L’oreal Color Appeal Eyeshadow in 153 Metal Plum Review

L’oreal Color Appeal Eyeshadow in 153 Metal Plum

L’oreal Color Appeal Eyeshadow in 153 Metal Plum

I got this along with the lipstick I showed you guys the day before.  Just getting these two things was enough to empty my pocket, well not quite literally, but yes, I would think twice about any more shadows for the month.  I have three trios from L’oreal, one is Marine Sunrise and the other one is Earth and Sea and I think I have a backup of one these, I forgot which one 😛


I was keen to try some singles and I wanted to get a wearable color because its not possible to get blue and pinks and then not wear them. So, better spend on some color that you would wear even if you have dupe of it instead of trying some really offbeat color that may rot in a corner of a cupboard. That’s what makes me pick same nude lipsticks all the time because I do wear them without a second thought.


Anyway, coming back to the shadow, L’oreal Color Appeal had 3 colors at the H&G counter I went to; one was a green/khaki one and the other was a copper one.  Rati had also shared pics of the new chrome shine ones and they had many more colors, just that this particular counter was a disaster.  I had to choose between the khaki one and this one, but I got the more wearable one out of the two, Metal Plum!


425 rupees for 55 grams!

The shadow is a very gorgeous metallic mild plumy color with a little brown/ beige metallic mix to it.  Sometimes, it does look duochrome, especially when I tried clicking pictures.  It came up more as mauve plum metal one rather than beige that it actually looks like in person.  The sponge is average and difficult to hold because its so tiny. The color is very metallic, shiny and shimmery, but still very classy.  I love the fact that it is very soft, almost creamy to touch and smooth to apply.

Plum eyeshadow

The color has no fallout whatsoever because it is not at all powdery. It is all creamy, smooth, pressed powder and it sets after a minute. If you try smudging it, it will be all shimmery and no color would show up.  So, I suggest the dab-dab formula for this one as the metallic shine would be better then. Wait for it to set and I am not fond of blending it. I prefer it to set on its own and then go for some powder brown or black to contour.

The color is just super pretty and wearable for me and looks great for day or night, go easy with it as it is packed with very fine shimmer and high shine!

The case is click lock and tiny and snugly fits into the makeup bag.  There is no mirror, but I really don’t care for it. If the quality is good, then such things don’t really matter.  The packing is sturdy and would not shatter the shadow when you drop it.  Its not powdery in the first place!

Last Word:

I am very impressed with shadow. It is not at all powdery, it is soft metallic-y and dabbing it is the best way to use it. There is no fallout whatsoever because of the formula that it has.  I love shimmer and metallic shadows on a dull day and such are the colors I love. It is more beige in person, it shows up as mauve in the pictures.  I love to use a flat brush to pack it on instead of blending it.  Yes, I will get the khaki one too and will try some chrome shine ones too!!  I will find out some good wearable colours for you guys!


4.3 on 5 (425 rupees for a single shadow being the biggest drawback).

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50 thoughts on “L’oreal Color Appeal Eyeshadow in 153 Metal Plum Review

  1. hey where is the swatch? ?:) the color looks gorgeous but it looks more purple than plum in the pan na ?:) will def check out next on L’oreal counter..honestly when i enter H&G i get completely confused with so many counters and brands… and forget what I wanted to check :stars: :stars:

  2. n eh ai loved how you explained it .. like dab dab and not blend too much. actually it makes sense because only then the metallic sheen would be so visible. i like this shade of purple. reminds me of stars and violets from mac. :))

    1. wow
      :thanks: i tried blending it and no color was visible then :))
      and also it sets on its own so its best to dab i thought 😀

  3. Nice review,Neha di! :teeth But it’s too purple and shimmer-y for me. :nono: Magar khakhi one might just be nice for me. :preen: :preen:

      1. bill pay kardungi.. Ice cream bi dila doongi.. Par ek shart par.. Mujhe apna make up collection dikhana padega.. :inlove: :inlove: .. I will take its picture and show to my BF and say, this is what called as collection, khabardar agar mujhe kuch kharredne se roka tho :spank: :spank: …

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