Oriflame VeryMe Clickit Eyeliner Review

Before I start with my first post for IMBB, let me tell you girls that I’m super excited for it and also nervous. Please give a feedback about my post. I really hope you like it.
veryme clickit eyeliner
VeryMe Clickit Eyeliner
Brand: Oriflame
Name: Veryme Clickit Eyeliner
Price: INR 159
Quantity: 3.5ml
Shades available: 5
Glossy eyeliner in electrifying shades and means all eyes on you. Glide on smoothly for super-precise lines Combine with clickit mascara for an ultra-glamourous look.

My Experience

eyeliner shades
I was gifted these eyeliners from my sister. She gave me them in three shades namely, gray, brown and green. They come in total five shades including Blue and Black. But since she knew I already had many Black and Blue colored eyeliners she skipped those. She also gave me one connector with these which you can buy separately for joining two eyeliners or two lip glosses from their collection. It’s easy to carry then two or more than two eyeliners using the connector. I’ve shown a picture of connector below for this. You need to insert the two eyeliners at the two different ends of the connector to join them. So, it’s very easy. She told me that since she brought it in offer, she got each eyeliner at INR 130 and she even got the connector for free which otherwise would cost you INR 50 for one. She always has her eye on the booklets of Oriflame and the moment she sees the word ‘Offer’, she starts to prepare her list then and there.
oriflame eyeliner connector
Now coming to the eyeliners, the shades are really awesome. The tip of the applicator being firm made it easy for me to apply since ‘m not so good at applying them. The colors are really gorgeous specially the green one, so nicely pigmented! Also, since the tip of the applicator is really firm, you can also use it draw some designs on your eyes using your imagination. It gives your eyes a fairy like look. Even, the staying power is good. You can easily carry them in your pocket around. They won’t leak.

veryme eyeliner shades

I’m enjoying my make-up with these eyeliners. Get them soon if you wish to because they are not available easily. I don’t know why Oriflame is going so slow on stock of these since there’s a high demand for them going.

PROs of Oriflame VeryMe Clickit Eyeliner

-They are available in five shades.
-I do not find them costlfor the quality they offer.
– The colors are very nicely pigmented.
– The staying power is also good.
– Since they are small in size, you can simply keep them in your pocket.
-Packaging is really nice.
– The connector they provide to join either two eyeliners or two lip-gloss is very cool. It’s easy to carry around two or more than two eye-liners then by joining them with the connector.
-They are easy to apply because of the firmness of the tip of the applicator.

veryme eyeliner shades

CONs of Oriflame VeryMe Clickit Eyeliner

– Whichever shade you go for, you will get them in same black bottle. So, this one is a disadvantage.
– It’s not waterproof!
– When you remove it, you will have glitter all over your eye area which I do not like.

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  1. Niceeeeeeeee review Piya :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: …I’ve already ordered this and probably will receive it on tuesday!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. Good review Piya….I haven’t tried this yet, but I wnat to now…and the blue one I want…………… :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  3. @ Cali, Jomol: Good morning

    @ Rati: IMBB is turning out to be serious addiction, I checked and checked since 7.00 am and no post and I was seriously having withdrawl symtoms. You have to a keep some sugar cookie kind of post overnite so that we tide over till 10 or so… :tongue:

    1. i agree Rajeshwari. This site is so addictive. i was away for the long weekend and didnt have my laptop. I was so looking fwd to reading all the stuff I had missed. i have to hunt for the articles from day before though?..

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      1. My issue exactly, what I do is I open IMBB and go back some 3-4 pages till I find a post I’ve read and then check upwards…

        @Sanjeev can you do date wise archives, pls..

      2. Hi Aruna,
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        2. Thanks Sanjeev..appreciate it..

          so another contest!!! yeah yeah yeah :jiggy2: i am waiting to see all the entries :yahoo:

  4. The Green shade is looking fabulous, love it a lot !!! I have Lakme intense shine eyeliner in grey shade which looks similar to yours, But I have a problem, I donot know any Oriflame reprsentative at kolkata 🙁 very good review :yes:

    1. ohh…u can go and inquire at the oriflame Store at Exide near Rabindra Sadan Metro stn…they will definitely locate a few representatives near your home. 🙂

  5. rati… Seriously imbb is an addiction,,, i keep logging on from my phone to check for updates during offiice! I had sent u an email.. Did u receive it

  6. @All

    Thanku so much for dis appreciation :yahoo:

    Yeah..do try it. 🙂

    Yeah..green one is highly pigmented..it’s a lovely shade!:)

  7. @Citronella

    Thank u so much!:)
    Go for them..d shades are lovely 😀

    Hey 🙂
    Same here..blue one’s out of stock :smug:

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