OPI Nail Lacquer – Color So Hot It Berns

OPI Nail Lacquer – Color so Hot it Berns

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Its Tuesday already, absolutely no idea where the weekend went. A fresh new week means, more classes and endless chores. The weather has been super dull as well, really cold and chilly. I have been relying on pretty colours of nail polishes to cheer me up slightly. This nail colour that I will be reviewing for you today is by OPI and is called Color so Hot it Berns.
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Price– GBP 11.95 for 15 ml

Product Claim– The perfect winter red, this bright shade will suit everyone and look great day or night. Free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde, Colour So Hot It Berns is the ideal nail lacquer for a timeless manicure.

My Experience with OPI Nail Lacquer – Color so Hot it Berns

This is essentially a classic bright red colour, and is actually perfect for the summer or even winter months because of how classic it is. This nail polish comes in OPI’s classic packaging, with its wide sized brush which is great for great application. I love how the colour stands out in the bottle, because of how lush and bright the colour is.

The colour like I said above is a classic bright red, I don’t really see any blue undertones to this. But it makes your hands look really beautiful and would look lovely on fair toned beauties, and also on darker skinned beauties. How great is that? The finish of this colour is créme based, which provides a lovely final look on the hands. I absolutely adore creamy finish nail polish, because I feel their finish looks the best amongst all. That is just a personal preference, I find the colour looks more opaque and stands out more than any other finish. It also has a beautiful sheen to it! This makes the colour look so lovely and shiny. You are able to receive a fully opaque colour with just one coat of the nail polish, you will not need a second coat on top if you choose to apply a top coat on top. However, I prefer wearing two coats as I think the colour looks lovely and rich on doing so.
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Okay so, I have had this colour, for a really long time and I was pleased to find that the colour did not even dry out, in fact it looked creamy and lovely. The texture, was not sticky, gooey or even flaky for that matter. So well done OPI for your great formula! Also I noticed, that the nail colour was not runny upon application and did not bleed into my cuticles, which is great for a clumsy girl like me! It also has the ability to dry really quickly, which is brat when you are on a run. Also, I love its staying power, whenever I have applied this nail polish, it never chips really easy. That is saying a lot coming from me, because my hands are constantly in and out of my hand bags because I need to constantly remove the oyster card for travelling and I am always in a rush. I constantly risk my nail paints from chipping and this one has the ability to stay put for at least good 5 days.
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With this nail polish you can get away by not using a top coat or a base coat, because it looks lovely and with a gorgeous finish without the use of any such gimmicks. And like all OPI nail paints, this one too is free from DBP-toluene-formaldehyde, which definitely gives it brownie points, since I don’t have to be tensed about my dear nails being exploited wrongly cause of a colour.

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Pros of OPI Nail Lacquer – Color so Hot it Berns

– A lovely classic bright coloured red nail colour, which can be worn all year round.
– Has a lovely creme/ sheen finish.
– It would suit al skin tones!
– Would definitely make your hands eye catching.
– Great staying power, does not chip very easily!
– Super fast drying time.
– The formula is not runny.
– Non-streaky upon application, is completely opaque with one coat.
– Will not require a top or base coat.
– Has a long shelf life!
– DBP-toluene-formaldehyde

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Cons of OPI Nail Lacquer – Color so Hot it Berns

– Cannot really think of any to be honest, however you are able to find similar dupes in the market (Essie- I am a bit more biased to its formula).

Would I repurchase OPI Nail Lacquer – Color so Hot it Berns ?

I love this colour and so probably I might, as you can never get enough of red nail polishes!

IMBB rating– 4.99/5

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