Dry Skin Acne: Causes, Things That Worked, and Home Remedies

Dry Skin Acne: Causes, Treatment, Home Remedies

(This is a long post. Popcorn, coke and chips are not recommended for munching while reading it as the topic is acne. Let’s admit it, delicious junk food and pustules just don’t really go hand in hand).

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they become better human beings. It came for me too. I have always been a rather smug about winning a gene pool lottery which made sure that for most of my life, I never had any skin, hair, weight or serious health issues. Combined with my inherent complacence, it turned me into a cocky little sparrow with a careless attitude towards the earth shatteringly important issues of health, skincare and beauty.

Dry Skin Acne Causes Things That Worked and Home Remedies

Then, last year, I turned 20 and intensified the point-and-laugh campaign that I had started 4-5 years back against friends suffering from what I called “the funny little red zits issue.” This is how my thought process went – “Hooray! Teenage over and so is the threat of ever getting any acne! Let’s call up pimply friends and ask them how their pus boils are doing.”


Then, karma caught up, cuffed me by my neck, gave me its own version of what school teachers call “vunnnnn tiiiite slapp!” and ran away guffawing. Last December, I woke up one morning and discovered (for the first time in my life), a whole gang of big, fat, cherry red pimples hosting a raucous party on the entire left side of my face. Except for a momentary shock-and-scream reaction accompanied by various unmentionable profanities, I was very stoic in my approach. My friends, like all true friends, were utterly unsympathetic and downright sadistic. Here’s the reaction that I received, by the way – “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Serves you right!”


Clearly, it was a battle that I waged alone and for the next three months, one of my life’s priorities was – “Get rid of the goddamn acne before face develops Om Puri’s craters.” My biggest problem was that I have dry skin and none of the usual acne remedies (recommended by my friends with oil fields for faces) could work without making me shed my skin like a mad Basilisk living in the Chamber of Secrets. It wasn’t easy especially with my parents pointing and laughing at me every other day (my family is not big on sympathy over “minor issues” like 5 million mammoth pimples on the face) and classmates asking if I had just recovered from chicken pox.


After a seemingly endless period of denial, anger, frustration, existential crisis, lots of research into skincare issues, discovery of IMBB, stick-tongue-out-at-mocking-mother episodes, mirror-avoidance, anti-acne Ninja training and similar yada yada, I finally won my war against the enemy. What’s more, there are no ugly scars on my face either to act as relics of that war! 😀

If it is hard to battle zits on oily skin, it is doubly so when you have dry skin. So, the reason why I recounted that introductory sob story was because I’ve decided to create a comprehensive acne-battling-tactics-for-dry-skin guide for fellow victims and share tips and sympathy.

The Whys:

The first thing that popped in my mind (after “Oh, CRAP!”, of course) was “Why the hell?”. The moment I recovered some mental stability, I sat up and analysed the living hell out of this issue. Normally, you would not expect acne on dry skin. Well, incorrect assumption. Here are all the reasons that I believe can cause acne even on sandpaper-like skins.

1.) Temperature is an important factor for dry skin acne as humidity affects skin health. In summers, dry skin is easily sunburned and it also produces more sweat and oil to cool down, thereby giving a chance to evil little bacteria to grow. Winters are even worse because frost, harsh winds, and heaters cause more dryness leading to flakes and itchiness. “Cracking” of the skin is common, opening the door for bacteria to creep in and create havoc on the face. In the winter, pores also become drier and more irritated and aggravate problems.

2.) Dryness itself can be a cause of acne. Oily-skinned people are usually advised to use a light moisturiser so that their skin doesn’t over-produce oil for moisturisation causing more oiliness. That is precisely what happens with dry skin. To compensate for extreme dryness, skin starts producing oil/sebum leading to clogged pores and later, acne.

3.) Smoking is also a major factor of acne. Many people don’t realize how harmful even passive smoking can be for the skin and the lungs. People who hang out with smokers or just tend to smoke occasionally (aka. the I’ll-just-have-a-few-drags syndrome) usually suffer from acne. What is worse is that those smokers (passive or otherwise) who kick the butt have to face a purgatory called “quitzits” – acne caused as a side effect of quitting smoking. Classic example of “damned if you and damned if you don’t.”

4.) Stress is also acne’s dearly beloved friend. Basically, this is how the mechanism works: You get pissed off —> you want to punch someone and break their nose —> you remember that your mommy told you that it might get you into trouble —> you punch a pillow and let out a volley of certain words instead that mommy wouldn’t approve of —> your urge to punch may be satisfied but the wish to break a nose stays unfulfilled which makes your adrenal gland go bonkers leading to higher androgen levels —> result = red little buggers on the face —> you get more pissed off —> and so the vicious circle continues.

5.) Do you remember Bugs Bunny? Have you ever seen him with pimples? No, right? That’s what carrots, or rather, Vitamin A can do to you. One of the major causes of acne can be vitamin deficiency and besides the Bugs Bunny Vitamin, other vitamins and minerals for an acne-free skin include B, C, E, chromium and zinc. If you’re a poor eater or are best friends with the McDonald’s/Pizza Hut Staff due to your delusionally healthy eating habits, you will definitely be attacked by pimples, even if your skin looks so dry that you practically resemble a scaly lizard. Lack of vitamins and minerals does not allow your body to flush out the harmful toxins from your body whose results are directly visible on your skin.

6.) Dandruff and flaky scalp could also be the culprits. Your scalp health is directly related to that of your facial skin and if it’s snowing on your head, mini volcano eruptions are bound to take place on your face.

My Weapons of Mass Destruction:

For the gangs of pimples, I mean. I did not achieve success against acne overnight. As I did not want to visit a dermatologist immediately for the fear of medications that dry out skin and wished to pick my own fight against the zits, I decided to be very careful and turned to researching for home remedies and gentle products. It wasn’t easy at first, particularly because most anti-acne products are made for oily skin, and I did use certain products whose makers are now on my suckers-to-be-murdered-in-their-beds list. However, I discovered more about skincare, home remedies and skincare products in those few months than I had ever learnt in the two decades of my life. So, here are my yay and nay lists.

The Yays:


  • Lotus Herbals LemonPure Cleansing Milk.  I generally prefer using cleansing milks in winters instead of face washes. This one is a total keeper for dry-skinned people. It caused neither dryness nor any more breakouts.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, I LOVED this one. Super gentle and although it left a thin film of moisture on the face, it didn’t cause any problems. There was no irritation either.



  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream – I was putting my skin through some experimentation and no matter how careful I was, anti-acne measures tended to dry it out to some extent anyway. This was a super rich cream that did not worsen my acne but repaired the dryness instead.
  • Biotique Coconut Milk Cream – After looking at my pimple scars with pitiful eyes and some tut-tutting, the SA recommended me this cream to battle them. I had never tried Biotique products before but this cream worked like a dream for me.
  • Olay Natural White Cream – This is my pet little love. Incidentally, it was while looking for a review of this product one morning that I stumbled upon IMBB. Needless to say, I did not get off the website until I had greedily read hundreds of old posts. 😛 This is a totally wonderful product that I am still loyal to – no breakouts and it worked on my small pimple marks like magic.
  • Vicco Turmeric Cream – Good Lord! I love this cream so much that I am going to name my first born as “Vicco”. Of course, that name will become a cause of bitter estrangement between us later, but it’s a sacrifice that I’m ready to make. This cream is a total winner and I have even grown quite fond of its terrible stench too.


Lotus Herbals Oatmeal & Yogurt Scrub – a really mild product.  It also added a temporary glowing effect probably due to the yogurt content. The oatmeal particles were gentle and softened my skin without aggravating the acne.


  • Khadi Aloe Vera Gel – Soothed the terrible irritation and pain caused by the breakouts.
  • Brihan’s Cucumber Gel – Worked like a charm-on dried out pimples and did not let them turn into ugly scars.

The Nays:


  • Neutrogena Deep Clean – An absolute fail whale of a product. Not only was it completely ineffective on my pimples, but it also made my skin flake.
  • Fab India Tea Tree Face Wash and The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash – These are not BAD face washes per se. It’s just that they’re not right for dry skin no matter how festooned it is with pustules. I did not notice if they reduced my acne as such, but they sure peeled off half my face due to the extreme dryness they induced.


  • Biotique Walnut Skin Polisher and Biotique Papaya Scrub – These two were excessively harsh on my pimples and even caused a few to burst painfully turning me into a potty mouth again for some moments. They also caused dryness on certain parts of the face. A total disaster for dry-skinned people with acne to boot.


  • Lacto Calamine Aloe Moisturiser – To be honest, this is not a total nay product as it did not cause any flakiness or breakouts. However, it didn’t do much in terms of acne marks and still left my skin a little stretchy after application.
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion – It’s a good lotion for oily or combination skin people. Although, it did sooth my itchy acne, it just didn’t work at all for my winter-ravaged patchy skin. I needed something extra nourishing but it was too light.


Home Remedies:

More than anything else, I relied on home remedies the most. I realised that excessive chemical-laden products would only harm my skin further. This is what worked for me:

    • Honey – Whenever I suffered from cough as a kid, I would be force-fed honey. I used to hate its taste so much that I had resolved to annihilate all the bees from this earth when I “grew up.” As an adult, I couldn’t love honey more – no, not for its taste but for what it does it the face. It’s an incredible anti-bacterial humectant which means it bashes up the mean little zits and draws moisture to your face (hence, anti-aging too). It also heals and repairs the skin and provides respite from redness. Basically, honey is the all-rounder cool kid of the skin care items. You can use it alone or mix it up with anything else like cucumber juice, milk cream etc. to make a face mask.
    • Yogurt – Yogurt gives this wonderfully soothing sensation to pimple-attacked skin. It is anti-bacterial and helps to clear up the clogged pores. It is also a brightening agent and prevents/lightens acne scars. It also provides healthy moisturisation. I used it with a pinch of turmeric for added benefit.
    • Masks – I only used one of these three basic masks every alternate day so as not to spread the mess up too much.
    • Multani Mitti: It is excessively drying if used with only rose water. I tweaked the usual mask idea to suit my dry skin and used it with moisturising products like honey, yogurt and glycerin.
    • Besan: Besan can be a little drying too but it is very beneficial in keeping the skin clear and battling acne scars. I used it with milk cream (or unboiled milk), turmeric and a vitamin E capsule.
    • Mint, Neem and Orange Peel: I powdered some dried-out mint and neem leaves and mixed them with orange peel powder. Then, I made a mask out of it by adding yogurt and some honey to it. Super effective and did not dry out the skin at all.


  • Crushed Mint – I sometimes crushed fresh mint leaves, applied the paste on my acne (not on the rest of the face), and left it overnight. It caused some irritation at first but by morning, the zits used to be zapped.

Here’s what to avoid in home remedies if you want to save yourself from looking like a dry and red-skinned premature baby who needs an incubator:

  • Lemon juice.
  • Tomato juice.
  • Multani Mitti with any of the aforementioned ingredients.
  • Baking soda.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Apple cider vinegar as a toner.

Lifestyle Changes:

Ha! I bet you thought that you could defeat the Voldemort of all skin problems by applying just a few products and still lead the same old unhealthy, lazy bum friendly lifestyle. Not. Bloody. Possible.

lifestyle changes

The lifestyle tips for acne-bashing for dry-skinned people are pretty much the same that are recommended in all how-to-get-clear-skin articles.

Here’s what I changed:

    • No more once-in-six-months kind of exercise. I went back to Yoga (had quit in a fit of teenage rebellion back when I was 14-15), took up Pilates and started running on weekends. Besides the usual la-di-da of toxin-releasing et al that exercise does, it helped me beat stress and also gave a healthy glow.
    • Developed a habit of moving out every time someone lit up. Just the psychological reassurance that I wasn’t passive smoking anymore was enough. If you’re in a place where you cannot leave easily, inch several feet away from the source, preferably near a window and if you’re good friends with the person who smokes, just shout your head off and tell them to go and chain smoke somewhere else. 😛

lifestyle changes

  • Took to some serious fruit eating, particularly oranges, apples, grapes and tomatoes. Also, started on extra stuff like salads (WITH carrots) and green vegetables that I would shun earlier.
  • Started eating more mindfully. It’s not all that hard. I’ve always had a super fast metabolism and was in the habit of my stuffing my face with anything that I could find. After the acne disaster, although I did not give up on junk food altogether, I made sure that one of my meals was definitely at home and became more careful about what exactly I was eating.
  •  Got my food supplements in order. Aside from Vitamin B capsules, I also sucked on a lot of Vitamin C chewy tablets and swallowed a Vitamin E and Omega-3 capsule daily. If nothing else, they help in faster repair of your skin after your misfortunes are over.
  • Do you remember that scene from Dev.D where Abhay Deol asks his Sikh taxi driver if he drank and the Sardarji replies, “Like a phish, ji”? I became a “phish” like drinker too – of water, I mean. Sipping a little water every half hour or so helped in keeping my dry skin hydrated and flushed out toxins easily.

Now, lastly, here’s one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when you get acne:

It is NOT the end of the world. Yes, it sure seems so at first but with a little bit of perseverance and hit-and-trial, you’ll make it through and for the smirking or omg-look-at-your-face kind of sadistic populace, I used to have a special method. You could try it too. Just rub a wet wipe on their face suddenly, claim that it had been used by you before, and say that your aim is to spread the Holy Creed of Acne vulgaris everywhere. They’ll not bother you again. Doesn’t work on your mother though. You’ll have to resort to I-got-pimples-because-of-your-yuck-food tactic for her, but it’s a dangerous method as she may stop feeding you. So, make alternative arrangements for your meals if you want to try that.

I hope this mini-guide will be of use to the dry-skinned acne-battling Ninjas of IMBB. With this, I have fulfilled two of my life’s purposes – cleaning up my karmic slate, and distributing useful gyaan to fellow sufferers. I am sure that I shall soon be rewarded for my good deeds and be made the Dictator for Life of the Universe. Now, excuse me while I go and prepare gas chambers for my mean little enemies.

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      Have you tried Colgate against the mammoth pimple? It is usually my go-to pimple diffuser. I dab it on the spots at night and remove it the next morning with a cotton ball dipped in rose water. You could try the crushed mint thingie too for redness relief. :toothygrin:

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        I noted down her Home Remedies like…
        1.) Multani Mitti, Besan: could be drying if used with only rose water (for dry skin types), means for our skin types it works really well. I used to use it earlier (credit goes to my Mom) as a general skincare routine but stopped it for noreason. :silly: Now I have noted down so that I dnt forget it. :pompom:
        2.) Mint, Neem and Orange Peel: I used to apply Orange Peel with milk which is really really effective (again credit goes to my Mom, :jaiho: she had read it somewhere and we tried it), :haanji: now I will add Neem & Mint as well and instead of milk, I’ll try with yogurt and honey and see the effect (I love to experiment :preen: )
        3.) Crushed Mint: now this is something new which I havent tried but kept a note of it in case I get acne, i can use it because I prefer home remedies over market products.

        I hope this helps you too. 😉

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    Jus loved reading the post and I hav read it thrice already!!! :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    I have an oily T zone and my nose shines like a christmas reindeer always!! :shame: … so maybe i can follow few of ur tips … Thanks again!!! :waytogo:

  22. Awesome post JW! :waytogo: Loved it even though my skin was super oily and now combi during winter!!
    Regarding Lacto calamine treating acne marks. Its a very slow process and yes it does work but not for dry skin. My aunt has been using that cream (not the aloe version) since the past 25+ years (yeah its her HG and she wont swap it for any fancy anti-ageing cream!). She had really bad acne all those years back and frying pan oily skin and she’s lost all of her marks and has lovely skin now.
    So anyone looking for fast results using that cream, wont get it. You have to be super patient with it! 🙂

    1. Whoa! Is Lacto Calamine that effective? 😯 I’ve always liked the purple one during the humid Monsoon months but never knew it could be THAT great in the long run. I’m going to keep this in mind. :happydance: :happydance: Thanks! :woot: :woot:

  23. wow loved ur article …i always skim through but i actually read yours …i have acne from past 10 years and now it has chnaged into adult acne ….some times its so difficult to get the zits out 🙁

    Most of the remedies what you said for dry skin is also applicable for oily skin …tooo much of dryness can aggrevate acne …

    im so bookmarking this page !

    1. Thanks, Nikita!
      10 years? 😯 That’s a hell of a long time with zits! 😐 :shocked: Hope the remedies work for you. :toothygrin:

  24. Thank you. 😀 :woot:
    Regarding Olay Natural White, I used it regularly for 4-5 months right from December till May-ish. I’d say it takes about a month or so to work on the scars (unless they are really old). Perhaps it worked faster for me because my scars very fresh and not too deep seated.

  25. Love ur article 🙂 🙂 and the HP references hehe 🙂 🙂 Long live HP! And m bookmarking this for sure 😉 And your writing style is very fascinating ..makes me want to keep reading on 🙂 u should be a writer! 🙂

  26. hey girlie wenz ur nex post coming up….I am reading and re-reading all of the ones here …..pls come up with something to rescue the (wo)mankind from post acne scars

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