Pantene Pro-V Aqua Pure Shampoo Review

Hair Type: Wavy, Dry and Frizzy

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In this post, I am reviewing Pantene Pro-V Pure Collection Aqua Pure Shampoo. Read on to find out more details on this shampoo.

Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure Shampoo

Product Description:
Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure Shampoo product description

Price and Quantity:
155 PHP (225 INR approximately) for 200 ml.

Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure Shampoo ingredients

My Experience with Pantene Pro-V Aqua Pure Shampoo:

Let’s begin with the packaging of the product. The shampoo comes in a translucent, plastic bottle. The back of the bottle bears a label, which indicates some necessary product-related information. The bottle closes securely with a blue-colored flip top cap. The cap makes an audible click sound while closing, which gives an assurance that the bottle is leak-proof and travel friendly. The nozzle is neither too big nor small and it dispenses the right amount of the product. Overall, the packaging is good and travel friendly.

Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure Shampoo full

The shampoo is a clear, gel-like liquid. It has a mild and refreshing fragrance, which is absolutely not bothersome. The smell lingers only for a short time and fades away gradually. So, the smell would barely bother anyone. The shampoo does not lather too much. I need a good amount of the product to cleanse my mid-length hair properly. And for heavily-oiled hair, I need to shampoo my hair twice to get rid of any oily residue. I normally don’t like to shampoo twice as my hair can get really dry and frizzy, but with this shampoo, I have to wash my hair twice. And, thankfully this shampoo is mild and does not dry out my hair. The formula is lightweight and gentle on both hair and scalp. It has not caused any irritation or allergies on my scalp so far.

Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure Shampoo bottle

Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure Shampoo cap open

The consistency of the shampoo is gel-like and not very runny, so there is no spillage issue. To create rich lather, I rub the shampoo between my palms and then apply it on to my hair. The shampoo nicely and removes all the dirt and grime from my hair and scalp, but as I have earlier mentioned, extra effort is required to get rid of oil from my hair.

Pantene Pro V Aqua Pure Shampoo swatch

It leaves hair squeaky clean upon two washes. It leaves my hair shiny. Due to the humid weather here in Philippines, my hair gets greasy and limp easily. This shampoo provides nice volume to my hair and keeps them voluminous and bouncy. My hair feels soft to touch. It remains tangle free even if I do not follow up with any conditioner. There is a beautiful lustre on my hair. It prevents hair breakage and hence reduces hair fall. It does not contribute in taming the frizz, so I follow up with a serum to tame frizziness. But apart from that, this shampoo has totally lived up to all my expectations.

Pros of Pantene Pro-V Aqua Pure Shampoo:

  • Good packaging.
  • Mild and non-bothersome fragrance.
  • Gel-like consistency.
  • Spreads easily.
  • Lathers well.
  • Cleanses hair and scalp nicely.
  • Removes every bit of oil and dirt.
  • Does not dry out the hair.
  • Adds nice lustre to the hair.
  • Keeps hair tangle free.
  • Works great even without a conditioner.
  • Helps to add volume to the hair.
  • Reduces hair breakage.
  • A good amount is needed for proper cleansing.
  • Shampooing twice is mandatory for oiled hair to get rid of oil residue completely.
  • Does not control frizz.

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