Streetwear Metal Eyes Eye Pencil Shade ’Silver Lining’ Review

streetwear metal eyes eye pencil
Hello IMBB beauties! Today I’m reviewing Streetwear Metal eyes eye pencil in shade ’02 Silver Lining’. I was on a lookout for a silver eye pencil since quite some time and the Revlon SA showed me this Streetwear silver eye pencil along with the Revlon eye pencil. The pencil seemed very creamy on swatching on hand and was much more reasonable than the Revlon one. Since I hadn’t tried anything from Streetwear till now, I decided to pick up this pencil
Price: Rs 290
Quantity: 1.2g

streetwear metal eyes eye pencil closeup
Streetwear does not appear to have a website but I found 3 other shades(metal brown, metallic turquoise, metallic green) listed on this website.
product look
My experience with the product- The Streetwear metal eyes eye pencil comes in a sharpen-able pencil form. The body of the pencil as well as the cap is made of silver plastic which seems of good quality. The brand name and name of the shade is written in silver lettering on the body of the pencil which makes it a little hard to read and photograph. The finish of the pencil is ‘metallic’ and not ’shimmery ‘ or ‘glittery’. I prefer metallic finish since the shimmer is so fine and thus gentle on the eyes. The pencil itself is very soft and creamy and glides easily on the lids but transfers to the lashes if it comes in contact with them while applying. The staying power is good, it stays on until removed by makeup remover. I wore the pencil for about 16 hours and it was still intact at the end of the day on the upper lash line (which I had set with a little eye shadow) and had faded a bit on the lower lash line.
I applied it on my upper lash line and it looked a little stark so I toned it down with a little bit of black eye shadow from Coastal Scents 88 palette and then applied the pencil lightly on my lower lash line and finished off with mascara.
product eyes

PROs of Streetwear Metal Eyes Eye Pencil

1. Packaging is sturdy and convenient- the body of the pencil is the colour of the shade so easy to identify.
2. The pencil is creamy and soft- glides easily on lids.
3. Long lasting- stays put until you remove it with cleanser.
4. Comes off easily with cleanser unlike some other long stay pencils that require rubbing and tugging to come off.
5. The finish is metallic- shimmer is very fine and hence gentle on the eyes.
6. Gives good pigmentation in single swipe
7. Good quality and quantity at the price.
8. Can be used in inner corner and under brow bone and blended with finger since it’s really creamy, to give a brighter look to the eyes.
9. Waterproof ( Yes I washed my face with water twice and it stayed put!)

CONs of Streetwear Metal Eyes Eye Pencil

1. Too creamy- transfers to lashes while applying if it comes in contact with them.
2. Have to be little careful while sharpening because of the creaminess of the pencil.
3. No ingredient list.
4. Not sure if it is waterline safe.

Overall verdict: It is creamy, waterproof, long stay eye pencil that is packaged in a sharpen-able pencil form made of plastic. The plastic body and cap of the pencil is sturdy and silver in colour so easy to identify. Finish is metallic and does not irritate or hurt the eye. It comes off easily with cleanser without any tugging or pulling. A good option for those looking for a long stay silver pencil under Rs 300. On the downside, one has to be little careful while applying and sharpening since the pencil is too creamy. No mention of ingredients or whether it is safe for use on waterline.

Rating: 4.5/5
Will I repurchase: Yes. Would like to try out the other shades from the metal eyes range.

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53 thoughts on “Streetwear Metal Eyes Eye Pencil Shade ’Silver Lining’ Review

  1. Hey its looking nice……. STREET WEAR pencil in Rs290 bit priceyyyyyyyyy :stars: …………….But inner corner it will be awesome :jalwa:

  2. such a good product at pretty good price.. SIlvers can be quite difficult to pull off. I like how you toned it down. 🙂

    You looking very pretty . :makeup: which lipstick ? :mirror:

    1. Thank you Rati :makeup: I wanted silver since sooo long and was so excited to use it but when I did, it didn’t look as nice as I’d expected but toning it down a little on the upper lash line worked :specs:
      I’m wearing a very old Maybelline watershine lipstick shade #17(found it in my mum’s khazana of lipsticks :jalwa: I think it shud be discarded now..its quite old but it didn’t irritate my lips and its very soft and creamy and the shade stays for a long time. Hard to believe its maybelline watershine !!

        1. thats true..the older watershine lippies did stay way longer than the newer ones we have now :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

    1. Thanks Shai..ya it looks a bit too light for everyday wear. Toning it down with a gray/black/brown eyeshadow works though. I’ve also patted a bit of black eyeshadow on the upper lash line in the pic above.

  3. I have similar silver from Oriflame. Got it at much cheaper rate. I just use it in inner corners. Now I know how to tone it down for upper lashline. Thanx. And as usual looks pretty. 🙂 🙂

  4. i have had such a terrible experience with streetwear lippies that i run away from the sa who mentions this brand….

    u have toned it down well….

    1. Thanks Anks. I’ve never tried anything before this from Streetwear. Just picked the crystal shine moisturizer (already reviewed on IMBB) though. Works well for a dewy look but makes my skin oily after 1-2 hours 🙁

  5. Nice one, you are great at pulling soo many looks, :woot: :woot: :waytogo: ,Yesterdayy I saw colorbar I glide pencil silver one, I find that better,they were charging 310 for that,anyways :-*

    1. Thanks Rids 🙂 Ya its pricey for a streetwear product but the quality is quite decent. I was abt to purchase Chambor which is for Rs I’m glad I found this :balle:

  6. I was thinking of buying a silver eyeliner but did’nt know how it would loo on men also since i am not so fair as you…. but thanx to u now i know how to use it.

  7. adding black to tone it down was great
    i have a couple of silvers but never wore them coz it was just too birght
    now im gonna use ur trick;)

      1. ok, that is also very bright. have used it only once or twice since i can’t figure out how to use it :toothygrin:

  8. i have 1 eye pencil from streewear in ”aquamarine” shade. The pencil z called streetwear stay on n it defnitely stays on 😀
    after seeing your post i took it out like after ages 🙂
    it also comes up pretty strikingly..will use your ”tone it down” tip

  9. Hey Ankita

    ur eyes look fab… :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    I hv a colorbar Iglide in silver which i generally wear as eye liner only for parties… but with ur tip.. I can wear it almost everyday …. THANX :mirror: :mirror: :mirror:

  10. Nice Review Ankita!!! I ll get this one now :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  11. It’s a nice colour Ankita.. As always, you carry any colour very well… :love: :love: :love: :love:

    And streetwear is only cheaper that Revlon itself… But I like the quality.. Except maybe for the glosses, I love Streetwear as a brand!!! :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

    1. Thanks Mrun 🙂 I’ve not tried much stuff from Streetwear except maybe an eyeshadow long time back which I used only for my farewell i think 😛

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