Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm Review

Hi all!

Today, I’m reviewing Nivea’s Repair & Beauty lip balm.

I am a huge fan of lip balms. Whats  more, I love lip balms that come in tubes. There’s just something about sticking my finger in a lip balm tub and rubbing it on my lips that makes me go “eeek”!

I have pretty sensitive skin so a lot of the lip balms that I try don’t suit me. If you remember, they used to sell an old version of the Nivea lip balm in India a few years ago.  It made my lips itchy and chapped. But I love the Repair & Beauty one. This is one of the best lip balms from Nivea that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried almost all of them. For years now, my go-to one has been the Essential Care blue tube, but I like this one much better. It’s especially perfect for winter. The results are instant. My lips go from chapped to super soft in less than 5 minutes of application. It is “that” good.

Nivea Repair & Beauty LipBalm


The Repair & Beauty cost me Rs. 149, which I think is not bad.

The packaging had the word ‘dexpanthenol’ on the front in big bold letters. I Googled it and found: Topical dexpanthenol acts like a moisturizer, improving stratum corneum hydration, reducing transepidermal water loss and maintaining skin softness and elasticity. Skin care with dexpanthenol considerably improved the symptoms of skin irritation, such as dryness of the skin. In other words, it moisturizes “like a boss”.

I sensed a little bit of mint in the white part of the balm when I first used it, and the ingredients do confirm that menthol is present. After applying it my lips feel a little tingly (in a good way). This could be a concern if you react badly to menthol. So definitely look into this because I’ve noticed with products that have menthol in them that either people love them or they hate them with a passion.

Now about the color. It says Repair & Beauty, but right after application it turns the lips white. Hold on there, it’s not so bad. The magic needs time to work. You’ll notice slowly that your previously chapped lips are being restored to their softness, and the white will fade away to leave a pinkish tint. When I say ‘pinkish’ I mean the faintest of pinks, it barely shows up on me and may not show up at all on darker skin. Sometimes if I layer it on too much, it washes my lips of all color entirely. For me this is a good thing because my lips tend to be on the brown-ish side, so this lip balm gives me a nice ‘blank canvas’ to work with. You will need another color on top of it (I recommend the Nivea Strawberry or Cherry). If, however, you’re a no-fuss kinda person this may put you off. It has a very subtle shine, so you could also use it under lip gloss.

Nivea repair & Beauty Lip Balm (2)

Like I said before, the effects are instantaneous and the moisturizing properties are amazing. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

Pros of Nivea Repair & Beauty lip balm:

• Incredible results as far moisturizing is concerned.
• True to its claim of healing chapped lips.
• Long-staying .
• Neutralizes lips of natural color to be able to work with any other color you want.
• Reasonably priced.
• Subtle shine.
• Easily available.
• Lip balms that come in tubes rule all. *All hail the tube*.

Nivea repair & Beauty Lip Balm

Cons of Nivea Repair & Beauty lip balm.:

• Washes out natural lip color.
• Menthol might be a concern to some.
• No SPF.

Will I buy Nivea Repair & Beauty lip balm again?
Oh yeah, absolutely!
Overall score:

P.S. Nivea has Buy One Get One Free packs now. Definitely look out for the Repair & Beauty with any other colored lip balm. Can wesay perfect couple?

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