Avon Color Dual Ended Eye Shadow Metallic Brown – Spring Green Swatch, Review

Avon Color dual ended collection-Eye, Metallic Brown- Spring Green swatch & Review

“Super sparkling and ultra glistening, this unique collection ensures that your eyes look glamorous and attractive all day long. Now, look twice as nice with this duo in one compact handy stick which is easy to carry too,” according to the company.

avon dual ended metallic eyeshadow

Product: Duo has eye shadow and liquid pencil eyeliner in one stick.

Priced at Rs 299 each. This month offer is 229/-. I got it for 200/- (appr.)

Available in three shades:
• Passionate Plum – Passionate Rose
• Metallic Brown- Spring Green
• Metallic Blue-Silver

Quantity: 1gm of eye shadow & 4ml of eye liner

How to use:
1. Eyeshadow: Apply the eye shadow starting from the inner corner of the lid towards the outer.
2. Eyeliner: Line your eyes along the lash lines and blend in with the eye shadow.

avon dual ended metallic eyeshadow

avon dual ended metallic eyeshadow

Packaging: Sleek, compact & sturdy. Can be easily carried in your purse without the fear of breaking/leaking of the plastic stick.

The eye shadow side is of black color while the eye liner side is of transparent to reveal the color & quantity of the liquid liner. The middle black connector part just carries the company’s title ‘Avon’ in silver. The name, quantity & shade name can be seen on the bottom of the eyeliner side.
Pull open the cap & rotate the centre connecter to reveal the eye shadow while rotating the middle connector part unscrews the eye liner pencil. In short the packaging is easy to operate and use.

My Experience using the Duo stick:
I got so fascinated seeing the cute packaging & unique and beautiful shades that I ordered it instantly. This particular duo has the eye shadow in lime green color which is both metallic and shimmery. Color can be compared to the Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick Glimmer Green but the pigmentation is comparatively less. 😐
The eye liner is a metallic medium brown color which can be easily compared to Lotus Herbals Eye Liner Pencils -Glitzy brown, the difference being this one is in liquid form.

avon dual ended metallic eyeshadow swatch

L-R: Swatch of the eye shadow and the eye liner

Now coming to its texture, the eye shadow is quite creamy in texture & glides on easily & smoothly on the eye lid without any tugging or pulling. But its pigmentation is less so I need to swipe the stick 3-4 times to get the right color. I then blend it to cover the entire eye area & thus the same eye shadow can be used as a highlighter on the brow bone. Once blended, the brow bone just shows the glitter particles and not much of the color. BUT, it creases. I tried using it in 3 ways:

• First on my bare eyelid- It creased within 20-30 minutes. Little color could be seen on the eye but it seeped into the crease leaving more of the glitter behind.
• Then I used it after using a primer on my eyes: I used my Avon concealer topped with loose powder as a base on which most of my eye shadows stay on for very long but on top of this also, this eye shadow creased after an hour or so. Much of the color was visible though.
• Used it as an eye shadow base: Excellent work. My green colored e/s just pop up on top of it. They become fixed on my eyes for hours & hours and even become waterproof. 😛 Yes, even if I splash water on my face the e/s doesn’t budge from their place. They just lose some intensity though, but don’t get washed off. Actually after I tried my green e/s on top of it & washed my face with soap, even then the e/s could be seen and finally I used my cleanser to remove the eye makeup.

avon dual ended metallic eyeshadow swatch

L-R (pic without & with flash): green e/s used without base (2 swipes) and right side with the avon eye shadow as a base(swiped once)

So it is best suited as an eye shadow base and a very good highlighter too(swiped very less & blended). But again, use your eye makeup remover or a good cleanser to remove it. If you simply try to wash it off, then also glitter particles would be left behind. It doesn’t get removed completely. You can see all glittery eyes. 😛

Now coming on the eye liner, then it does a better work than the eye shadow. The applicator is a felt tip which is easy to use and apply the liner.

The color is quite intense. I apply the liner twice- first very close to my lashes & then once more to make the liner thick. And this color comes off very well on the eyes. I am not used to glistening/ metallic liners so I find it a little strange for me but that effect can be reduced if u top it off with a matte brown e/s.
The liner dries quickly & doesn’t budge once dried. But its again not waterproof so it’ll vanish off as soon as you splash water on it. It will stay for 5 -6 hrs easily.

The best part is that it can be applied on the waterline too. I first applied it on my lower lash line very close to the waterline but it didn’t sting my eyes & so I went ahead and applied it on the waterline too.

avon dual ended metallic eyeshadow ON EYES

Left pic (with flash):me wearing the Avon dual color eye, swiped 4-5 times and Right side (same in natural light)

Pros of the Avon Dual color eye stick:

• Cheap & effective way to own an eye shadow and liner.
• Unique and nice shades.
• Travel friendly packaging.
• The eye shadow is a brilliant eye shadow base and makes your powder eye shadows pop up & stay on for hours.
• The eye liner is pigmented, dries quickly and is waterline safe.

Cons of the Avon dual color eye stick:

• The eye shadow creases within an hour even if used on top of a good base.
• The eye liner is not waterproof.
• Many would not like the glitter effect of the e/s and the glistening in the eye liner.

Ratings: I would like to give it a 3.25 (-1.75 for the creasing & metallic/shimmery effect).
I would have repurchased the other two just to be used as e/s base but I have similar coloured cream sticks. But if you are looking out for a cheap & effective e/s base, then this will serve your purpose well. Alone, it’s not of much use.

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