Dove Intensive Moisturizing Cream Review

Dove Intensive Cream

One of the main concerns of womanhood worldwide when it comes to skincare is the most basic essential of moisturizing. And this category is the one most tried and tested like no other! (Ah I see all of you nodding)

Dove Intensive Cream the tub

Dove Intensive Cream is the one I am going to talk about here….and I just can’t hold myself from giving the verdict……

it SUCKS!!!

Cons of Dove Intensive Moisturizing Cream

  • “Moisturising” is the USP of Dove for all its products and we all agree when it comes to the other products of the brand, such as the shampoo and conditioner. But this cream has no properties of moisturizing whatsoever other than leaving your skin with layers and layers of greasiness (depending on the layers you used!)
  • When I first set my eyes upon the oh-so-cute tub, I did so with high expectations…generated by the Brand name of course! And when I went on to scoop a bit of the immenselyyyyyy yummy looking cream, for the texture is a most softest and light and easy-to-spread, that it could rival a bowl of whipped cream ready to eat! And the odour is also pleasing enough that makes you imagine the softness and silkiness you think your skin would be left in after applying the product.
  • That is it. All the build-up stops right there and there is no more to it! Once you start applying the cream, it is a never-ending act of rubbing the cream in till it all gets absorbed! And you will realize how futile it is because it certainly does not get absorbed and leaves your skin and hand(s) horribly sticky; making it look more like a sticky massage oil rather than moisturizing cream!!!

Dove intensive cream swatch

  • It totally cannot be used in the morning when you start your day or when you have to go out. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use it on your face at all!!!! And if by chance you landed up with this cream, like I did (and that too a huge 250ml “oh-so-cute” looking tub), and just have to use it without throwing it (I do feel guilty throwing any skincare product no matter how bad!), then apply it only at night while on your bed (‘coz make sure you would not have to touch anything after applying it!!!) and do so on the driest areas such as the knees, elbows and other such parts!


Pros of Dove Intensive Moisturizing Cream

  • Yeah..apt only for the driest of areas on the skin, as the product claims itself!
  • It is an ‘intense moisturiser’, so should work for those with really dry skin. Works for even those with normal skin, but then again, as I said, only when used very little and that too when applied and left overnight.
  • I know I’m being quite harsh with the product, but then maybe ‘coz I have oily skin generally so it did not help me much. I reckon people with dry skin could give it a shot…and it should definitely help during winter at its harshest O 🙂
  • It’s a safe bet if you want to use it on smaller areas of skin such as back of hands, palms, feet, etc. ‘coz then you just have to use the tiniest of a dot!! Hehehehe

Dove is a great brand and has been immensely successful generally with most of their products. They focus on the most essential and basic aspect of skin care, which is moisturisation. However excess of anything could go wrong somewhere and that is what has happened with the Dove Intense Cream. Sorry folks..I don’t see it doing all that great in the market!

Rating: :-* :-*

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42 thoughts on “Dove Intensive Moisturizing Cream Review

  1. I bought the same kind of tub with the same SIZE ! it was some silk moisture and it smelled YUCK !! I havnt even opened it since then :wilt: :wilt:

      1. yes but I have dry skin no, so for hands and feet in winters , tehs egreasy stuff only work for me. :((

        I so hate these name games. I bought that neutrogena extra gentle face wash because it said extra gentle. It’s :spank: :spank:

      2. Hi Rads,
        Ok it might not leave “layers” as i managed to scare you, but yeah it does leave you greasy sure enough! So as Rati also agrees – Nivea is better off! :))

        1. No Charishma, I might still want to try it Rati said, I like greasy greasy creams for hands and feet 😀 😀

          Rati – Heheheee…after you told, I didn’t even look at it 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thank you Rati for making me a part of IMBB 🙂
      I agree with the normal Nivea cream..It’s pretty sufficient I guess compared to this one!

  2. Yeah,, even i dOn’t like dOve… their Conditiones & Shampoo’s are also sucks… but some gurLs in mY office finds it Gud.. may be it depends on hAir textUre..

    1. Hey Swati!
      Dove is not that bad..I mean the shampoos and conditioners are great…I have never heard bad reviews about them…they’ve been known to work generally…It’s this cream that came as a surprise!
      But yeah hair textures might differ….

  3. My mom loves this one. She had my chachi get this from Qatar and now we get it in Mumbai dishes stacks up. Lol. It was my favfor the body

  4. Hey Charishma :)) .. yaa,, Hair Textires do matters,, but my whoLe faMiLy had a bAd experiencE with dOve :stars: .. so dats whY.. :idk:

  5. The best cream ever for the extremely dry skin like mine ..
    It is true that is thick ( which what I need exactly) and you need to apply just a little amount to be enough for the very very dry skin..
    My skin absorbs any other lotion and cream immediately while I am still applying the cream on, but this dove intensive cream leaves my skin moisture, fine, and smooth for hours and fine as what it needs.
    Unfortunately i can’t found it at stores in Canada and I need to order it online from other countries :-/
    Recently I find Nivea cream does the same job as dove

  6. I absolutely love this product ❤ today makes my second day using it and i bought it from my local dollar tree. It works good on my skin. Applied it to my face tonight and will give a review tomorrow on how it turned out 😀😀

  7. Ok guys 🙄 didn’t have ot wait over night. Within 5 minutes after i applied it to my face it instantly started to burn & irritate 🤦🏽 i guess my skin is sensitive to it due to my oily to dry skin. But using on any other part of my body it works great !!!!

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