Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel Review

Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel

Hi my beautiful buddies.. 🙂

Hope all of you are enjoying your days. We are also enjoying chilly sunshine these days, this weather really confuses us. We never get an idea why we feel uneasy in jacket but shiver in cotton pullovers. Thankfully Aadya is not grown up enough to ask us why we layer her with tons of clothes when we just walk down in cotton shirts however that day is not very far.. lol 😛 Anyways today I would like to share a new entry in my night skin care regimen, Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel.

Ole HenriksenNightInvigorating Gel

Price: $ 45.00 for 1.7 Oz (50 g), price excludes shipping charges or tax (wherever applicable)


Ole Henriksen Night InvigoratingGel

What does Ole Henriksen Claims: Created to work in synergy with your body’s natural repair system, this oil-free lightweight gel contains a concentrated complex of alpha hydroxy acids that will help you wake up to a brighter, more luminous complexion. Nourishing and remineralizing vitamins and botanicals help to hydrate the deepest layers of the skin, while smoothing and refining the surface texture for noticeably firmer and smoother skin.

Ingredient Benefits:

Algae extract Nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals
Alpha hydroxy acid complex Renews skin cells, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, soothes texture and balances skin tone. Regulates overactive sebaceous glands to minimize blemishes
Mucopolysaccharrides Binds moisture to the skin and provides superior hydration

Formulated without:
• Parabens
• Sulfates
• Phthalates

OleHenriksen Night Invigorating Gel

Packaging: This clear gel looking night cream comes in glass jar packaging safely placed inside sturdy green cardboard. I always get confused with the scrub, this gel and other stuffs from Ole Henriksen as all look same in jar packaging unless we read initials… 😛 The gel is slight thick and transparent with a peculiar smell that I have never sniffed before. I don’t have any idea whether to describe it is fruity or acidic, it just stays for few minutes. The jar packaging needs care though it is travel friendly with safety cover.

My Experience with Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel:

I should thank IMBB for my good skin care routine and skincare knowledge as well. I started a good day/night skin care routine ever since I read about the benefits of doing the same. I have oily acne prone skin with big pores and blemishes here & there. And to top it all I am all set to notice first signs of ageing as I wait for my 28th birthday this March.

I tried Neutrogena multivitamin moisturizer first which was supposed to be my day/night treatment in all weather conditions. But then Neha told us that we should splurge in night creams for better care and hence I started my first night skin care regime with Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel. I have been using it for a month now and must say I truly realized the importance of good night time skin care routine. The moment I apply this clear gel on my skin I feel that it totally absorbs into my skin as it has a very thin texture. I need a pea size drop for one time use however I often use it like spot treatment on acne and zits and it really fades them within 24 hours or say over night. It does give a shiny feel which is okay for me. Since it is infused with AHAs and glycolic acid it really stings for a while at some places but I am habitual of mild stings as my baby often scratches me while playing.

I am using this night gel religiously for 4-5 weeks now and have seen a good change in my skin. I feel it helps in mildly exfoliating my skin as I can see clean, oil free and slight flaky skin every morning which is not bothering because those flakes disappear after cleansing and moisturizing. I also noticed that ever since I started using this night gel my skin feels more clear and soft unlike days when I used to touch my forehead & cheeks which may appear clear but they felt slight rough and uneven while touching due to mild acne and zits. It did took time though (and we should not forget all these skin care regimen work in conjunction with our good eating habits, fitness routine and healthy lifestyle). Even my cheeks were reddish pink due to mild zits but now they look fair with less prominent pores and I love touching my face very often for that baby soft feel.

Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel

I can say that my skin looks healthy with less or small pores. I usually top this gel with moisturizer for added benefits in winters however this gel alone is sufficient to hydrate yet treat my problem zone. I think it will best suit oily, combination acne prone skin gals for it does stings and mildly invigorates which may be bothering for sensitive & dry skinned girls. I haven’t used any other night cream before hence I cannot say if this cream is worth the money but yes it is the best night cream for all my concerns such as: treating blemishes, spot acne treatment, mild anti-ageing, mild invigorating and refining pores. I was compelled to get OH scrub (after this night gel)which worked superb on my skin, I believe credit also goes to this gel which already smoothened and cleared my skin to let other skin treatments work nicely. I am really impressed with this gel for I can hardly notice any rough surface area on my face except 1-2 teeny meeny pearl which are often result of our careless eating and sleep habits.

It takes care of white heads though ii is not that effective on black heads. I believe it is going to be my night treatment cum cream for 2014 summers (I am too skeptical to change my skin regimen before 6 months now) and anyways this jar is not going to finish off before 2-3 months. I would say if you are really suffering from zits, redness, rough surface and also want anti-ageing treatment then please go for it!

Pros of Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel:

• A paraben, sulfates and phthalates free night gel for all skin type gals preferably oily, combination and acne prone skinned beauties
• It is really light and thin textured gel which immediately sinks in skin with gentle strokes
• A little pea size drop is sufficient for whole face
• It treats acne, scars apart from cleaning skin surface and giving it refined and soft look
• Every morning I wake up with oil free, refined and soft face
• It did worked as spot treatment for nasty acne and scars which were my prime concern and almost every day headache
• As long as I am using this gel, I can feel my T zone and cheeks really soft, smooth in appearance as well as touch
• My pores are more refined and my cheeks look more soft and less red
• It smoothened and refined my skin so well that every homemade or market scrub, face pack works wonders on my skin
• I can confidently admit that yes my face is acne free, scar free and getting more smooth, firmer day by day except 1-2 zits occasionally

Ole HenriksenNight Invigorating Gel

Cons of Ole Henriksen Night Invigorating Gel:

• Might be price, however it works as all purpose gel and cutting down my expenses in other treatments so am really okay with it as of now
• It does stings especially on nail scratches or slight invigorated skin but it is really mild and does not cause any redness
• Weird smell still can’t figure out the exact feel but then who cares it disappears after few minutes
• It is not effective for deep seated black heads
• Dry skin or sensitive skin gals might need a moisturizer to top it, even I use a moisturizer but occasionally not always
• Its jar packaging bothers me really

Honestly I would say except this jar packaging there is nothing I should personally complain about. It works and give results which is well evident every morning after 2 weeks. However I would like to test it out for some more time to see if it continues to impress me. I really want to see how it will work on my oily skin during summers. I am hopeful it will be my best summers treatment. Gals if you need one solution for all your concerns like anti-ageing, uneven rough skin, acne & scars then go for it! It may hurt your pocket but it will not hurt your expectations (please remember exceptions are always there though)! Hope this helps!!

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  1. oh i would love to try it but its not easily available in india *cry* *cry* glad thats it made your skin more amazing!

    1. *thankyou* ohh u will certainly get better pdts than this though mily, It may nt be as good as FE products as far as my observations and IMBB posts knw.. *haan ji*
      I crave for FE n many pdts too.. *woot* *woot*

    1. ohh.. but it is certainly nt a gaga pdt to crave for.. *haan ji* I feel u can get ur hands on FE, Clarins pdts which are more or less similar to this pdt.. *haan ji*

  2. Seems like you are loving OH stuff *drool* *drool* this looks good but not available here as usual *hifive* hahahaha i too get shivers in pullovers but rather than jackets i wear hoodies *happy dance* *happy dance* those seem to be comfortable *pompom*

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    U knw I have an average feeling for OH stuffs except the scrub. *haan ji* Rest are either non working or just good not what we expect from such pricey pdts knw.. *nababana*

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