Oriflame Visions lipsticks: Photos and Swatches

Oriflame Visions Lipsticks: All the shades that I have

So yet again I have a post on Oriflame for all our catalogue shoppers. The oriflame visions lipsticks have also been reviewed by Jomol long back where she calls them cheapsticks as she bought them for Rs 29 each. These are not so cheap anymore (Rs 79 w/o any offer on) but Oriflame has many nice shades to offer us. I admit many shades are overlapping but most of them are very pretty pinks and corals and have a creamy texture with a slight water shine type of finish. The product that u get for this amount is nice and cute.

Oriflame Visions Lipsticks

The tube is small (2.5 grams) and these are made in India 🙂 although the packaging looks like testers with the translucent swirling plastic, but the lip stick is inserted well inside so that it does not break at the base. Much lipstick is inserted in the tube which can be used later with a lipstick brush, so don’t be fooled by the small size of the lipstick. These are so cute that these can fit into any girls’ pouch purse or bag. I would say these are very pigmented and stain lips so u can either dab or use a lip brush always in case u don’t want a lot of color.

At least these shades of pinks and oranges def stain lips and I need an oil based remover or vaseline to remove the traces off. So these are my shades: had a tough time deciding them from the catalogue as the colros there are different altogether.

Oriflame Visions Lipsticks

The order of shades from left to right:
Nut brown, two twigs, hot chocolate, pink berry, fudge brownie, coral red

Nut brown 5095:

nut brown
nut brown

This is my favourite. Although it looks like a nudy colour in the tube, its an amazing light peachy brownish pinky. A mix of all three. Never comes out dark on the lips and is perfect for day time wear and office wear. It’s a colour you can pick with eyes closed.

nut brown (2)

The brochure may not depict the exact color. I may buy a back up for this because these will get over before I know it.

Two twigs:

top pink berry bottom two twigs
top pink berry bottom two twigs

I had thought it will be a brownie color but when I bought it, it turned out to be a very pretty pink. Its in the pink category but super pigmented. U dfont want to end up putting a lot and will need a lip liner in pink for this. Great for pink lovers and will look awesome on clear complexions. Will stain lips.

Pink berry: I will call this a hot pink color. It looks bright on the lips and will look very beautiful on full lips. Will need a lip liner as it is smooth and may bleed and this type of hot pink is the last color you may want to bleed on your lips. Will stain lips. It’s a very pretty pink for all who can carry pinks.

Hot chocolate

top hot chocolate bottom coral red
top hot chocolate bottom coral red

It’s a very brick, rust and orange colour. I love all corals nd oranges coz they go with my compleion more than pinks. I have a lot of them but this one is very pigmeneted. Will stain lips.

Coral red: its precisely like hot chocolate. Its an orangey, rusty brick colour. It is much pigmented and you may want to use dab dab technique for this. Use true red lip liner in avon for this. It will stain ur lips after removal so go easy on the colour.

Fudge brownie:

fudge brownie
fudge brownie

This is a very unique color. Although dark for me, it’s a colro with shades of mauve, brown and golden. It changes shades when viewed in light and has frost shimmer in it. Its not creamy. You may have tough time looking for a similar lip liner for this(try rich ginger buy avon) use it without lip liner if u may.(shown in a separate picture as the color is typical and confusing)

left to right: Nut brown, two twigs, hot chocolate, pink berry, fudge brownie, coral red
left to right: Nut brown, two twigs, hot chocolate, pink berry, fudge brownie, coral red
Lipstick Shades
left to right: Nut brown, two twigs, hot chocolate, pink berry, fudge brownie, coral red

Why you can safely pick up these lipsticks:

  • They are nominally priced
  • The colours are great
  • The texture of these is smooth
  • There are a lot of colours to choose from
  • I find them to be good quality
  • I loved all the shades I got
  • The packing is above average so it should not be major bother
  • These are made in India. 🙂
  • So nominal that u can pick up many to match all ur outfits
  • These will finish fast as they are small and smooth
  • As they finish fast you don’t have to feel stuck with a shade u don’t like
  • As they finish fast I stock up on many colours

The only catch is that the colours shown in the brochures are misleading 🙁 hence the article. Happy shopping!

Quality: :-*  :-* :-* +0.5
Packaging: :-* :-* :-*
Availability: :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
Pricing :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


53 thoughts on “Oriflame Visions lipsticks: Photos and Swatches

  1. Oh my god 🙂 for 69 Rs I’m gonna buy all of them…
    only one thing – do they dry the lips????
    i had got lakme matte lipstick 126 shade.. it dried out my lips.. my lips started to flake off.. My fiance said ” your lips dont like nice” 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

    1. SuGe…most of us get that problem some time of the other I think 🙁 You could try brushing your lips with a soft toothbrush before you start with the lipstick – use a good lipbalm – and try dab dab application instead of swiping the lipstick over lips. I never ever buy Lakme anymore because of this reason only…my lips flake too..but you have to finish what you bought na, so do the dab dab method and always carry lip balm with you 🙁

  2. Ah Neha, such a lovely collection, i am a lipstick fan just like you and you keep tempting me a lot. I have given an order for avon colorbliss lipsticks after seeing your post. I love all your posts and i wait eagerly to see a post by”NEHA” 😀 keep doing such posts, remember, you have many fans out there. :yes:

    1. :blush: :blush: thanks a ton ame and dia
      see now i can tell hubby how use ful my lipsticks are
      ya i shall tempt all u beauties :devil:
      shopping is our right….so fight for it

  3. I was thinking 69/79 is awesome..till I saw Jomol got them for 29 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 They seem too good though, and thanks for the swatches..I really find brochures terribly unreliable.

  4. Nice Review Neha .. these really are the cheapsticks :-)) . Good Quality & quantity at Rs. 55/- wht more can one ask for 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  5. I got Elle 18 lipsticks after your review and now Oriflame.. I just gotta find out where I can find it 🙂 Awesome review

  6. Nice review Neha… I love the collection…. im tempted to buy it…
    Priya probably v both can go together… Wat say 😀

            1. Hey Ame happy to know dat ur from chennai… will tell u the exact location tomo… but all i remember is it was near the second bridge from t nagar…

              1. Hey Deepa, if you can’t find it, that’s okay. I know an oriflame consultant and she told me that they don’t allow people there :(.

  7. Hey Neha and Rads, I did get these lipsticks for around Rs. 39 a few months back and I really liked what I got for that amount…..but the coral red one did make me look garish 🙁 :-((

  8. Hey Neha, I agree with you that the colours on the catalogue are somewhat misleading…..I thought coral red was a different shade on the catalouge…… 🙁

  9. LOVE your lippie reviews Neha! I always look forward to them. I too bought some stuff from the Oriflame recently. A few months ago they had an offer on these lippies (Rs. 49/-). I told my mom, so she and her friends bought a whole bunch of these lippies. As for myself, I got the pink berry one. I agree that it stains the lips and looks very ‘bling’ for my complexion :p. So i just dab it on with a light hand. I desperately wanted 2 twigs but it was out of stock :(. I think I’ll buy it soon (not that I need a reason).

  10. I think these were on offer for arnd 69 rs few months back and I wanted to buy a couple but didnt pick up as I wasnt confident to buy just from the brochure…now I even hv the swatches thank to you which makes my choice much easier :-))

  11. hey neha its a great article..nd am felling jealous coz u’ve got lots of colors O:) !!!! u need to help me…I donno abt this product but I want to buy it…how many types of pinks are there in oriflame?? ?:)

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