How to Use A Flat Iron

How to Use A Flat Iron

How to Use a Flat Iron

Prepare Your Hair

• While you heat style your hair, it can clump together, and become greasy and damaged due to product buildup from daily use if it’s not clean. You need to shampoo and condition your hair with a good quality moisturizing shampoo and a volumizing conditioner first.
• After you come out of the shower, use heat protection spray while your hair is still wet. It will be evenly absorbed if used on wet hair, protecting it from the high temperature styling. Also, your style will hold longer.
• Blow dry your hair well. Even the ‘wet-to-dry’ flat iron works better on completely dry hair. So divide your hair into sections and start blow drying from the bottom till the top and sides of your head. Be diligent in removing all the moisture from the roots, where you want the hair to lift and appear volumized.

Temperature Settings for Flat Iron

• Use an iron that comes with adjustable temperature settings so that you can control the amount of heat. Don’t use more heat than is necessary, or you’ll end up drying out the hair and making it frizzy and tangled.
• For course thick or very curly hair, a higher heat setting between 350-400 degrees F will be required.
• For fine, damaged or chemically treated, use lesser heat, start with a low setting and increase heat as necessary.
• Normal straight or wavy hair will do with heat at 300-380 degrees F.
Using A Flat Iron
• Untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb and make sections the width of your iron’s plate size or lesser. Clip up the sections separately.
• Keep sections small, no wider than the plate of the iron. Trying to get in too much hair together will not distribute the hair evenly and the style will come out uneven. To attain the desired look, you will then keep passing the iron over the large section. This means prolonged heat exposure and results in damage.
• So take a small section, press it between plates near the scalp, and firmly draw through the hair length till the tips of your hair. Do this with gentle pressure, but quickly and evenly without allowing the iron to stay at one spot for too long.

Flipping with a Flat Iron

• While straightening, twist the iron in the direction that you want a flip and draw it through. You can work on your look by flipping at different points along your hair for creating different volumes.

Protect Your Styled Hair

• To keep your hair style in place for a longer time, finish off with a lightweight hairspray to hold your hair.
• Clean your flat iron frequently if you use heat protection serums or leave in conditioners. Product build-up on the iron plates make hair sticky and also lessen the life of the plate. Heat your iron and then wipe with a soft cloth. Read box or user manual instructions for a suitable flat iron cleaner. Avoid cleaning solvents not suitable for the purpose.

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    1. same here…….I never used any heat protectant……..was not even aware of it then!! :yikes:

      What hear protectants work best? suggestions pls!!!

      1. loreal professional and schwarzkopf both have heat protection serums i believe. i think matrix biolage also has a range that protects against as well as repairs damage from heat styling. there are bound to be lots more great products for protecting your hair from the heat, you can ask your hair expert to recommend something that will especially suit you! :jiggy1:

      2. Hi Monica,

        TreSemme prodcuts are good too…I have been using them since a few months. Will be reviewing them shortly.

        Even I realised a little late that heat protectant is important…otherwise hair gets damaged in the long run.


  1. i already have straight hair but just to for styling i use flat iron …but after 1-2 hrs my hair will start luking messy :waaa:
    as if i haven’t used the iron :tongue:
    what to use to keep my hair straight for longer time ?? once i used hairspray but with that hair got stuck with each other :waaa:

    1. Lucky you 🙂
      I have wavy hair and need to use hair straightners on special occassions…otherwise hair will be flying in all directions :scream:

  2. I cut my hair and its not what I expected SO after reading this Im thinking for going out is it better to straighten them?? *wonders* as my layers arent quite visible in my wavy hair now :((

  3. @Dee.. i dont think a lot of places have tresemme 🙁 i sure have seen one in Keratese , should have bought it then :-/ i just iron out my bangs 🙂

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