Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Review

Before I bought the Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron, I used cheaper variants by Conair and Remington. They served the purpose well but were not the best and eventually started ‘frying’ my hair. And, they added a lot of static and frizz to my hair too. So, I decided to invest in a better alternative with an advanced and gentler technology. Unfortunately, ‘better’ – at least for electronics – means more expensive. Nevertheless, for the sake of my hair’s health, I took the risk.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Review

Price: $150
Product Description:
The Neuro® Style 1″ Styling Iron features cutting-edge technology and a contoured shape for a professional-grade performance to create volume, waves, curls and overall smooth hairstyles. Programmable temperature settings allow stylists to customize for different hair types and styles while providing fast, even heat with IsoTherm titanium plates. 

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Details

My Experience with Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron:

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Product Description

This flat iron comes in a hard cardboard box with a magnetic lid for safekeeping. It has a 1” wide titanium plates, which is the biggest selling point of this product because titanium is a good conductor. It is fairly non-reactive, easy to clean and strong as well (will not easily wear or tear).

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Packaging

The outer covering of the flat iron is made up of hard plastic and has round curvature which is perfect to make curls or waves. It has an on button and + and buttons to control temperature. There is also an option to save our favourite temperature setting for future uses. It has an LED digital display to show the temperature value.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron

It can reach up to 450 F in 30 seconds, which is essential for me because my Remington flat iron would take a while to heat up to its full capacity. The wire is of adequate length and is neither too short or too long or cumbersome. It is easy to store in its box, cools down quickly and has an auto shut off. It, however, does not have a mechanical lock to close it and stays open – which is not a travel-friendly option.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Plates

Overall, it is a good product and does what it claims. It had a less damaging effect on hair, especially when paired with a good heat protectant. Is it worth, $150? I am sure the actual price of this product is way below that but we obviously pay for the brand name and slightly better quality than the cheaper versions. With that thought in mind, a consumer can make their own decision.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Close Up

Pros of Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron:

• A good flat iron with less damaging effect on hair
• Titanium plates
• Heats up quickly – 450 F in 30 seconds
• Has an auto shut down option
• Curvature facilitates hair curling and waving
• Can work at two different voltage settings

Cons of Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron:

• Expensive, which is a major let down for some of us.
• Not available in drugstores
• Lack of a mechanical lock makes it less travel-friendly

IMBB Rating: 4/5
I do not regret investing in this flat iron but I still look forward to a day when hair products won’t cause any damage. Till then, I will make do with this flat iron. If someone can find more affordable dupes of this iron, then they should go for one of those dupes. If someone is looking for a flat iron as a one-time investment then this one is a good option.

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