Lanvin Oxygene Perfume Review

Namaskaram beauties,

I am smelling good.

And I am smelling of this beautiful bottle sitting on my side table right now which was a present to me by my mum on my birthday.

No she is not into so much fancy stuff. And no she did not go out and buy it on her own. This was a present to her by my masi and as she is allergic to some perfumes she passed it on to me as a birthday present (very smart mommy)

And besides, i do not complain she works and has a hectic day. Being 50 she is already doing a great great job of managing me,brother,father,home,bills,and her own work.

Bow to all our mums and the greatness in them.

Also, if a receive such a good smelling thing as a present how can I complain. Am addicted. Yes!


A little about the perfume:

Launched by the design house of Lanvin in 2000, OXYGENE is classified as a refreshing, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a soft floral blend of iris and gardenia, with notes of white musk and sandalwood. It is recommended for romantic wear.


Notes Top Note: Bergamot, Gardenia Middle Note: Orris, Rose, Hysope, White Pepper Base Note: Sandal, White Musk

Recommended Use Daytime

Size 2.5 oz

History and background of Lanvin :
Founded in 1889 at 22, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré by Jeanne Lanvin (Paris 1867 – 1946), Lanvin is the oldest Parisian fashion house.

From Haute couture (1909) to men’s fashion (1926), decoration (1920), and perfumes (“My Sin” in 1925, “Arpège” 1927), the young milliner became the Ambassador of French elegance; transforming her hat and clothing workshops into a veritable fashion empire.

Jeanne Lanvin drew inspiration from her only child; Marguerite (later known as Marie-Blanche de Polignac, a talented opera singer). Marguerite succeeded her mother in 1946 and remained in charge until her death in 1958.


The delicately gilded figure on the spherical Arpège perfume bottle depicting Jeanne Lanvin and her daughter going to a ball has remained the symbol of this motherly love. It became the House logo in 1954.

The Lanvin blue came to life through Madame’s spontaneous enthusiasm for a Fra Angelico painting. Along with the motifs created by Armand-Albert Rateau, Jeanne Lanvin’s decorator and partner, Lanvin created a distinctive image which remains to this day.

Jeanne Lanvin’s successors include Antonio del Castillo, Dominique Morlotti, Jules-François Crahay, Maryll Lanvin, Claude Montana and Patrick Lavoix. Their work has successfully immortalized a very Parisian, elegant couture style.


Since 1993, the House has focused on luxury ready-to-wear and accessories as well as perfumes.
See All products by Lanvin

The first thing I noticed about Oxygene was not the smell. Rather I fell in love with the lovely bottle. It is packaged in a gorgeous modern white and light aqua blue container. Among my other bottles it stands out even if the Lanvin scent is not the best. In my opinion this would be most suitable for teenagers. Very playful feel very uplifted by even one spray of this perfume. Very trendy,fashionable. Something you ought to try while you are in you twenties. Lanvin is pleasantly brisk. Spritz it on and you’ll get that pleasant, vivacious, energetic, right-out-of-the-shower, ready-to-jog feel. An upstart for your day. If it blends well with your body chemistry, you’ll get that invigorating feeling I’m talking about. It gives you that just out of the shower feel. Sometimes when I come home from my evening run I just spray one spritz on my sweater to smell it and it does not mix up with the sweat or deodorant am already wearing. Just for uplift. It is great for school teachers, mnc workers, bank ladies and more. Because this is not overpowering. Something which has a base note of sandal and will be pleasant to everyone’s noses. At the same time it is a spicy sexy scent. Oxygene is characterized by bases of white sandalwood (a personal favourite), white musk , and blue iris. At the heart of the scent is gardenia which is a lovely, unique floral. Finally what makes this a “cool” fragrance are the hyssop and white pepper top notes. It is definitely an interesting design, one that I will get us out of in months to come even if it lacks staying power.


People who like scents like the aforementioned Light Blue, Davidoff Cool Water, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea will be drawn to Oxygene. Honestly it’s not really for this girl who prefers musk to floral, citrus to green, and warm to cool. Available for around $10 US and 30 pounds UK at discount stores everywhere, this one is a sandalwood lover’s dream accented with a peppery floral bouquet.

Notes: Bergamot, gardenia, iris, rose, hyssop, white pepper, sandalwood and white musk.

Why Buy Lanvin Oxygene Perfume

  • Even though it’s a floral clean scent it lasts for more than 5 hours
  • Cheap for the amount you get and considering it is very similar to Davidoff cool water which is bestselling I had been eyeing that for a while
  • A present from my mum. So it is way more special.
  • My masi when she got it for my mother purchased it in London at a discount price. As she told me there are frequent discounts on scents like this.try your luck

Why should you not buy Lanvin Oxygene Perfume

  • As I said above not a Chanel lover or a Burberry lover scent. It is mild and floral
  • Not widely available in India.

Hope you all loved my little present sharing, nose awakening review.:-)

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26 thoughts on “Lanvin Oxygene Perfume Review

  1. i will try this out…for sure
    Hope they have a smaller sample size bottle

    I have been stuck to britney spears fantasy for so long!!!

  2. yes super cute bottle!!!!thanku nu.i was still cherishing and finishing the ones which i had collected.what kinda perfumes u like?

    gia they do not sell oxygene in India but you can try others by lanvin .my besties swear by
    Eclat d`Arpege.
    and i thing marry me is good too :shy: :shy: :shy:

  3. fab is the only word about this review

    n i must say u review the perfect itemss..which has fab resultss.. from ur all collection
    :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

  4. nuuuu tryyy hugo boss red,davidoff cool water and victorias secret very sexy!!!!

    for light ones try caroline herera 212 sexy and dior cherie 😉 :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  5. deep red kaisa hain?it was too strong for me i had got one for bestie as a present and tried on myself.makes me feel dizzy but guys find it sexyyy!lol!

    cool water to topseller hain 😉

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