Olay Natural White Day Cream Review

After hearing great results with Olay products n watching the commercials, I began trusting the brand even more. So when I was shown a new set of Olay Natural White by the SA, I was a bit excited to try. I wasn’t too crazy about the whitening thing but hey, it’s Olay, so what do I have to lose? The Olay Natural White cream is meant to address hyper pigmentation of the skin while keeping it moisturized. Since I have heard a lot about Olay products, I figured I might as well try it. Its Price: 299/- for 50 gm(Indian rupees) Olay Natural White Night Cream Source Olay’s Natural White Range includes:

  • Natural White Day Cream,
  • Natural White Night and
  • Natural White Face Wash.

Olay Natural White Night Cream What P& G claims about Olay Natural White Night Cream? Olay Natural White Night Cream contains twice the mulberry leaf extract, which is proved to not only whiten your skin, but also optimizing its texture leaving your skin feeling feather soft. So wake up to fairer, smoother skin.

  • Nourishes skin from deep inside
  • 2X whitening effect
  • Intense moisturizing
  • Reveals skin health and radiance

The 3 step action of Olay Natural White Day Cream:

  1. Olay Natural White Nourish the skin with nutrients for healthy-looking natural fairness that glows. Its formula with triple nutrient system – Vitamin B3, pro-B5 & E nourishes the skin to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness for a healthy-looking natural fairness that glows
  2. Its SPF 24 protection effectively helps protect the skin against external damage from the sun*
  3. Its nutrients rich formula help replenishes your skin’s natural moisture level

Olay Natural White Night CreamRead what the skincare product’s brand ambassador, Katrina says: “I feel proud to be associated with Olay Natural White. Because of my hectic schedules and constant exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays, I’ve always been concerned about the damage done to my skin. I always wanted a glow that comes from within. I am convinced that for this, there is no other alternative.”

Learn about My experience about Olay Natural White Day Cream : I am having an oily face but thankfully I don’t have any problems with breakouts or too much pimples. I could have one or two but that’s not a problem for me. I just want to have a clear face, somewhat fairer but totally clear. Since I have some blemishes and dark spots, I believe that Olay Natural White may aid the problem and give me even quite noticeable result so I decided to give it a try. After four weeks of using the product, I found the followings:

How I apply: I use it twice a day on a clean face and neck Olay Natural White Night Cream Olay Natural White Night Cream Olay Natural White Night Cream Olay Natural White Night Cream Some of the good points about Olay Natural White Day Cream:

  • The packaging is cute. Although of no use after getting the bottle out. The bottle itself is very classy with a translucent base.
  • Could be easily carried in handbag.
  • The cream soothes out well when applied and doesn’t clump at all.
  • It’s light and silky with a mild soothing fragrance, which is very pleasant.
  • What I like the most about the cream is that it leaves the skin really soft and smooth.
  • It makes for a perfect base for applying makeup. I moisturize my face 10mins prior to makeup and the result is perfect. When in hurry I just dab a compact with a gloss and kajal and I m done….
  • As for the whitening effect, I did notice an improvement in my complexion after 3weeks of use.. Friends literally asked me about the secret behind it. Imagine a women complimenting another woman, —WOW A BIG ACHIEVEMENT!!!! NOTE: ** THE FOLLOWERS OF IMBB ARE EXCEPTIONAL**
  • It also aided to improve my skin tone and texture
  • Another plus point is the SPF-24 content. I don’t have to put an extra layer on top. Which I love the most.
  • Very little amount is required. Only a pea size amount is enough.
  • I am using this on daily basis for about 2 month but still some left to go for about 15 days more I guess.
  • I doesn’t contain bleaching agent.

Some of the bad points about Olay Natural White Day Cream:

  • Although the product claims it can be used by most skin types, I have a slight problem with the extra moisture. I have oily skin and when I put on the product, it not only felt greasy, it also made my face look greasy. But if you’re looking for a product that will drench you with it, this is the one to have.
  • If you are developing wrinkles or have maturing skin, this product will moisturize and whiten but not plump out those lines.
  • Also there is a waiting time, before u put up make up. You’ll have to wait about 3 minutes before you can put on foundation or pressed powder.

Other than these I couldn’t find any other drawbacks.

Do I recommend it? For people with oily skin like me, you’re better off using another product if you have huge issues with oiliness. Olay Natural White Cream is perfect for people with normal to dry skin and want a product that will moisturize, improve skin tone and fight hyper pigmentation.

Would I Repurchase? This product really worked for me but I am not much sure, only because of its moisture content. I would rather look for some other product.. I am eyeing NETROGENA FINE FAIRNESS CREAM..

My rating: :-* :-* :-*

Have you used Olay natural white????


104 thoughts on “Olay Natural White Day Cream Review

  1. my best friend uses some olay products and they suit her quite well. I think i must start looking at them now. very nice review. :yes: :yes:

  2. I am in two minds now Sush…since there is no bleacing agent in the product, I am all for it, bt the oiliness…..mmmmm I have an oily skin…drenching…that would scare me away.

  3. hi
    Ki: v safe indeed :-))
    riddhima: thx :-)) try it out wil like it for sure
    M: u a having a dry skin na.. den dis d product. it instantly mointurises the skin, with a glowing finnish. which i like it bt sad cant njoy it 4 long. bt u’ll nt have any promblem.. 😉
    Jomol: if u dont have much promlem with the oilness den nothing to bother about. just dab a compact aft application & the result is perfect. :-))
    n for the fairnes part, it does work… happy :laugh:

    1. hiya. Suggest you dont pick up the Neutrogena fine fairness cream – i used it and regret wasting money. It didn’t do anything to my complexion, added a weird whitish layer, was dam oily and didn’t smell good at all!

    2. hi,
      i used ur natural white day creame(gel based)one month earlier.bt nw a days the quality of ur product has deterioted and it is nt as gud as it ws earlier coz nw a days the creame which is available in the market is purely a creame only and it is not at all gel based.neither it is helping in skin whitening…………just is this bcoz the demand has raised so the product quality is going down and down?

  4. Hi Sush,

    Nice post…just confused why wld they add spf in a night cream? and also can a night cream be used as make up base ?

  5. Hi shweta,

    u got it right :mean: There a 2 versions of olay natural white. n wat i bought was a day creame which contains SPF 24. bt when i sent d post to rati i forgot to mention (day/night) may be it got confussed there…… :-))

  6. Sounds effective. Actually maybe it is heavy on the moisturising part coz it is a night cream. Most night creams are heavier & greasier than day creams.

  7. Hi tanveer,

    Let me clear up the confussion ,its a DY CREAME & not night. it some how got mis understood. :chic:
    its not 2 much geasy nor 2 heavy , just right for dry to normal skin. unlike those matte finish fairness creames :-)) bt may add up a little oilness to oily skins :-))

  8. that sounds really tempting…i want , but here all they have is tanning creams 🙁 nothing for fairness, i dont want to be fair i just want soemthing to remove my tan, from my last trip to India i got the Ponds flawless white range, havent properly strated using it…i should :S LOL! maybe after using it for 2 weeks ill send Rati a review ?
    .-= Ruby´s last blog ..21 days till new habits form… =-.

  9. Hey Ruby,i guess it will help to clear up the tanning too coz the creame works on the epidermis (top layer of the skin), n this is where the tanning occurs…

    waiting for the review :worship:

  10. I hv recentely started using the product (Olay natural white day cream)and found vry gud. Evn though my skin is lil oily but its working vry effectively. 🙂

  11. I used the day cream since January and didn’t see any particular result. now I have combined it wid the nite cream. lessie wht the result is… 😛

    1. oh really!! i have oily skin but it worked for me…i find its consistency very awesome neither too oily nor too drying….just perfect for me… :-))
      hopes t works for u too….do let us know..

  12. i wish this product will be appear in 2 or 4 days…..and i wish this product is effective to my face..! :fingersxd: :yes: :snicker:

    1. hope it works wel for u too, dear…. but the visible wil be seen only after 30 t0 4 days so have paitence…:laugh:

  13. hi…… 🙂

    i saw olay add on tv from few days.
    nd i jst heared “naturally white” is it like that….
    is it make skin naturally white? :-))

  14. I’ve just tried Olay Natural White and I’m really liking it. I’m not really into the whole whitening thing – just looking for a good moisturizer for my oily skin. I like that it’s not greasy and glides on my skin so easily. I’m hoping Olay will be the moisturizer I’ll be using for keeps.

  15. i hav oily skin but thank god to get a such a nice product…..olay…i really like it….& keep it always wid me…..my clg friends always ask me the scrt of such glowing skin……before i hav pimples on my face but aftr using it i get clear skin…….. :heart:

  16. hi….

    my friend has an oily face with pimples and it becomes dark spots.
    also she has a dark skin.she wants to lightens her skin color and dark spots.
    which product would you suggest to recover from this. ?:-)

  17. hey can any one tel me whether Olay natural white cream can be used by all age groups…. actually I am 30 yrs old. I didn’t find it effective…. can any one tell me what sort of cream can I use…. any suggestion would be appreciated…. thanku 🙂

  18. I have been using olay natural white for past 1 month,the cream hs good fragrance and the best part is its non-greasy.But other than tat i dont find any faireness happening…

  19. Hi Sush, Thanks a bunch for doing this review..I was looking for a nice moisturizer plus lightening creme that suits my oily skin with some pores also..It has been three days since i started using this. First day it felt somewhat like odd..but i think because i havent used anything other than Clean and Clear lotion and sunscreen on my face for teh past five years. Used to be a fair and lovely fan long time ago..So maybe i was expecting taht same dryness effect but this cream is a little more moist..In three days my skin is so soft and i just keep touching it..It is the best cream taht i have used in years..And i love the SPF factor..Spreads easily, absorbs easily, mild fragrance..NOt a single breakout given that i have skin that cant be experimented with..
    Oily skin gals..give it a try..it is really good..
    Thanks to IMBB i have added a rosewater spray to my daily regimen plus greengram flour as facewash everyday and my skin has never felt so good in years.. 🙂

  20. ho reading all these reviews realy gave a detailed n clear version about olay natural white…
    actualy i hav an idea of using it,bt nw i am sure 2 try!
    dese many dayz i hav been using garnier light creme,bt i havent got any change in my face.
    so thank u sooo much Lolz!!! :-))
    n aftr using olay 4 some couple of mnths,i vl share my xperience wit u al…

  21. Hi Sush,

    I started using Olay natural white day cream. I have a doubt. Can I use it around the eyes? I heard someone saying it should not be used around delicate eye area. pls help me with this. Thanks in advance.


  22. this product made my skin in something as patchy white and has caused me many break outs…dunno but ya after patchy skin if i mix well with a sunscreen immediately it does give glow…but cant do much with these breakouts :suspense:

  23. hi….

    am 32 yrs old,
    my friend has an oily face with pimples,open pores, whiteheads,sunburn and it becomes dark spots. wrinkles, also i have a dark wheatest skin. i wants to lightens skin color and dark spots.
    which product would you suggest to recover from this.?

  24. As for my OLAY story, the moment I started using this product, I could see the difference.. My complexion become clearer and I was in fact glowing. I fell in love with it! But then 2 weeks of using it, my skins begun to break out terribly and now, I havta deal with my acne scars! This Product was more of DELUDING than anything else.. I would never recommend it and in fact I’m scared to try any more whitening creams now! :pissedoff:

  25. my face has started glowing after using OLAY natural white!!!
    it works!!!!!!
    thanks olay!!!! :toothygrin: :thanks: :clap:

  26. Can u tell d remidies to how to prevent from tanning??
    some parts of my face are tanned, mostly near eyes & forehead???? ?:)

  27. i did buy olay natural white before few months….my face was so clean,after using olay i had got lot of pimples on my face…then i stopped using it…nw before one week i bought olay natural white as well as night cream…i got the problem again….i did spend so much and i got very bad remarks on olay….i am really sad..

  28. :smug: somebody please tel me how 2 keep ur skin fair becz whn i go out in the sun i apply sunsreen lotion but still my skin becoms dark i need a solution 4 tht

  29. hey even i have oily skin n due to hectic schedule jst can not gv tym for myself…. plzzz recomnd me sm gud fairness cream as my complexion is becoming worse day by day… :struggle:

  30. few months before i started using a loreal white perfect day moisturizer..since i hav abit oily skin…after using it my skin felt more greasy n oily..pls give me some advice..should i continue using this product or should i stop using it?plsssssssssssss give me the best advice…. :waaa:

  31. hi iam 30 years old iam having pores on my cheeks and dead kind of skin and some marks of pimples i just trying olay natural white night cream after 2 days of applying ifelt iam having very small spots should i continue using the product or stop it or which cream i should use please give me a good advice

  32. hi frds ………….don’t use any market product…..use home made product…..and try some tips for fairness……i alz used home product….and i am very fair… :yahoo:

  33. :pompom:

    My frnd startd to use Olay day cream nd her dark spots on her face really faded and her face started glow :preen: :preen: nw even i started to use.

  34. hey i am using olay perfectwhite day lotion..and its awesOme man..i have normal skin.i used olay face wash ,olay night cream and LOtion..this is the best product i have ever use it.i still remember olay lotion with black cap.my ant used to bring from uk.i was kid but i used to hear from elders ..this is very Good lotion.Olay hatts Off tO you..Best for Normal and Dry skin.

  35. my skin is dry skin…..now iam using ponds white beauty for face nd moisturizer for hands…. but im not satisfied with these products so can u peopple suggest me the best whitening cream nd moisturizer for dry skin…….

  36. hai, just 2 days ago iam using olay natural white day cream, but my skin is very dul, what can i do? I will continue or discontinue? tell me pls…

  37. Hi sush…

    Which olay product works best for whitening one’s skin????nd will it really work…like Priti said that olay made her darker than before…nd siji told she had clears skin before after using olay pimple began to appear in her skin…..plz help mehttps://makeupandbeauty.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/question.png

  38. olay :pigtail: really nice product…
    its mainly good for oily skin. and balancing the complexion… :haanji: :yahoo: now my skin looks very shiny and color…

  39. i use oley natural white cream Rs.69/- i have oily skin.previously i used fair & lovely cream from that i have no problems on skin. i seen the advertisement in tv about oley i actrated to use. but now i have lot of problem in skin. i have lot of pimples in my face. i dont no now i will do. i will use continuesly or not. help me from this situation. :yawn:

  40. Please suggest me a which brand is the best fairness face wash and cream?
    i have a normal to dry skin and i have a some oily parts on my face like nose and chin. now a days i m using NETROGENA FINE FAIRNESS CREAM but it is not affect able on my skin.
    i m totally confuse about the brands?
    i m confuse in Ponds, Lotus and Olay Brands?
    please suggest me which one is the best?
    i will want to try Ponds Pinkish Fairness face wash its affect able or not?
    now a days i m using Ponds Whitening face wash its for Rs. 175/-


  41. it does play magic on r face…. but plzzzzzzzzzzz dont expect olay natural white to do miracle on ur face in 2 or 3 days…. use this product twice a day (morn n night) after claaning up ur face with a face wash, tone it up and apply olay natural white. u’ll definitely see difference after a week…. i have kinda oily skin and i do recommend this product as i’ve been a using this product for the past 6 years n i still feel its the best . i’ve used garnier light and ponds spotless white too… but olay is the best and does make ur skin smooth and brightr….

  42. Hey this is Sivadharsini.
    I just started to use Olay natural White. My question is can i apply compact powder on that cream daily?

    1. Hi Sivadharsini….I think there should be no problem at all with applying compact powder over this……but make sure the compact powder is noncomedogenic O:)

  43. it was good when they had it in black cap now the cap is changed to grey n lotion n cream both have lost their fairness effect and have become too oily. :waaa:

  44. hi, i am sheeba

    I Just started to use olay Natural white. Really Very Nice. Now my face is looking very good & Very Soft. i have dark face. i want fair. possible to fair in future. pls tell me. daily i used Himalaya face wash twice a day.

  45. Hi, im using olay for 2yrs already.. before im having lots of pimples on my face.. I tried different products but it doesn’t give me good result.. since i used olay, with the combination of ponds anti-bacterial facial wash it really gave a good result on my face.. pimple free and all of my dark spots were gone.. im using olay natural white day cream in the morning and after few minutes im also applying baby powder w/c is lewis and pearl, then applying as well my foundation with spf-24 as well.. it really prevents my face from uv.. now my face is pimple free, no dark spots, smooth and bright.. thanks to olay.. it really works for me even though im having oily skin.. =) thanks olay..

  46. Can some one please tell me is it5 non comedogenic and can it be used for sensitive skinned people like me? I have oily skin

  47. hey…i tried this cream after going through your reviews. I used the olay instant glow fairness cream (tube one) i dont know whether its different from the cream you have used since there is name difference.
    I used it for 1 week and my skin is looking darker. I have a dry to normal skin…..can you please help to know if there is any difference between the two……because the results for me were pathetic.

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