No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye Pencils Review

No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye Pencils

Hi everybody!

I am back with another review, but this time I will be reviewing some makeup items- I have found that my last few reviews have been focused on skincare products and so I wanted to switch things up a bit!

Today I will be reviewing the No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye pencils. The pencils come in five different colours and I will be reviewing all of them as well as showing swatches of each product on my hand. Just to let you all know, I got these pencils in a set but I don’t think No7 are selling these pencils as a set anymore- however, they do sell each pencil individually.

No7 Stay PerfectMetallic Eye Pencils

So without anything further, let’s jump into the review!

Price– £6.50 (1g)

My Take on No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye Pencils:

As I said previously, these pencils come in five different shades. They are: Blackest, Blue, Purple, Camouflage and Brown.

The colours are not bright or very colourful but are darker in shade, apart from the blue which is a lot more metallic and vibrant than the other colours. For this reason, the blue eye pencil has to be my favourite.

My least favourite colour is the shade brown because on my skin tone, it looks kind of grey and I actually would not class this shade as metallic- it looks quite matte on my skin. However, the rest of the pencils contain shimmer, especially the blue pencil which is very glittery, hence that is the reason why it is also the most metallic.

No7stayPerfect Metallic Eye Pencils
I find that I normally wear these pencils when I am going out for an event or party because I prefer to wear matte black eyeliner, rather than anything with shimmer in it for an everyday look.

As for packaging, the pencils are double ended- they come with the pencil crayon on one side and on the other side, there is a sponge tip applicator which is used to blend the pencils and give a smoky effect. I really like the packaging and the addition of the sponge tip applicator at one end of the pencil is a great touch.

No7 StayPerfectMetallic Eye Pencils
However, I wish I could say the same about the actual product itself but unfortunately I haven’t liked this product. I find myself not gravitating towards these pencils and I have a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, the pencil is very difficult to apply. It is a hard pencil and so in order to get any colour, you need to press down on the pencil hard and drag across the eyes- I really don’t like doing that because the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate. I have tried pressing the pencil softly but I hardly obtain any colour when I do this.

No7 Stay PerfectMetallic EyePencils
Also, if you are going for a smoky eye look and choose to use the sponge tip applicator to blend the eye pencil, you have to press and blend quite vigorously since the sponge tip is also quite firm. Again, I don’t like doing this because it would mean pulling the thin skin around my eyes. I think that the pencil crayons should have been a lot softer, hence they would have been easier to apply and easier to blend. As you can see in the swatches, the colour payoff is actually pretty good when you press down hard on the pencil- however those swatches were on the back of my hand and so I found it easier to drag the pencil across my hand, compared to dragging it across the soft skin around my eyes.

No7 Stay Perfect MetallicEyePencils

Since the pencil is hard to apply, I tend to press hard on the point of the pencil and this has actually caused it to crumble or break off. Due to this problem, I also find these pencils difficult to sharpen because the crayon can easily break off or smear across the sharpener. However once this pencil is on, it is actually quite long lasting. It doesn’t really rub off and it has great staying power- I actually find it quite difficult to take off. I prefer to use these pencils on my upper lash line, rather than waterline. Although it is easier to apply the pencil on the waterline, it doesn’t last as long compared to the eyeliner being on the upper lid. Another thing I don’t like about these pencils is the amount of product that comes in the pencil. Now, these pencils are not cheap and so I would have expected more product. In fact, the packaging is actually very misleading because the pencil is quite long, but there is only a tiny bit of product in this pencil.

No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye Pencils

Since the entire pencil does not contain product, the crayon has a tendency to fall out of the pencil since it is not secure. In fact, the whole crayon has come out of two of the pencils already- the blue pencil and the camouflage pencil. I need to keep inserting the crayon back into the pencil which is just a hassle. Like I said, my favourite colour was the blue pencil and so I was very disappointed when the entire crayon fell out, despite me only using it a few times.

No7 StayPerfect Metallic Eye Pencils

Pros of No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye Pencils:

• Pencils come in five different shades
• Pencil comes with sponge tip applicator to create a smoky look
• Good staying power
• Good colour payoff
• Shimmery and metallic shades- great for nights out

No7 Stay Perfect MetallicEye Pencils

Cons of No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye Pencils:

• Very little product in pencils
• Have to press hard to obtain any colour payoff
• Difficult to blend
• Grey shade does not appear metallic on skin
• Hard sponge tip applicator- difficult to create smoky eyes
• Delicate skin around eyes is tugged at when applying product
• Product can fall out of pencil
• Product can easily break/crumble
• Difficult to sharpen
• Quite expensive

No7 Stay Perfect Metallic EyePencils

Would I repurchase?

No, this product does not deliver great results.

IMBB rating: 2/5

It is such a shame that these pencils did not turn out to be so great because No7 is otherwise a great brand and I have loved so many of their products. I actually found out from other reviews of the pencils that the formula of the pencils used to be a lot softer, however for some reason No7 decided to change it! I hope No7 takes into account of all the negative reviews and decide to bring back the original formula.

The current formula is just so difficult to work with and I think that the pencils are such a waste of money- I have found that the MUA eyeliner pencils are so much better and they are only £1!

I have now come to the end of my review, it is a shame that it had to be so negative but I always want to give you all my honest opinion and prevent you from wasting your money on items that are not worth it!

Thank you for reading my review and I hope to come back soon with another review, which is a lot more positive!

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