NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection (S114) Review

NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection (S114) Review

Hi everyone! Hope you guys are doing well!

I am back after a forced hiatus -first my camera was busted and then I fractured my hand. I still cant type much so this post will be a result of quite some days , a few lines a day:). Anyways, here I am with another review, this time on NYX’s Box of Smokey Look Collection.

nyx smokey look collection
Description: This makeup kit is a collector’s box with NYX’s 4 signature smokey look kits: Classic Smokey, Purple Smokey, Bronze Smokey and Natural Smokey, all in one. Also contains 3 blushes, bronzers, highlighter, concealers, lip colors, glitter creams and a black eyeliner.

NYX smokey eye collection

Price: anywhere from $17.99 to $22.
Available: anywhere NYX cosmetics are sold (cherryculture, nonpareilboutique, porkdaisy, beautyjoint etc.)
Packaging: The dimensions of this box are as follows: Compact: 6.75″W x 4″H x 1.50″D; Extended: 10.75″W x 8″H x 1.50″D

What I love:
• There’s so much of product to choose from in this kit. For every kind of smokey eye look (as mentioned above, there are 4 kinds: classic, purple, bronze and natural), there are 12 colors to mix and match from. Apart from the eyeshadows, there are so many other items: 3 blushes, 2 bronzers, 1 highlighter, 12 cream glitter eyeshadows, 16 lip colors, 4 concealers, 1 black eye liner, a sponge applicator and a lip brush.

nyx eyeshadow palette

smokey eyeshadow look

(The 4 kits (from L to R) – Classic Smokey, Purple Smokey, Bronze Smokey & Natural Smokey)

• This is a really good deal for about $18 dollars. I was actually browsing through NYX’s individual smokey look kits when I came across this. Each individual smokey eye kit costs about $13, so this is a great deal for $20. Not only are we getting all the 4 individual smokey eye sets in this one kit but also so many other products as mentioned above. Great value for money!
• As with all NYX products, the quality is amazing. The eyeshadows are pigmented, easy to work with and stay on for a long time. These might not be as great as NYX’s individual eye shadows but even then, the quality is really nice. Not much to complain about!

nyx eyeshadow swatches

(Swatches of a few eyeshadows – just one swipe)

• Not only the eyeshadows, but even the face products are pigmented and offer a great variety of colors. There is both a matte bronzer and a shimmery one. The blushes are really pretty too and range from a sheer one to quite a pigmented one.

nyx eyeshadow swatches

(The middle part has 2 bronzers, a highlighter and 3 blushes)

nyx blush swatches

(Swatches of blushes)

• There are 16 lip colors, so you are bound to find at least two that you absolutely love! The colors are gorgeous and once again provide a wide variety for every skin tone and in every shade. These go on really smooth and provide a glossy effect to the lips.

nyx lipstick swatches

(Swatches of some lip colors)

• The concealers/correctors are creamy and there are 4 shades in the kit. There is a green, lavender, salmon and a yellowish shade to tackle all the problem areas on the face.
• The glitter cream shadows are a fun and spunky addition to this palette. These are fun to use and will be perfect for a late night party. I prefer to use these as eyeliners than eyeshadows to add some sparkle to a neutral eye look.

(Swatches of some of the glitter cream eyeshadows)

(Swatches of some of the glitter cream eyeshadows)

• I really like the shiny, black packaging. It is quite thick compared to a coastal scents palette. Also comes with a decent size mirror and is quite sturdy.

  (Size comparison with the coastal scents palette)

(Size comparison with the coastal scents palette)

• Great for travelling. Just take this palette and no need to pack multiple items.
• Even for a beginner, it’s really easy to create different smokey eyes with this kit. It takes out guesswork of which shadows to use and which colors will compliment each other. There are multiple shades to choose from in each smokey look so you can go as neutral to as dramatic as you’d like.

What I don’t like:
• The pencil eyeliner is nothing great. I have to pull and tug my eyes quite a bit to get the color I desire. I don’t think I am going to use either the eyeliner again.
• The colors don’t have names or numbers but I don’t think it’s really that big a deal.
• Some eyeshadow colors look quite similar to each other and some are a little less pigmented than the others. Having said that, most colors are really gorgeous and super pigmented.
• Glitter cream shadows are not for everyone. The glitter is quite chunky and I find them quite difficult to blend. Even when blended, they are not your daily wear items.

(Glitter shadows and concealers/correctors)

(Glitter shadows and concealers/correctors)

• Blushes are mostly pink so if you are more into the orangish coral colors, you’d be disappointed.
• Some of the lighter color lip colors are really sheer and not true to how they look in the kit. I am a little disappointed with how sheer some colors are.

(Lip colors)

(Lip colors)

• Even though the packaging is nice and sturdy, the compartment with the lip colors, glitter shadows and concealers takes a few attempts to slide out smoothly.

lip colors

(The lowermost sliding compartment)

• As with most makeup kits, there’s always a chance of eyeshadows falling out on the lip colors or other products. It’s built quite nicely and I have not had any problems so far but with makeup kits, I am always wary of one product dusting on the other.
• Lip brush and sponge applicator are both “meh”. Nothing to rave about.
• I don’t think it’s available in India. Available mostly online requiring a credit card.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Overall, I really love this kit. This has become my go to kit ever since I got it. Since I purchased it mainly for the smokey eyes, it has been a great buy for me because of the amazing selection of shadows. The blushes are great too and are my second most favorite thing in the kit after the smokey kits. The lip colors could be better and I don’t see myself using the glitter shadows too often. But overall a great value for money and absolutely fabulous for someone who loves smokey eyes, like me 🙂

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  3. hi..sorry about your hand. get well soon.. :puchhi: thanks for the review inspite of your injury. you surely cheered us up :pompom: this kit looks way too cool. Kits are always fun and useful as long as you can use them to their fullest hence value for money and all else it just becomes one of those fun-to-have kinda things. I like the bronzers and the blushes most of all..will check online and see how tempted I get though i am desperately trying to be good. :toothygrin:

    1. so true aruna! i hv to admit that i use individual products more than using kits but i just love love love collecting them! although i know i will be using this one quite a few times because of the smokey palettes!

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  5. Nice review Bhawana :waytogo:
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  6. Nice review bhawana , i am quite fond of NYX products i don’t have this particular kit by i have their individual shades and 10 color palletes, they are really pigmented and super affordable :))

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  8. Hi Bhawana,
    Get well soon dear. Very Nice review :yes: :yes: , I am surely gonna get this, becoz i never finished any of the mekup products i have , even the eyeliners, so i thnk rether than buying these thngs individually i can go for this, and its pretty inexpensive too.. :yahoo: :yahoo: .. :thanks: definitely getting this one :cheers: :cheers:

  9. hey bhawana….hope you are fine now…..get well soon dear…. 😀 …….n this one looks so nice…….n so very reasonable….. :thumbsup:

  10. Hello everyone,
    I was searching online for nyx products and came across this review! Though I’m not a member here but thought you all could help me O:) I really love this kit and wanna buy it, so can you tell me if it’s safe to order from international sites? do any of you have any experience? Please let me know!

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