Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Face Wash

Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Face Wash

Hello dear IMBBites, today I am going to tell you about my experience with Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Facewash with Lemon Flower Extracts. I have a combination to oily skin, which shows open pores when the weather gets too humid. Face wash is one product which I am scared of buying without reading about it because I have had many bad experiences with various brands in the past, but one fine day, while buying some groceries, I saw this fresh looking tube on a shelf and I thought I must try it since the packaging looked convincing to me, and I must say I haven’t been disappointed.

Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Face Wash

What Does the Product Claim:

Pears Oil Clear is the gentle way to remove excess oil and get your skin to its pristine, wonderful best. Its special ‘oil-clear’ formula contains Lemon Flower Extracts known to have natural astringent properties. It helps to clean away the excess oil from your skin while glycerin ensures your skin stays gently cared for. Say goodbye to oily skin troubles with the goodness of Pears.


INR 50 for 60 gm.

Pears face wash

My Opinion about Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Face Wash:

I have been using this face wash everyday for the past one month or so and have managed to use up only a little more than half of the tube. This is because you need a tiny weeny bit of the product to work up a rich lather.

The usage instructions on the tube say that the product can be applied on fingertips and then on face post which lather should be worked, but I tried that way and it kept slipping off from the wet face and I wasted some product a couple of times. Now, I prefer taking out a little amount in my palms and then lathering up. It is better that way.

Pears oil free face wash

The consistency of the product is like that of transparent gel. It has a mild and fresh fragrance which I absolutely love and it does linger on for some time after I’ve washed my face. I have noticed that pores are less noticeable and my skin feels fresh for long after using this face wash. It is very effective in cleaning superficial oils too, but is not drying on my skin. I love this so much that I’ve kept an extra tube in purse too.

Let me just quickly summarize the pros and cons of this product:

Pros of Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Face Wash

1. Cleans dust and grime effectively.
2. I have noticed lesser open pores on face after using this product.
3. Very fresh lingering mild fragrance.
4. Inexpensive.
5. List of ingredients on the back of tube.
6. Little goes a long way.
7. Does not dry out my skin even though it does clear the oil.
8. Soap free.

Cons of Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Face Wash

1. It does not remove waterproof makeup.
2. Need a lot of water to wash it off.

That is the only con I could think of, otherwise at this price, you can’t get a better face wash for oily skin. It is a good face wash for people with oily facial skin. Though, I think it may be a little drying for winters. I would definitely repurchase next summer since winter is almost here.

By the way, have you guys noticed the nip in the air of late? I love this time of the year just before the festive season. 

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15 thoughts on “Pears Oil Clear Cleansing Face Wash

    1. Its is written on the pack Kanika..btw, soaps are natural oils or fats treated with alkali, and SLES is a foaming agent..they behave like soaps, but are NOT soaps..and SLES is not only used in detergents, but soaps and toothpastes as well , and its NOT carcinogenic :snicker:

  1. I don’t like cleansers that need to be drowned off. 😐 😐 But It looks promising!! I might just get it next monsoon when my skin gets all sticky and oily. :preen:

  2. I’ve used this long back bt it made my face very back thn i had normal skin.’ll try this sm ?:) time. May work for my now combi skin.

  3. I have been using Pears for more than 10 years now, ever since their first scrub was released in the mark :waytogo: et, and have never looked back since then

  4. Great review and very true. I love this too. I came across it by chance, when i ‘had to’ buy it while travelling. And now it has become my HG. Himalaya neem made my skin rough and rashy (since i use tropical retinoids for acne). Then i realised that it was Pears face wash which was working so good for my skin. Great product and one drop is enough!

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