Oriflame Pure Colour On the Go Lipsticks, Very Me Clickit Stains, Lip Glosses

Oriflame lip stain


PRICE: Rs. 99 for 3.5 mL.



Give your lips kissable shine with shimmering lip gloss. Combine with clickit lip stain for intensified lip colour:

SHADES: Raspberry and Cherry Brown (which I bought).

oriflame gloss


oriflame gloss

Cherry Brown.

oriflame gloss swatches

Top—– Cherry Brown, Bottom——Raspberry.


These are chutku pleasant fruity smelling lip glosses each with 3.5 mL content. These have been newly introduced in this month’s catalogue and I chose the colour Raspberry and Cherry Brown. When applied on to the lips, it glides on smoothly to give a light shimmery shine to the lips. The doe tip applicator is not of great quality, but it’s kind of okay. It might not go down well with highly pigmented lips because the coverage is very sheer. The shimmer is not OTT but nevertheless eyecatching. Staying power is very short, like if you had a meal or something, it vanishes. But, overall, considering the price and quality of these products, I would go for more colours the next time.

WOULD I PURCHASE IT AGAIN: Yes, this time, more colours from the list.

IMBB STAR RATING: Considering all the factors like price, smell, and quality, I would give 4/5…..-1 for short staying power.


WHAT THE CATALOGUE SAYS ABOUT LIP STAIN: Give your lips a juicy hint of colour. Combine with clickit lip gloss for total shine.

PRICE: Rs. 99 for 3.5 mL.

SHADES: Raspberry and Red.

oriflame lip stain

oriflame lip stain


I am using lip stains for the first time. These are again chutku lovely fruity smelling lip stains that go on the lips very sheer and your lips would appear as if you have eaten those Rs. 5 rupees ka pink or red popsicle. Surprisingly, it tastes like “feeka cheeni ka paani” and I keep on licking my lips to get a taste. Again, the doe tip applicator is not of great quality, but its okay. Actually, I am very happy with these lip stains, they give my lips a hint of colour and the staying power is quite good. It stays on for good 1 to 2 hours. I wish they introduced more colours.

Oriflame-lip-stain swatch

After 1 hour…..

Oriflame-lip-stain swatch

Top Red lip stain, bottom pink lip stain after 1 hour on hand.


PRICE: Rs. 59 (introductory price).

SHADES: Tempting Brown, Desert Rose, Rich Red, Radiant Red, Soft Caramel.

Oriflame-lipstick swatches

From left to right: Desert Rose, Soft Caramel, Tempting Brown, Radiant Red, and Rich Red.


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rich Red, Radiant Red, Desert Rose, Soft Caramel, and Tempting Brown.

This range has been introduced in this month’s (Feruary) catalogue and is priced only at Rs. 59. I picked 4 colours (the lambu is Soft Caramel, which I picked from last month’s catalogue). These lipsticks are indeed smooth and condition the lips nicely. I was surprised that it would glide on so smoothly on to the lips. But again, the issue with the staying power, it stays put only for a short period and fades away, not an issue with me, considering, I love doing touch-ups. As far as the shades that I bought are concerned, Desert Rose, is a bright pink matte colour which does not suit me. Soft Caramel goes very sheer on the lips and gives a subtle sheen. Tempting Brown is again a very toned down brown colour which again gives a nice sheen. Radiant Red is a bold red colour but not that bright also, a nice red colour that will not appear OTT. Also, Rich Red is also a soft version of red which will highlight your lips and brighten up the entire face.

WILL I PURCHASE IT AGAIN: Yes, I would try other colours now.

IMBB STAR RATING: Considering the price, texture, and quality of these lipsticks, I would rate them 4/5, again -1 for staying power, which is not an issue with me at all.

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    1. Priya…khikhikhi………….yes, Priya….like i bought two chutku glosses and one clickit and connected them together to make one gloss tube

  1. wow jomol ji…kool. :waytogo: …me ordered coral rose and vintage rose
    Now i want both red and tempting brown…

    those lipstains were out of stock when ordered :struggle:

    1. Varshini….get lipstain asap…its really good….and you know….don;t get desert rose….I look like a pink ghost in that :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth:

  2. i Like the Desert Rose & Radiant Red.. :waytogo: sasti nd Tikau fOr everYdAy uSe.. :haanji: :-*

    Tempting Brown shoing me Pink cOlOur… :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :spank: :spank:

  3. i want the lip stains :yahoo: :yahoo: .. nvr used one myself.. but i want to luk like i’ve had the orange & red kulfi… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :joker: :joker:
    n i luved the desert rose shade of ur lipstick.. 59.. not bad at all.. color is gr8.. who cares for staying power.. :)) :dance: :dance:

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  9. Nice one Jomol :waytogo: I’ve ordered soft caramel and coral rose from the pure color pocket size version. Was very tempted by desert rose but glad I didn’t- it wouldn’t hv suited me either. The lip stains look nice..will try them next time!

  10. I read somewhere that those with dark pigmented lips should stay away from lip stains :s
    Don’t know how much truth there is in it . My lips are slightly on the darker side now i’m wondering if I should go for these lip stains or not :s
    Answers ? Anybody ? 🙂

  11. I hv the Oriflame Pure Color On the Go lipstick in warm fuchsia. The shade is nice but d finish is ok, not glossy & it doesnt stay long, not even an hr on my lips. So i m no happy with it.

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