NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal

NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal

Hiieeee Everyone!

Today, I’m reviewing the NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal, which is a nice color for a smokey eye look. I don’t have great big eyes (in fact my eyes are rather like an elephant’s, small little puddles in a huge landscape :/ ). So, if I do a smoky eye and use deep black kajal on the waterline, my eyes just vanish into nothingness! So, this is my “smoky eye kajal,” it gives definition without giving harsh boundaries.

NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal

Product Details:

Take your look to a whole new level of beautiful by emphasizing your eyes with this rich, intense, long lasting eyeliner pencil! The creamy texture of NYX Auto Eye Pencil delivers intense pigmentation while it moisturizes. It’s a twist-up style eyeliner and doesn’t need to be sharpened.

NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal


Rs. 325.

NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal

My Experience with NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal:

I don’t generally use pencil liners because they tug, but this is very soft and smooth.  I love the colour, its the color of rain, clouds 😀 As I said earlier, it gives definition to my eyes without looking like I’m wearing any kajal at all. I’m the kind of person who loves makeup but doesn’t want to look as if I have done any make up.  (I’m an engineer working in the manufacturing sector, think factories and plants, no one wants a made-up doll in such a setting :P.)  Even colleagues my age think that your intellect and decision making capabilities are somehow inversely proportional to the amount of lipstick you have on :/.  Its sad, but I have to live with it.  Most of my favorite products are subtle, low pigmented stuff.

NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal

So, if you are like me, you will love this shade too.  Its totally NOT smudeproof.  The saving grace is the fact that it smudges away without darkening the neighboring skin, that is no panda eyes :yahoo:

NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal

Pros of NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal:

  • Glides easily, doesn’t tug.
  • Great for smoky eye looks.
  • Nice, retractable casing.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Waterline safe.

Cons of NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal:

  • Not smudge proof at all. It took a picture of my hand after I rubbed off the liner, but there was NOTHING to see, so I didn’t post that picture.
  • I don’t think it can be used for upper lash line (I haven’t tried though), it might tug.

Final Verdict on NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Charcoal:

I’m okay with this product, probably will buy in different colours.  I don’t mind my kajal wearing off gradually, as long as it doesn’t give me panda eyes. This is not a longwear, smudgeproof liner, but at least it doesn’t smudge to give panda eyes! I think its okay for college wear/office wear, definitely useless if you are going out for a party, etc!

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  1. Oopsi dear the way u described ur eyes was cute 🙂 🙂 🙂
    n liked it too
    i do have big eyes but I m currently loving the soft eyes dan darkly defined black eyes
    so loved this more

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