How to Reduce Fine Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a part and parcel of the ageing process. But, thanks to the hectic lifestyles and stress people have started seeing the signs of ageing at an early age.


Not all of us are blessed with beautiful skin and wrinkles at an early age can only add to the woes. Today the market is full of anti ageing products and treatments that are targeted towards prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. But not all of them work wonders on skin, which is a bummer afterall one has to invest both time and money on them.

Apart from these costly anti ageing products, there are various ways to combat the signs of ageing at the comforts of our home. These home remedies may not show immediate results but with time you will definitely see the improvement in your skin.

Mentioned below are few tips that are targeted to prevent and cure fine facial lines.

• Sleep on your back to avoid sleep lines. Sleeping on your side increases wrinkles on cheeks and chin, while sleeping face-down gives you a furrowed brow.

• Don’t over wash your face as it will strip the skin of the natural oils and will lead to the appearance of fine line.

• Use moisturizer and never ever forget to put on a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.

• Exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Dead skin, just like dirt and grime, tend to collect where there are folds and creases which make wrinkles seem more obvious.

• Avoid smoking as it reduces the blood supply in the skin which in turn causes wrinkles.

• Eat a balanced diet and drink a lot of water daily.


• Lemon juice applied on the skin several times a day also helps in fading away lines and blemishes.

• Mix turmeric with sugarcane juice and apply this paste on skin for few minutes.

• Rub a pineapple core on your face, leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat dry and moisturize.

• Apply the juice of green apples to your face each day. You should leave the juice on for around ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing off.

• Natural oils are very effective in fighting the fine lines on the skin. Massage coconut oil gently on to the skin using your fingertips. Repeat this every night before going to bed and you will soon find a youthful glow radiating out of your skin.

Prevention is always better than cure and by taking the proper care of our skin we can definitely stay beautiful for longer. What do you say?

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