Oriflame Optimals White Peel-Off Mask Review

Oriflame Optimals White Peel-Off Mask Review

Hi All!!!

Remember I told you all about my recent Oriflame haul and me becoming an Oriflame representative? In the haul I got some nice beauty accessories for myself like an eyelash curler, French manicure strips and a makeup brush.But what interested me most were the Chiffon body cream and the Oriflame Optimals white peel off mask. The festive season was on and I really needed a mask or pack to make my skin glow-and so just couldn’t wait to try the Oriflame peel off mask. Well, now having used it for quite some time -I feel like writing a review on it. (Actually I am typing this review while putting it on my face-so this is a LIVE review ..hehe)

Price: Rs 449-however for the month of October, there is an offer: If you buy Oriflame products worth Rs 250 on the catalogue, you get this peel off mask for Rs 298.

Oriflame Peel off
Oriflame Peel off

The peel off mask on the Oriflame October catalog Liquorice

The catalogue says: “Whitening Mask that Peels impurities / dead cells to help reveal a lightened complexion in 10 minutes”. The product comes in a 75 ml tube which says ”Sorbaine and Liquorice Extracts+Whitening complex”.

It was the liquorice which drew my attention since I have seen its mention in many brightening lotions and face packs (as for the Sorbaine-I couldn’t figure out what it was even on rummaging through websites :(). Also since there was a whopping Rs 150 off on it..and I had to purchase products worth Rs 1000 anyway so I decided to add this to my kittie.

What it is: The Oriflame peel of mask comes as a clear colorless liquid which isn’t much thick like other peel off masks that I have used before. So I was kinda happy that I won’t have to slather the gooey stuff this time which becomes a big mess. Also the dry in 10 minutes statement was appealing as fast drying face packs and masks save time and I actually “feel” like using them (for once I fell asleep with one on that took ages to dry..hehe).

Oriflame Peel off
Oriflame Peel off

Features of Oriflame White Peel Off Mask:

  • Thin in consistency-so in one way it’s not sticky and gooey and in the other-it requires a lot of product to cover the entire face-as also for peel off masks I apply a moderately thick layer so that it comes off easily-Result: The tube is more than half empty after only 3 uses!
  • The smell at first was good in the tube-however when poured on the palm and applying-I felt it to be smelling pretty pungent-to the extent of a turn off.
  • It’s been 15 minutes since I have started writing this article-my face hasn’t dried yet. 🙂
  • One good thing I am feeling is that this peel off mask doesn’t stretch your skin like a rubberband..its quite gentle and I feel it to tighten now rather than stretch my skin.

After 10 more minutes…

Ok, so the mask has dried now: I am pulling it off…Now the results:

  • As I see my face-it looks bright-not white..the cheeks are bit glowing and overall the face looks fresh .
  • At the same time I feel that my face is feeling rather oily-especially the Tzone..is the shine because of the oiliness?
  • There is a slight tightening feeling in the skin that feels good-that’s something the mask “left behind”. I don’t have open pores on skin however the blackhead pores seem to have disappeared for the time being.
  • Ok..15 minutes have passed-my face is coming back to normalcy now-oily tTzone and the glow is fading already

So by this time you must have understood that I am exactly not going gaga over this Oriflame optimals white peel off mask!! Actually in the first 2 uses.. I thought..Well may be its not one of those Instant glow products-maybe with regular use this is going to pay off.However this mask doesn’t conform to that thought either.


  • Thin consistency
  • Does not stretch skin much
  • No side/after effects..also it says “for all ages” so I guess it can be can be safely used by tweens like me. 🙂

Cons: I don’t want to reiterate the points I have stated above-but I am not at all happy with this product-It doesn’t live up to its price or brand name or “Made in Belgium” tag..I had better effects with Indian products at a far lower price. Also the “dry in 10 minutes” claim didn’t work for me-it took at least 30 minutes to dry and last of all-NO WHITENING-ONLY TEMPORARY BRIGHTENING that faded within an hour-and I don’t know whether it really removed any “impurities” on my skin (what’s that actually?).

Will I repurchase: No

Rating: :-* :-*


18 thoughts on “Oriflame Optimals White Peel-Off Mask Review

  1. Didn’t work for me as well. :no: :no: I use everyuth orange peel mask. That also is mediocre. Which other peel off mask have u tried?

    1. me too use the everyuth orange peel of..gives an instant 200Watt glow on face..apart from dat I tried a peel off mask by Khadi..its nice too

  2. I was giggling while uploading it. 😛 😛

    After 10 minutes…he he h e

    It was happy morning review. :-*

    I dont use peel offs. A little scared. 😀

    1. he he he he…I love writing tangy about thingys I don’t like..but you can surely try peel off masks..they may not have long lasting effects..but they can deliver instantly amazing results..I try them just before a party or evening out..feels gr8 :-)) !

  3. Hi Rati….i tried this peel off mask from Biotique…Bio Peach if i’m not wrong…its really good. And being herbal i think its safe enuf to use.

    And yes it does give a glow like “WOW”.

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