Nude Makeup and Glowing Skin

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Hi Everyone, 🙂
I wanted to do a beautiful glowing look today..something with warm nude shades. Since I have recently got too many nude lipsticks, it inspired me to create a look around them. The secret to creating such a glowing look is thin layering of products. I mean, if you want to do a full coverage makeup look, you don’t have to work so much in layers. Do a full on foundation and follow up with a highlighters, which I think is absolutely gorgeous if that’s what you prefer.

I personally like a bit of skin showing through when it comes to looks like these. I feel when your pores show through or your spots/ freckles show through, it looks more beautiful. But that’s just me. You do what you prefer. There is no wrong or right to it. At the end of the day you should be able to achieve a beautiful glowing skin and most importantly, feel beautiful, no matter the route you take. 🙂 As Salman Khan says “do whatever you want to do man”. 😀

For this look these are the steps I followed.
Moisturise your skin.
Apply cream / liquid highlighter on high points of face.
Apply tinted moisturiser. BB cream or a medium coverage foundation. Blend.
Use concealer wherever required. Definitely do under the eyes.
Use cream contours to create dimensions on face.
Apply cream blush. I used two colors of blushes – peach and pink.
Apply loose powder lightly all over the skin and a bit more where you tend to get oily – under the eyes , around the nose, around the mouth etc.
the powder will take away a bit of glow from the skin so layer with a thin layer of cream highlighter and cream blush again. If you find it too oily, do powder highlighters / powder blushes and fix everything with some rose water / makeup fixing spray.

For Eyes and lips
I just wanted one color and a just a little flick of winged eyeliner. I matched my eyeshadow with my lip color. 😀

And you are done! 🙂 For hair, I did one braid and put a ton of braid rings. 😀 Hope you like the look and recreate it. I will see you all soon. Mwwaah! PS : I have given dupes for everything I have used to make it helpful for you guys. 🙂
Hope you are liking our new IMBB theme and logo. Sanjeev literally hasn’t slept in past so many nights to put this up! 🙂

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Products Used :
Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation / Dupe : Lotus Stick foundation
MUFE Concealer / Dupe : NYX Concealer in a Jar – Orange and Yellow Review You amy also read about my concealer application HERE
Cle De Peau Concealer / Dupe : Lakme Concealer Stick
Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter / Dupe : L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator Golden
Tata Harper Cream Blush very Sweet / Dupe : Faces Glam On Cream Blush: Pinked Mauve
YSL Cream Blush Coral / Dupe : Faces Glam On Cream Blush Peach Glow
Laura Mercier Cream Contour / Dupe :
you may also check my detailed contouring and highlighting contour HERE
Anastasia Powder Contour / Dupe : NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette
Makeup geek Eyeshadow Sidekick / Dupe : MAC Saddle Eyeshadow, Inglot Eyeshadow Refill DS 457
Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner Ebony
Christian Louboutin Mascara
Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Icon / Exact Color Dupe : Loreal Maple Mocha


14 thoughts on “Nude Makeup and Glowing Skin

  1. Your nude look is so natural, but at the same time so glamorous. Would definitely love to recreate, with similar shades.

  2. Love your look and hair braid rings. It complements your nude makeup look. Matching your eyeshadow with the lip shade is a good idea. Thanks.

  3. I was waiting to comment on the new look of the IMBB page, It is really superb and Great. Looks very professional and all the more promising. Truly IMBB is growing in many ways, for the good. Thanks Rati Mam, Sanjeev Sir and the entire IMBB Team.

  4. OMG!! That hairdo ma’am. That’s the show stealer of this look. Please do a tutorial on that. And earthy neutral tones look so good on you. Also, I love how you always emphasise that makeup is not about hiding all your flaws but a way of expressing your creativity.

  5. I love such natural looking looks by you.. They look so fresh and that flush of glow makes it look even better .. Loved that lip colour on you a lot 🙂

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