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Sunita Kapoor asks:


I must begin by commending your success with IMBB. You have changed the lives of thousands of women by creating a community for them. I have a question, and I am desperate for help.

My name is Sunita, I am 22, and am scheduled to make a trip to Goa this December. I would like you to please recommend a light, natural pink lipstick for medium, warm skin with yellow undertones, which must be inexpensive (the cheaper, the better) as I am on a tight budget. In addition, I also request suggestions of bright blue and purple eye pencils, also inexpensive.

I am having another problem that I would be really grateful if you could help me with: I am overweight and am deeply insecure about going to Goa at a time when it will be filled with fit, good-looking women who are scantily dressed. I am confused about what my wardrobe choices should be, as I would like to look nice too as I am travelling with my man. My problem areas are my arms and my stomach. Please advise me as to what I can wear, and tell me what I can do to lose weight in a month. I need to lose 12 kilos. Thanks in advance. Your help will make a lot of difference.

Congratulations again on the phenomenal success of your blog. I hope you do better with each passing day.

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8 thoughts on “Pink Lipsticks For Warm Skin Tones: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Sunita, first of all, have great fun in Goa! For pink lipsticks, check these posts:

    For colored pencils, you can check out Faces and Chambor brands.

    Also, if you are not too comfortable in shorts (I vote you pick shorts), you can always opt for capris, they are so comfortable, also ruffle tops or layered tops help a great deal in camflouaging flabby stomach.

  2. Colorbar fuschia/ Lakme 9 to 5 Mulberry something…these r nice!
    Just dab them, blot n dab again for that lovely hint of pink lips!

    Pencils i am myself hunting.

    Whatever b ur weight, if yu really comfortable in ur skin/ clothes,,, its tonnes more attractive than skimpy beachwear…so whatever u chose as per ur comfort n bisy type,,,just be urself… 12 kgs shud take 3-4 months, if u follow a good diet routine n increase ur activitylevels! All the best and dont forget to enjoy goa

  3. Hi Sunita, if you are looking for inexpensive colourful eye pencils, I’d suggest you to look for Elle 18, they have some good colourful pencils, you can even choose lipstick from this brand or else try Coloressence as it’s a budget brand. For losing weight, I can plan a whole diet chart for you but that’ll take really long so giving you some healthy small tips that can come to your use. First, try drinking lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water as first thing in the morning, do some exercise, drink only warm water throughout the day, try including peppers in your food as it burns calories, take omega-3 supplement as it helps in losing weight, don’t eat rice or switch to brown rice, don’t eat food after 8:00 p.m and the list goes on but hope you find these tips somewhat helpful and would incorporate them in your routine, wishes Arzoo. Have a happy journey.

  4. I am sure for lipstick Neha and Jomol is there..
    Carry lot of scarfs for layering- this will help in hiding weight at tummy.
    Try a maxi dress and pair with denim jacket- this will hide fat from arms and tummy
    Wear checks caprie instead plain and pair it with plain v neck tshirts and shrugs…
    even kaftan tops with flowery print will be apt for goa
    Try to look cute when u r plump- wear cute pins, flower hairbands- all this will help u look ur age
    hope this helps 🙂
    have fun in goa…it is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. elle 12 hot pink, promgrenate pie, pinken cost 100 each
    lakme enrich satin 129 (dupe of cosmo) lakme enrich satin 135 (light fuschia pink ) cost 225 /-
    maybelline hooked on pink ( best pink lippie for indian skin) cost 350/-
    lotus herbal pink blush heavenly pink 245/-

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