Oriflame Enigma Eau De Toilette Review

I have been eying Enigma EDT since the time my local oriflame consultant sprayed a generous amount on to my wrist and I remember the scent had stayed for a pretty long time. But the only thing that was holding me back for such a long time was the price. Enigma EDT’s original cost is Rs. 2190 and though on offer, it does fluctuate a bit, it has never come down below 1000. When it came in the flyer, I got it for Rs. 552.

This is How the Catalogue Describes Oriflame Enigma eau De Toilette:

oriflame bottle
oriflame bottle


The enchanting charm of Black Rose and Night-Blooming Jasmine mingle with the sensuality of Patchouli leaves, bringing intensity and depth to the scent. Release your inner, velvet-voiced seductress.

oriflame 2
oriflame 2

PRICE: Rs. 2190 is the original price, on flyer, I got it for Rs. 552.

oriflame 3
oriflame 3

Key Ingredients:
I found a slight variation in the key ingredients listed on the website with that mentioned on the cover, anyway, here’s both:

Key ingredients from the website:


A Little More Info on Oriflame Enigma Eau De Toilette:

Oriflame Enigma is an elixir that captures your body and soul. It is attractive and mysterious, named after the most famous decoding machine. Enigma will liberate all hidden temptations.
The perfume is perfect for woman who is secretive and mysterious, woman who possesses charm and magnetically attractive charisma. It was created to seduce and tingle your imagination.
Its top notes offer peach juice with freesia. Heart is wrapped with a veil of mystic with black rose, night jasmine, orange and date fruit. Base introduces sandalwood, patchouli, orchid, ambergris, vanilla and Tonka beans.

Flacon is created of dark glass in dark red nuances and has seductive curves. Its creator is Fabrice Legrose, who was inspired by architectural structure of the Spanish Guggenheim museum.
The perfume has been available as 50ml EDT since October 2008.

perfume notes
COURTESY: Frangrantica

My Take on Oriflame Enigma Eau De Toilette:
When it came, I was quite impressed by the glistening packaging. The EDT bottle has an unique, distinct, and attractive shape and the cap is a little longer than the bottom bottle. I don’t really know how to define the shape, bad at it. Coming to the perfume, it’s a rich, heavy, intense, shrouding, and enchanting perfume. The perfume itself seems to have so many notes, all intermingled with each other in a way that it’s difficult to tell them apart. There seems to be a lot of drama going on, all on a high plane. The perfume stays on for a very long time without showing any signs of withering. I should also mention that this is a night-time perfume because it seems to be dark, heavy, and intense. This is a perfume and scent befitting a lady, who is mature and knows her mind. Though, it smells a little out of place on me; it goes on well on my mom. I don’t think it is summery or a perfume which can be worn to office. It will be the perfect choice if you were to attend a marriage or a candle-lit dinner. Actually, this is a perfume that I usually wear when I want to play the seductress.
Pros of Oriflame Enigma Eau De Toilette:
• The perfume comes in a distinct, unique, and attractive packaging.
• There are many fragrances notes in this perfume which are all intermingled with each other, which gives the perfume its mystery and enigma quotient.
• This is a night-time perfume because it is intense, dark, and concentrated.
• The scent stays on for quite a long time without withering away.
• This is a scent for a mature lady who knows her mind.
• Apt to be worn on occasions such as evening parties, weddings, dinners, concerts, etc.

oriflame 5
oriflame 5

Cons of Oriflame Enigma Eau De Toilette:
• Since this is a heavy, shrouding, and concentrated perfume, it will be not apt for daytime or office use.
• It’s not a girly perfume.
• High price.
• It does not suit me as much as it suits my mom.
WILL I BUY IT AGAIN: Not at its original price; if it comes at the price of Rs. 552, then yes.
IMBB STAR RATING: 3.5/5.-1.5 for being entirely a night-time perfume and for the high drama of the heavy notes.

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