Proactiv Acne Solution Review

Today for my first and foremost post I want to thank Rati for making me a part of IMBB family, and Deeptima for helping me. I am going to review a very important and talked about product today:

Proactiv Acne Solution by Rodan and Fields

proactiv acne solution
It is so lovely to see Celina Jaitley come and do the ad for the product she uses and trusts, but my strong opinion about proactiv dates about 3 years back!

Sometime in the November 2007 I started using Proactiv Solution. I had just landed in florida and that was one of the first commercials I saw on tv! I was suffering from acne like all of us from my teens (errr 13 it started) hence I wanted to try everything anything that would make my zits, bumps, scars, redness, pain, oil, shine, etc. all go away (YES ALL THAT AND MORE). I ordered the trial kit which is for 60 days and, believe me, ladies when I say magic it means magic. The moment I started using this the redness was gone. On the third day of my usage I started seeing noticeable difference in my skin!
proactiv acne solution cleanser
And by 2 weeks my horrible face was free of any new acne or even a tiny zit. It took about 4 weeks to what my face was flawless! yayyyyyy! I couldn’t believe what proactiv had done to my skin 😉

Katie P. Rodan, M.D. and Kathy A. Fields, M.D., both acne-sufferers themselves, wanted to do something to end the frustration and suffering brought on by acne. After 5 years of development and testing, they created the remarkable acne-treatment system, Proactiv Solution. Well, below I am listing the pros and cons for every one to have a better and clear idea about PROACTIV!

proactiv acne solution toner

But a strongggggggggggggg advice from me is if you are suffering from any form of acne this is one must try product! MUSST!

PROS of Proactiv Acne Solution

• Has all the 3 steps cleanser toner moisturizer; No need for doing anything separately.
• The toner is non-alcoholic.
• Decent quantity.
• If you do not like they have a full refund program going on for now.
• Works fast in 3 days. You will see the difference.
• Sturdy containers.
• Easily available in India now through online ordering or phone.

proactiv acne solution lotion

CONS of Proactiv Acne Solution

• Has Benzoyl Peroxide; some people can be allergic to it.
• Very strong composition.
• Expensive; a kit goes for Rs. 2995 as for now.
• When I stopped using it, my acne resurfaced after a while.
• I have not used it continuously for 3 years but mostly yes.
• It can make your skin really dry.
• You need an extra moisturizer or might even have to stop using it.
• Can bleach your clothes or face towel.

Overall, Proactiv Acne Solution is an amazing product IF you use it correctly; EXACTLY like the directions say to, which is sometimes a pain in the butt. My personal tips for using it are:

– Order the Green Tea Moisturizer along with the 3 steps, because the dryness can be terrible at times
– Follow the directions exactly like you’re supposed to… it’s a very nit-picky product that can be a miracle in a bottle, but only if used EXACTLY right.

Hope you guys have all the information required to go out and try this blessing for acne prone skin
(been there, felt the pain 🙁 )


33 thoughts on “Proactiv Acne Solution Review

  1. Great review Fly girl. I have heard very positive reviews from all of my friends who’ve used this product!! Nice write up!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. Welcome to IMBB! Great review! You know what, I’ve heard of bad reviews about this. It’s a mixed response but it goes to show that a LOT of people have tried this out!

  3. i soo wanted to use dis myself but ws a lil apprehensive since its marketed by telebrands . but especially after d visible change i hav seen on my best frends’ face(& going thru ur rev. too)….i ll dfntly get one for me..
    nice review b/w fly gal.. 🙂

  4. welcome to imbb fly !
    yups hv seen d ad dozen times on tv with celina endorsing the product…. but hav heard the acne comes back as soon as u stop using this …

    i have oily skin but i dont hv serious acne problem as such … i do get acne once in awhile . .

  5. :victory: :victory: :victory: i am so glad it worked for you.
    I always thought they just had this marketing strategy sort of thing .. :panda: :panda: and all that they claimed …was false :spank: :spank: :spank:
    anyway 😀 awesome

  6. gee .. im tempted to use this i have so much redness on my face but l’ll skeptic .. i have heard bad reviews about it … :worship: :worship: :worship:

    Could u tell what skin type u have ?

    Good it worked for u 🙂

  7. hiiiii….
    DONT try this……..esp people with sensitive skin…..its too abrasive and harsh………i have used it personally and didnt even had the courage to finish the first and last bottle

  8. Proactive works as long as you use it…once you stop using it ,the acne prob is back(from my experience) 🙁 …i tried it like years back…got mine from the USA..

  9. Welcome to IMBB, Fly Girl. 🙂 It’s kinda nice to see good reviews about Proactiv because I never believed in it. I am so glad the the product worked so well for you . :victory: :victory: :victory:

  10. hello all,my skin is oily-combination!in winters like now it tends to get dry and summer the usual oil and shine!
    i agree that proactive is very harsh for sensitve skin types but for normal skin it is alright to use it
    also,i have been using it on and off for 3 years and yes when i use it the acne disappears later it comes back!u gotta be religious in you usage!
    am sorry for those for whom it was too harsh!
    i also feel if you use a strong moisturizer it should do its job just fine(yes I DO MOISTURIZE MY OILY SKIN)
    for people who do not have much acne just a tad bi of oilines there is no need to indulge in an extra dose of benzyl peroxide for ur delicate skin!jus try something green tea and forget this lovely piece of highly formulated stuff 😉

  11. tankssssssssssssss!!!!alll!!!!m delighted :yahoo: my next few posts would be all on perfume reviews for all the sniffers out thr!
    id be reviewing dkny be delicious green apple
    chanel mademoisle
    m and s oxygene!
    stay tuned!love

  12. Hi all…i had acne since my teenage years & untill now i had them…i tried using various products…but d effect was temporary…i tried proactive also…but people whu hav sensitive skin like mine…BEWARE…this is not the product for u…it irritates d skin further reddening it. Ultimately i got frustrated with all d products & stopped using them. Then i found this magic in a bottle aloevera juice by baba ramdev…guys this product just rocks…my acne was cleared in a week. Now my skin care regime is:
    1) clean my face wid multani mitti soap by baba ramdev(thrice a day)
    2) apply aloevera gel by baba ramdev
    3) apply lotus matteffect spf 40
    4) drink aloevera juice by baba ramdev(twice after meals)
    5) drink amla juice by baba ramdev(afternoon)
    6) at night apply yugard cream 2 clear out all d acne scars..

    1. thanx dimple
      i m frustated from acne for past 2 months .I have tried all possible things..lemon juice, multani mitti , chandan ,etc
      .i m gonna try this aloevera gel by baba ramdev :))

  13. Exactly 4 days ago I placed an order on the proactive website. I paid extra for overnight shipping and I paid with pay pal. I was told I will be receiving a confirmation email after I paid for the order,
    but I never did. When I try to log onto the website it says that email address is not registered on the website. I was provided an order number when I placed the order, but I did not save it. I contacted proactive customer service to cancel my order, but I was told that they can not cancel my order even though it hasn’t been shipped. That is not true! I work for an online company and you can very well easly cancel an order anytime you want. you can even have the package returned back to you if it is shipped out. Before they even searched for my order they said a cancelation is not possible. And when I gave my information they said they can not even find my order. I was also told by a customer service representative to place a new order and pay again this time with credit card. So they wanted me to pay TWICE for something I was not receiving! And they weren’t even refunding the pay pal payment! The reason I wanted to cancel my order was because I read so many horrible reviews about the products and because of how long the process was taking. I paid extra for overnight shipping, it has been 4 days. They can not find my order but they took my payment. Be very cautious before buying from them!

  14. Proactive worked like a charm for me..
    I had really bad acne, to the extent that i couldn’t touch or wash my face as one or the other pimple would breakout. I tried many creams, facials, chemical peels, etc. But, everything was temporary(just 1 day). Then when I was in Boston,USA i ordered proactive trial offer and used all the 3 steps(cleanser, toner, moisturizer)…and voila..within a month..I could see some difference… the end of 6 face was acne free. Boston weather might have helped too. I used it for next 3 years..and really, I didn’t have to use anything else..not even makeup. Just wash face and done(stopped using toner and their moisturizer once acne reduced as I didn’t want to get addicted to 1 product for long). When I moved to india, i tried using local products like lakme, everyouth, etc as they are designed for indian weather and indian skin. But, I was wrong. I am back to proactive now. Using just the cleanser(ordered from usa). The days before menstruation periods are the imp ones(Must use proactive at this time). It worked for me.
    My skin type: super oily(curly hair with dandruff makes it worst)

  15. Hi Girls,

    Thankyou so much for the info on Proactive. I have hormonal acne in worse ever state. Red big painful acne which leaves behind ugly stubborn marks, even if I don’t scratch or prick. I have 2 questions:
    1) Does it help hormonal acne?
    2) Does it work on marks?

    Is this product available on discount on some site?

    Please reply!!

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