Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair Review

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How are winters treating you so far? We are experiencing cloudy and rainy weather once again and anticipating temperatures to drop down as low as 1 degree Celsius in upcoming days, whoop! Thankfully, schools are closed for holidays, else I would have been frozen along with my daughter 😛 Anyway, let’s move onto today’s review. I am blessed hereditarily with black long hair, but I noticed hair fall leading to hair thinning after shifting to the US, though the situation is still under my control, luckily. Apart from relying on homemade concoctions of hair oils, I also seek help from various shampoo brands and one of them is “Phyto” (my all-time favorite brand when it comes to hair treatment).  I have tried this particular brand’s hair care products earlier and found them quite promising. That’s when I discovered this hair thinning treatment shampoo which restored my faith and corrected the hair thinning issue as well. I might get it again for its effective results while one cannot rely alone on this shampoo for all problems. Let’s read more about this Phyto Paris Phytolium Strengthening Shampoo!\

Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair

$24 for 4.2 Fl Oz, excludes shipping and taxes.


Product Description:
A fortifying shampoo for hair prone to chronic and severe hair thinning.

Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair

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What it is formulated to do:
Phytolium Strengthening Shampoo is a natural and effective alternative for those experiencing hair thinning. This innovative formula is infused with highly-concentrated rooibos and cinchona bark extracts that work together to energize the scalp, fortifying the bulb while restoring the hair’s strength and density.

My Experience with Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair:

The pale brown runny shampoo comes in an opaque silver metallic tube packaging with a flip top cap. It does have the signature Phyto Paris brand smell.  I often see the product seeping out of the flip top cap hence I don’t see it good enough for your travel plans.

Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair

Talking about the texture of shampoo, it is quite runny but not like other Phyto Paris variants, thankfully. I see that the product holds well on my palm even though it often seems leaking though the tube packaging. Since I use it as a precautionary treatment against hair thinning, I directly massage the shampoo on my scalp, particularly where I fear my hair shows signs of thinning. It does not form much lather hence I often mix it with water to make a concoction for hair, though I still need a good conditioner after hair wash. I mean it does help with clearing as well as treating my scalp by stimulating hair growth as I see healthy hair and less hair fall these days, but my hair often seems lacking that bouncy wavy and luster post wash. However, it does not leave any residue on my scalp or hair as I feel light headed with squeaky clean hair.

Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair

Earlier, I was keen to see results for my hair fall, hence I never bothered about my hair texture, but recently, I have started to club it with Briogeo and other shampoos alternatively to make my hair look healthy and shiny. I would suggest using this shampoo regularly or daily till 2-3 weeks and then restricting its usage to once per week as I noticed my hair getting slightly frizzy. This also means that the shampoo might be tricky on frizzy hair and dry scalp. I have oily scalp, yet I feel that scalp feels itchy, which if taken positively would mean its due to new follicle hair growth.  On the contrary, it might also mean the scalp is getting too dry. I think it would be good for those who have thinning hair but it does make hair dry and frizzy, and you might need a conditioner. Hence, I will recommend it to those who are suffering from frequent hair fall issues or hair thinning. This shampoo will definitely fight against environmental and external causes of hair fall. I might get it again and club with other shampoos, but I won’t use it alone considering my hair type.

Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair:

  • An innovative formula infused with natural ingredients like rooibos, cinchona bark extract to strengthen our hair follicles, stimulate scalp, etc.
  • Quite runny in texture, good enough to massage into the scalp.
  • Does not form a rich lather, which means it is free of SLS.
  • Rinses off easily from the scalp without leaving any residue or slippery layer on the hair or scalp.
  • Does help with stimulating scalp.
  • Combats hair fall.
  • I see less split ends.
  • It is a boon for people suffering from premature greying, thinning of hair due to external factors and environmental stress.

Cons of Phyto Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo For Thinning Hair:

  • Not travel friendly.
  • Makes my hair slightly dry, not recommended for frizzy or dry hair.
  • Does not help with dandruff.
  • It does contain chemicals.

Well, I said earlier, we can use it as a medication to treat hair fall and thinning, but we cannot alone rely on this shampoo to get treat those conditions completely. I use this in conjunction with Brigeo and Bumble and Bumble shampoos.

IMBB Rating:
I rate it 4.4/5!

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