Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Hydration Cream Review

Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Hydration Cream

By Vaishnavie K

Olay is a company famous for its anti-ageing products. Olay Regenerist is an advanced anti-ageing formula as claimed by the company. This product is basically a moisturizer, which the company has rephrased  as revitalizing hydration cream, which if you translate it into English, means moisturization.

In the  picture below, you can look at the claims of the company and in the right picture, you can see the other variants of the same Regenerist range  from Olay.

As you can see in the picture, this comes in a glassy grey jar. The cap is a plastic grey. On the circumference of the jar, you can see the directions for usage,which is not much and it also contains the manufacturing details. This is made in Thailand and is imported to India.

Cost in INR: 349


No where in the outer pack or in the tub , I can see the ingredients list! I actually expected a grey coloured cream. But inside, you can see a light peachy colour. The cream is glossy to look at.

Olay_Regenerist_Revitalizing_Hydration_Cream__9_ Olay_Regenerist_Revitalizing_Hydration_Cream__5_

On taking it on your fingers, you get a creamy feel and on applying, it gives a cooling effect, as most moisturizers do. I have been using it for sometime now. But the product is not yet near finishing. Just a small quantity is enough to cover the entire face. I have been using it as moisturizer under my day cream. The face looks good immediately after applying it. It makes the skin look healthy and makes it soft and supple. It gives a nice healthy look to the skin. But after an hour or so, you can see that it starts giving a slightly oily look to the face. Dry skin may end up with a dewy look, but oily skin may look , what else, a little oily!

This also contains SPF15 and it is broad spectrum, which basically means both UVA and UVB raus from the sun. SPF 15 is good enough if you are just going to stay indoors or if the sun is not shining high. But you may need a better SPF if you are going to use it in  summers, where the sun is shining bright.

It is a moisturizer and not a foundation or compact. But you can still see it smoothing out the fine lines. They say that anti-ageing should start in the twenties itself. And I have read  somewhere, that the more you moisturize, the  younger your skin will look. Now, who doesn’t want to look young for ever? (Also, I got the trial pack of the moisturizer, which in itself is costlier than many other moisturizers)

Olay_Regenerist_Revitalizing_Hydration_Cream__4_ Olay_Regenerist_Revitalizing_Hydration_Cream__7_

Pros of Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Hydration Cream:

1.Gives good moisturization.
2. Once applied, lasts for a 4-5 hours. But may vary depending upon the skin variety. My skin type is normal.
3. The product has broad spectrumSPF 15
4. Has a typical Olay scent. You might know it, if you have used their other creams.
5. Not too heavy.
6. Doesn’t break out. Your tiny whiteheads don’t stare back at you after you have applied this.
7. Gives a healthy glow to the skin.

Cons of Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Hydration Cream:

1. Becomes a little oily after sometime.
And I couldn’t vouch for the anti-ageing claim as I have been using it as a prevention product rather than for therapy.
2. The ingredients list is missing.

Will I repurchase Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Hydration Cream?

No. I wont. Because at this cost, I could get many other good moisturizing products and I will try those too rather than spending on this  again.

Will I recommend Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Hydration Cream?

I will recommend this to those people who want to smoothen their fine lines. But if you are  yet to get fine lines, you can try out other products in the market and you can select That One product before your face starts showing lines of age.

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