

Product Description:

The caring formula based on Nivea’s advanced skin expertise protects reliably and offers deep and long-lasting moisture. The highly-effective UVA/UVB filter system provides immediate and long-lasting sun protection and releases the risk of sun allergies. Protects the skin’s collagen to help prevent wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure.


I went to the nearby drugstore looking for a new sunscreen I could use on my face daily, and pretty much anything that says ‘moisturizing’ grabs my attention, so I got the Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection. I’ve always had dry skin and it feels more dry than usual at the moment, so I thought it’d be great if all the facial products I used were moisturizing, down to the sunscreen.

This has SPF 30, which I think is good enough for daily use in the super sunny, hot weather here in Manila. I was a bit worried though that since this is moisturizing, it might have a sticky feel to it, but there’s a small label at the bottom that says ‘non-sticky’. I also tested it on the back of my hand at the store and it seemed to dry off easily.



Pros of Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection:

• This is affordable. I purchased the 75ml bottle for just 257 pesos or approximately Rs. 272/$6.11.
• It does feel moisturizing to my dry skin, as the product claims.
• Has both UVA and UVB protection.
• SPF 30, for me, is adequate enough for daily sun protection. I haven’t gotten darker or any new sun spots since using this.
• Did not irritate or cause pimples to my sensitive, acne-prone skin.
• This has kind of a watery consistency, so it doesn’t feel thick or heavy and it’s easy to spread all over my skin.
• It is indeed non-sticky, though it doesn’t have a matte finish to it either. It leaves my face a bit dewy-looking, but it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on. It seems to get absorbed by my skin pretty well too.
• The cap is easy to flip open and close, and doesn’t open by itself when tossed with other stuff in my bag.

Cons of Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection:

• I don’t care for the fragrance of this product, which has the typical smell of sunscreens, though it does go away after about 15 minutes.
• For those who avoid products with parabens- this contains parabens. Personally, I don’t mind.
• May not be available in all countries.
• When the weather is especially sweltering hot, this makes my face a bit oily after a number of hours, not  so oily to stop me from using it completely, but I think on super hot days, I might reach for a mattifying sunscreen instead; will still use this on other days though.

Do I Recommend Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection:

Overall, I do recommend this sunscreen for those with dry skin like mine, and I think it’s more ideal to use during cooler weather. During very hot weather, this causes my dry skin to actually get a bit oily, so I wouldn’t suggest this at all for those with oily skin. Other than that, Nivea Sun Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection performs pretty well and is very affordable.

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