Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Day Cream and Facewash Review

Give me a good bargain and I am sold. I’d buy the item even if I didn’t need it in the first place! And this is the reason for having a huge pile of useless /unused items on my dresser. Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Face Wash Oriflame offers monthly discounts on selected products. A few months back I got the ‘Grape Antioxidant Face Wash’ as it was being offered at a very reasonable price. I bought the day cream of the same brand to achieve the ‘best possible’ result as mentioned.

OK, some googling helped me to gather some information about the benefits of antioxidants. I have summarized it as :

What are free radicals ?

Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that can damage any structure in the living cells. Free radical damage may lead to pre mature ageing of the skin.

What makes your skin vulnerable to free radical damage?

  • pollution
  • smoking
  • stress
  • exposure to sun

What are antioxidants ?

Antioxidants are chemicals that bond with free radicals to neutralize them and make them harmless. They help to improve elastin and collagen, making the skin firm and youthful. The best way of antioxidants intake is through diet. Food rich in antioxidants are:

  • Fruits : Berries (Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry etc) grapes, pomegranates, oranges, pineapples
  • Legumes :Rajma, sprouts, soybeans
  • Dry Fruits and nuts: Dates, apricots, peanuts, walnuts
  • Green Tea

Antioxidants in your skin care products is an added benefit. So I decided to go ahead with my purchase.

Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Face Wash

Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Face Wash What it claims : Foaming cleanser with pure organic grape seed extract. Gently removes make-up, impurities and traces of pollution. Also balances and helps protect skin from free radicals. Suitable for normal to combination skin. Quantity: 150 ml. Price: Rs 298 ( I got it at an offer price of Rs 180 approx) What I love about Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Face Wash:

  • Yummy smell of grapes. I am absolutely in love with the sweet fragrance.
  • The pretty purplish-pink colour, packaging and the whole look. I love how pretty it looks on my shelf.
  • Ok, I love pretty things! (We all do ;))
  • It doesn’t dry up my cheek ( I have a combination skin type) even if I don’t apply any moisturizer after cleaning my face with this.
  • I love how gently it cleans my face
  • Packaging: It’s a sleek transparent cylindrical plastic bottle. I prefer that to tubes because I’m somewhat ‘tube challenged’. This gives me enough control so I don’t squeeze out any extra amount 😛
  • My skin looks and feels healthier

What I don’t love about Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Face Wash:

  • Does not remove make up properly.I have to wash my face once, wipe away kajal/mascara and then wash the face again!
  • It does not lather much. It is supposed to be a foaming cleanser! I have to lather the face wash in my hands and then use the lather on my face. If I directly dot the facewash on my face and lather it doesn’t work. I don’t like that 😛
  • It contains parabens (Most of the inexpensive stuff I use contain parabens so not much a shocker for me, but it matters to a lot of us here)

Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*

Would I repurchase? If I get this at an offer price of Rs 180/- again I will definitely buy it. I normally pay Rs 55/- for a 50 ml face wash anyways (Himalaya, Everyuth, Pears) .

Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Day Cream

Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Day Cream What it claims: Protecting day cream rich in pure organic grape seed extract. Moisturises and helps protect skin from pollution and free radicals, which contribute to skin ageing. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Suitable for normal to combination skin.

Quantity: 75 ml

Price: Rs 298/-

What I love about Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Day Cream:

  • It gives just the right amount of moisture to my combination skin.
  • My skin feels soft, supple and energized
  • It keeps my skin feeling happy for a long time. I don’t have to blot my forehead with a tissue paper and my cheek feels moisturized all the time.
  • A little amount goes a long way. This pot is keeping me company for a long time . 🙂

What I don’t love about Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Day Cream:

  • It does not smell like the face wash at all. No yummy grape smell. But the mild fragrance is still pleasant.
  • It is a pot rather than a tube or a bottle. Yeah, inspite of being ‘tube challenged’ I prefer that to pot for hygienic reasons.
  • Pricey.

Rating: :-* :-*:-*:-*

Will I repurchase? If I have money to spare I will surely buy this product again. After a long time, a product has made my skin feel this good.

Overall Verdict: I am satisfied with this range. Though I am not sure if the ‘antioxidant’ thingy is working on my skin, combined with healthy diet and stress-free environment my skin has shown stark improvement. This range is definitely worth a try.

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22 thoughts on “Oriflame Grape Antioxidant Day Cream and Facewash Review

    1. I just LOVE the smell. It reminds me of bath and body works’ grape body wash I used ages ago ( pharen relative gifted it :))

    1. I like some of the products, especially when they are in sale. And ordering is sooo easy. I just have to dial their no., the products get delivered within 2 days. I’d highly recommed Aloevera face moisturizer 🙂

  1. I have never tried anything from Oriflame…. But i have veard only good things…

    Bargains must be a man’s invention…

    1. Some products are really good… but its a bummer when I spend hours zeroing upon what to buy and the product is out of stock! 🙁
      I like the skincare range better than the make up range 🙂

  2. Hi
    Nice review.I have used the Oriflame aloevera face wash.The facewash is decent,its not too harsh and does not overdry the skin but does not make the skin very soft either and that’s about it.Nothing more or nothing less.Its not something to rave about.Any good facewash in the market can do do what this face wash does with a price tag that is much much lesser than this.I personally feel that Oriflame products are decent but quality wise they are not very outstanding,they are average(their packaging is nice though) and the ‘swedish cosmetics’ tag does not justify their huge price tag.Their products are expensive probably because they are a direct selling company and don’t retail their products.

  3. You know, I have been eyeing this grapefruit cream for a long time, was worried about that it may add to my oily skin…might as well give it a try……..your review helped! 🙂

  4. i ve used the grape face wash and both the day cream and night cream for some months now bt i don feel as if my skin is improving that much.what could be the problem and do i need also to use a moisturizer too? ?:-)

  5. hey i am thinkin to use oriflame cream , can anyone suggest me which is the best oriflame day cream to use in details as m in 20’s ……….. :pigtail: 😆 :mirror:

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