VLCC Skin Tightening Night Cream Review

VLCC Skin Tightening Night Cream

Reet Gill

My skin type: I have combination skin (normal to oily ) oily on T-zone. My forehead, nose and apples of my cheeks have visible open pores. I get to see white heads and small zits formed from these whiteheads every other day. So basically i have combination, acne prone skin.
If I get to skip my cleaning routine even for a single day, I get pimples the next morning.


What VLCC says:

This natural anti-wrinkle, nourishing cream controls pre- mature ageing of skin. Regular use helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and preserve the elasticity of skin. It makes the skin appear fresh, clear and more youthful.

Method of use:

After cleansing the face, apply this cream generously all over the face and neck. Massage gently using upward strokes for 8-10 minutes.
Key Ingredients: Extracts of Wheatgerm (Triticum Vulgare) 6% & Galanga (Alpina Galanga) 4%, Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus) 3%, Carrot Seed Oil (Daucus Carota) 2%, Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus) 1.5%

Price: Rs 230 for 50 grams

Why I buy this: Like many other products, the SA convinced me into buying this. I was just looking for a moisturizer. She said this is not anti ageing but for girls who wants to retain youthful skin. Though my mom was saying no, I still go ahead and bought it. Also because VLCC has big fan following.


My experience with VLCC Skin Tightening Night Cream:

I used it the same night I bought it and the next morning my skin felt very soft and supple. This is a bright yellow cream. It has very heavy hard buttery’s texture and needs rubbing while applying. The bottle looks funny, I mean I think it’s unattractive, but sturdy. The smell is like typical VLCC products strong on nose. I bought this February, that time the cream was in solid rich textured form. These days we have to keep to keep it in fridge as due to hot whether the cream was changing color to orange from yellow on top. Strange. Okay so back to my usage. Next night I applied it again. I had to rub it on my face to apply evenly. I was feeling the warmth on applying and after applying, my face was greasy like anything. In few minutes it was absorbed mostly.

So the next morning when I woke up, I was shocked. My face has redness on the T-zone area and many small zits appeared. I looked terrible. But later I put some aloe vera and it got better by the end of the day. So that night I skipped it. I thought the skin needs to get to use to new products so next night I applied it again. The morning next made me cry as my face looked swollen. It took 2-3 days to get better. That was it, I gave up on this and handed it over to mom. She has normal-dry skin, so she could safely try it. And she liked it really. She had no reaction on her skin. She found it as a good moisturizer but has nothing to say about skin tightening. So after using it for a month, she went back to Olay regenerist night revival cream.

These days she is using Wild ferns Manuka honey night cream on alternate days. And do not wish to go back to VLCC night cream. Now we sometimes use it on elbows and knees as it is very rich and oily.


Pros of VLCC Skin Tightening Night Cream:

• Inexpensive and quantity is good.
• Dry skin beauties could love this as it is power packed moisturizing plus oils.
• I think for women above 40 can try this.

Cons of VLCC Skin Tightening Night Cream:

• I think it is not non-comodegenic as it broke me out really bad.
• Big no no for oily/combination skin girls.
• Packaging is not nice.
• Did not do much for skin tightening.
• Feels very heavy and oily after applying.

I will not buy this again but I still have faith on VLCC products and will use them in future.

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10 thoughts on “VLCC Skin Tightening Night Cream Review

  1. god… stupid SA’s….. wheat germ oil causes clogs pores n causes breakouts…. n thy sold this to u? hope ur skin recovers fast
    go to acne mantra site for ur skin help n product reccos 🙂

  2. Ohhhh god *scared* *scared* it happens many a times with me also that i go n try the new products and they break me out badly *headbang* *pan*

  3. Loveleen, you have saved me.. phew!!!!! I was planning to buy this week this product *spank* *spank* but after this review you saved me *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* , and you r skin type is very similar to mine *hifive* *hifive* , can you tell me your cleaning routine, I would be more than glad.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

    1. sorry for replying late sital..
      I wash my face with Lush fresh farmacy cleanser
      Then use ice or toner ( will get Lush tea tree water toner soon )
      then use Lush Greese lightening and followed by mostly sebamed gel.
      Other than this i try other things every now n then.

  4. I have oily skin ..i have used this cream…after 3 days my face full fill with several acne…..so this is cream not for oily face…..very big no no……

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