Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks-Review

Today’s review is more of a sensitive thing to most women who experience changes in their body during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks are one among the uninvited package which inhabits our body due to pregnancy as well as during weight fluctuations. Please read on to know about my thoughts on this world renowned product for stretch marks.

Product Description:

Massage lotion for stretch marks. With Vitamin E, collagen & elastin and shea butter. All over body lotion. Helps prevent and reduce stretch marks. Clinically and dermatologically tested. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for stretch marks helps prevent and reduce stretch marks with a special combination of cocoa butter, Vitamin E, collagen, elastin and shea butter. It lubricated the skin to help it retain its natural elasticity and moisture. This non-greasy all-over-the-body lotion relieves the dryness associated with stretched skin due to pregnancy and smoothes stretch marks due to weight loss.

Palmers Cocoa butter Lotion for Stretch Marks

Directions for use:

Using a circular motion, gently massage lotion into areas prone to stretch marks, morning and evening.

Price and Quantity:

Rs.545/- for 250 ml/8.5 fl.oz.

Shelf life:

12 months from opening.

My experience with Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks:

This is supposed to be an all over body lotion which can be massaged into skin for stretch marks. I got stretch marks while I was seven months into pregnancy. I still regret that I didn’t start using this lotion early in my pregnancy. The reason I didn’t buy this earlier was because I was aiming for either Burt’s bee mama bee belly butter or Mustela stretch mark cream for which I depended on relatives abroad but seemed like it was taking forever for them to come to India. I didn’t wish to have scars all over my body by the time I gave birth to my baby. But my stretch marks got worse that I had to get Palmer’s cocoa butter at my 8th month ASAP!!!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for Stretch Marks Review4

Palmer’s Cocoa butter lotion comes in a pump top dispenser. The texture of the lotion is soft, creamy yet slightly thin watery in consistency. This makes it easier to apply all over the body. The smell reminds me of Pretty Nails instant nail polish remover that I used sometime back which is an amazing product but sadly not available in India. The smell can be strong for some sensitive noses during pregnancy.
Although it claims to be non-greasy, I find it to be quite greasy upon application and till it gets absorbed into the skin. One needs to massage well so that the lotion penetrates into the skin or will leave an oily kind of sticky feeling. This usually takes few minutes, later which the greasy feel will be gone for good. I religiously apply this lotion morning after shower and night before bed into my belly, hips, sides and upper thigh region wherever my skin became stretched as a result of pregnancy (sometimes for 1 or 2 days I would even forget). By the time I gave birth I had stretch marks even in my chest region. It looked as if a cat had scratched all over my body. Frankly, I didn’t expect this much stretch marks since I thought these to be genetic and my mom got no stretch marks. But my mom itself got surprised seeing those dark purple scars and added to that I was using this lotion. However I blamed myself for starting late in applying the lotion and continued using postpartum also.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for Stretch Marks3

So far 4 months has gone by and I can say the marks has slightly diminished but I am unsure whether I can attribute it to the body changes after delivery since we all know scars do fade by time. Anyway it does look better than how it was earlier while I was carrying. Before pregnancy I was having the correct figure for my height but during pregnancy I gained 20 kgs and now 10 kgs needs to be shed. So obviously my body went through lot of changes and I put on more weight on my sides and thigh region. Except my arms I find stretch marks everywhere on sides of my body. If I tend to wear any short tops the marks are greatly visible making the marks appear to be shinier in bright light. One more thing is I didn’t have any itchiness after using this lotion. Overall, I would say they reduce the appearance of stretch marks rather than saying they diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for Stretch Marks2

Pros of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks:

• One bottle lasts for 2 months if used religiously.
• Goes on smoothly but needs to be massaged since it is not easily absorbed. .
• Made with natural ingredients so safe for use during pregnancy.
• Lubricates the skin with its super moisturizing properties.
• No or less itching sensation after use during pregnancy.
• Not tested on animals.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for Stretch Marks swatch

Cons of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks:

• Takes time to decrease the appearance of stretch marks.
• Pricey.
• Needs to be used daily from the early stage of pregnancy to make it actually work.

IMBB Rating:


Will I recommend Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks?

I wouldn’t say that this lotion makes wonders in removing stretch marks but if at all you have easy access to this product then I highly recommend you to use it right from the start of pregnancy. Even if have got stretch marks or not start using this. The earlier you use it would be better. I personally feel it would have helped me get rid of the stretch marks if at all I would have used it much before stretch marks appeared on my body.
Even though this lotion is taking its own sweet time, I will be continuing to use till I get to lay my hands on a better stretch mark cream which has got great reviews. By then I hope it helps my stretch marks to fade.
On a personal note, I would like to let know all of my IMBB friends that please try to exercise during and after pregnancy. Take limited food while pregnant but eat healthy. My mom-in-law made me eat for two, how much ever I resisted. Since I was relatively slim before pregnancy, I thought I wouldn’t put on weight or face any weight issues after delivery. But all my notions proved to be false. Don’t eat sugary foods and forget about ice-cream during pregnancy. That was one thing my doctor told while I found I was pregnant and I obeyed it to core. I usually don’t add sugar to my milk or tea so that was not a problem except occasionally I had some sweets. But I swear please put a full control of your diet. I am not scaring you just my personal thoughts. Even though I gave birth naturally and am nursing my baby I find it hard to shed off these extra inches and kilos. In our tradition they make newly delivered postpartum mothers to take bath in hot water twice daily for 40 days. I mean steaming hot!! If done religiously then the body will shrink and return back to the normal condition. I don’t know whether this is practised elsewhere in India. But along with a controlled diet containing only certain spices and using girdle or cotton sari around the belly, taking bath with piping hot water is mandatory in our tradition. Somehow I managed to have a narrow escape by telling my mom that I will help myself and in her absence I added some normal water and mixed. But it is said that it is not effective if even one drop of cold water is mixed with this hot water made especially for postpartum ladies to recover after delivery. I am just sharing my experience. And try to use stretch marks lotion even if you have a family history of no stretch marks. I also request our fitness queen Nidhi to put up some postnatal exercises and postpartum exercises to get rid of baby fat and get belly flat.(These are just my personal thoughts and opinions)

P.S: I wanted my review to be short but couldn’t finish it without sharing my experiences.

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11 thoughts on “Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks-Review

    1. thanks Neha…yes one needs to be consistent and regular in applying these stretch marks.
      it is better to avoid it than living a entire life full of stretch marks.

    1. Mansi i m unsure about this but this product claims that it helps in reducing stretch marks due to weight fluctuations. Anyways i guess stretch marks from losing/gaining weight is similar to the skin being stretched during pregnancy.

  1. i m 7 month pregnant & my doc prescribed me a luciara cream to prevent stretch’s really effective i don’ have any strecth mark so far..

    1. Good for you Kavita!!! my doc just prescribed me Varnish cream which i found ineffective. but the smell was lovely. i wish i had known about this cream while i was pregnant.

    2. Good for you Kavita!!! my doc just prescribed me Wanish cream which i found ineffective. but the smell was lovely. i wish i had known about this cream while i was pregnant.

  2. i used this lotion from my 6th month… But i discontinued using it since i couldnt tolerate the smell..
    i feel like reading my own story except the delivery part, since i had c section.. I was 64 kg when i got pregnant and in my 10th month i weighed 95 kgs.. I ate everything that came by my way… i had this craving for food and especially sweets which is very uncontrollable.. I used to starve before getting preggy just to maintain my figure.. Now i am weighing around 75 kg… Not even one dress in my wardrobe fitting me… Continuing the maternity wear pants.. And hiding my post pregnancy figure behind anarkalis and black shades… Going to start physiotherapy from tomo.. hope it works :)… those who are yet to become pregnant, pls always check on your diet during pregnancy…

    1. thanks for sharing your story dear. This is the same case with me. Not even one pre-pregnancy dress fits me.. Sometimes i use my dresses which i got stitched during my pregnancy. But it is kinda of loose now but fits me correctly around my bust since i am nursing. Sharon if at all we had known about this weight issue right before our pregnancy we would have been extra cautious rite?
      Btw how old is your baby?

  3. Aww.. thank u so much for reviewing this and ur informative experience dear.. many aspiring mothers will surely feel great to know the dos and donts fact here.. 🙂 U know i really salute you if u really did that hot water bathing till 40 days.. 😛 i never did such things know.. in our place new mums are on bed rest kinda till 40 days wid just regular full body massage to tone down body n hot water sponging (belly belt too)! I never bathed daily (every alternate day though) till 40 days know. N my preggo stage is also slight different, i was alone wid my hubby here till my mum arrived just a week before my baby was born. So we never got chance to listen anyone.. 😛 We just followed wt our dr say. There was no one to encourage me towards ghee butter or dry fruits, i just avoided all these things and ate fruits, veges n whole grains as per my drs advice, i never followed anyone except my dr she ws my only companion after hubby here! However I did maintained walking, swimming n prenatal yoga routine alternatively alongwith nutritive diet from my second month..! Still i gained ~ 25 kgs (i was really underweight a/c to my height in initial pregnancy) out of which i managed to shed 15 kgs within 10 months thru simply body massage, swimming n nursing.. 😛 Currently am strugling to shed remaining 10 kgs.. 🙁
    Thankfully i did not experienced those ghastly marks touchwood (may be i kept on stretching and exercise even before pregnancy and used to apply winter care lotion.. 🙂 dnt knw) I also feel may be in our place new mums are given hot oil masaage, thats why their stretch marks also fade away if any by chance! Moreover, I strongly believe that if you are more active and work out during pregnancy then there are more n more chances of getting fit n fine quickly with less or nil chance of getting stretch marks, under eye circles or pigmentation (Touchwood i never came across these bitter things.. except kilos n kilos of weight.. :P).

    1. Ha ha ha Neetu i did take bath in hot water but with 1 or 2 mugs of normal water being added. I actually should salute you since i know exactly the feeling when we are married, away from our parents in a new place and being pregnant. These hormones that time made me go crazy. While i was pregnant i longed to go home and see my parents and have the comfort of food made by my mom but gurl, you had to bear these until the last week of delivery.
      And please don’t tell you are yet to lose weight coz every time i see your Outfit posts i have wondered how come you look so fit with no belly fat to be seen. Seriously you dont even look like you gave birth to a baby.
      Thank god you didn’t get any stretch marks. The only bitter things i suffered were these weight gain and stretch marks; didn’t have hair loss or throw up food for a single day.

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