Best Pink Lipsticks Available in India: A Collection

Best Pink Lipsticks Available in India 

pink lipstick

So its time for a collection again of something we alllll loveee! PInk lipstick! 😀 cant get enough!
Take a look and let us know your favs..


Chanel Coquette Rouge Allure Lipstick

Rouge Allure lipsticks have an all over glossy black casing . The lipstick inside has a golden covering, which is housed inside the outer black casing. The double “C” of Chanel is embossed at the bottom of the lipstick.


Bobbi Brown Pink lily
It is a pretty close color to the true pink but it is a bit warmer and less bluer.

Bobbi Brown Guava

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick – Guava (11)

Inglot 419


Mac pink pigeon
Revlon super lustrous berry rich:

Infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. Find your lip color amongst a dazzling array of fabulous, fashionable shades! Award winning.


Faces Ultime Pro read my lips:

Sahiba says “The shade is hot pink (It appears a bit lighter in swatches). A few months back I used to buy only nude or light shades for I am not married and I cannot wear bright colors unless there is an occasion”

pink lips 6

Chambor rouge plump+ 748
This is the prettiest hot pink in my collection and it is pure cream, really pigmented and really coats the lips beautifully, no shimmer or frost, just perfect, you can use this with a lip brush since this is insanely pigmented and things could go out of control.This one does not stain and lasts for 3 plus hours but it might bleed since it so luscious, great for fair skin and dry lips.


Mac girl about town

This is a cool toned blue based hot pink lipstick. It is possibly one of my favourite shade of bright pink in lipsticks.

Coloressence Pristine pink:
Neha says “This is a very feminine “hot pink” kind of a color and this can perk up fair complexions.  I think its more of a party shade when worn full on and otherwise best suited as a stain only.”

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Pristine Pink Review

Faces Canada Moisture Rich Lipstick: Pink Wine

The texture is soft and very moisturising, and a dry lip girl’s dream. The lipstick instantly smooths out fine lines and chapped lips making it supple and voluminous and your pout is in place for another three to four hours.

Lakme Royal rouge:

This Luxurious lip color gives higher colour delivery. Enriched with Vitamin E and Wheat germ oil this rich creme stick keeps your lips silky, soft and smooth.


Lakme 128 enrich satin shade:

The lipstick has been around for so long in this packing that it does get boring, but I must say dare I compare these to NYX round lipsticks in terms of creaminess; just that these stay longer and are deeper. The texture of these is so soft and pigmented and the way they glide leaving a thick coat of color, at least this shade does. I totally fell for these once again!Lakme+Enrich+Satin+Lipstick+128+Review

Colorbar Smoky pink

neha says “This is like no other matte pink I have so I love this one, Berry rich from Revlon is close but is not matte but saucy and a brighter pink, this one is muted pink.I wish this one did not stain but it will be one of favorites anyway.”

pink lips

Rimmel heartbreaker:

This lip color has all the qualities which you would naturally expect from any good lipstick. Extremely creamy and highly pigmented these lippies leave your lips totally moisturized and brightened


Chambor pink devil

This particular pink is a very blue-based pink, it’s a mauvey pink, not the soft girly pink we always have in our kit.


Lakme 9 to 5 pink bureau


Colorbar creme touch passionate, pink hotmail

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Pink Petal
Pink Petal belongs to the pink family of the Maybelline Color Sensational range and I just LOVE it. Infact, I found all the shades in the Pink family very pretty.

pink petal

Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick – Pink Fuschia


Colorbar pink charm

Neha says “These will remind you of NYX round lippies since these are real soft, and they moisturize the lips but the staying power is not much say two hours and they loose their shine and moisture soon and looks like my lips drink it up.I completely love the packaging in silver metallic and the feel if quite sturdy though the lipstick might be a little fragile and delicate.”


Elle 18 pinken
A pocket friendly soft pink.:)

Maybelline Infinitely Fuchsia


Colorbar Oh my magenta

More of a magenta but still pretty 😛


Colorbar fuchsia fix

Nyx doll lipstick

All time fav!

Phew that’s all for now 😀

These are essentially my pinks, but I am sure there are hundreds more to add 🙂 let us know which ones you like out of these 🙂 dont we just love pink lipsticks!

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  1. Wow.. Eternal Rose Maybelline looks lovely I wanna buy it.. *waaa* *waaa*
    and Chambor Rouge 748 looks amazing on you Neha.. *haan ji* *haan ji*

  2. This is a humongously awesome post… many pink lipsticks, I want each one of this lipstick *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* Keep up the good work Neha *jai ho*

  3. omg….so many pinks *drool* …i love pink lip colors but shockingly i don’t have any of these *waaa* i really have to be serious about my love for pink *jogging*

  4. Love
    Colorbar Smokey Pink! *happydance* *happydance*
    Chanel Rouge Allure *happy dance* *happy dance*
    Bobby Brown Pink Lily *oye balle* *oye balle*

    But you dont have my all time favorite on you list! 🙁 MAC Impassioned! *cry* *cry*

  5. I lovvvvveeeeee you sooo much for this post *puchhi* *puchhi* we love pink soooo much and a post like this made me feel fresh instantly *happydance* *shy* not even a single pink that i did not like … loved each and every pink.. each has a speciality of its own *woot*

  6. OMG… Neha as soon as i saw the title of the post i knew it would be you… *clap*
    Loved all the shades and they look soo gud on you *puchhi*
    Appreciate the effort *jai ho*

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