Remington Salon Pro Model S5004 Review

Remington Salon Pro Model S5004

By Simran Johal


I am an ardent reader of IMBB from the past six months and this is my first post.I am very happy. Today I will be reviewing 2 in 1 Remington Salon Pro.This product was gifted to me when my cousin came to visit me from Australia,this January. I was very elated on getting this as I have very thin and light hair which gets wavy after every hair wash,since then I am using my Remington religiously.

Remington Salon Pro Model S5004

Price: $59.95

Model: S5004

Warranty: 2 years

Product Description

Remington Salon Pro comes in very cute and attractive pink colour packaging.The box is made up of cardboard with a transparent cover on it, so that I can keep glaring on it(hehe).It is sleek,light weight and easy to handle,with a long manageable cord as it don’t get tangle up.The front of the starightner is of blackish silver colour and back is of bright pink colour,giving me a girlish feel(LOL).It comes with a heat control knob having variations for thick to fine hair.The barrel lock button comes as a cherry on the cake,as by locking it,it can be used as a curler for lovely locks.

Remington Salon Pro Model S5004 (7)

Key Features:

• Titanium plates
• 235 degree celcius fast high heat
• Heats up in 30 seconds
• Infinite heat settings
• On/off switch
• 120mm plates
• Barrel lock
• Pointed tip
• Automatic safety shut off
• Automatic world wide voltage
• Swivel cord

flat iron

My Experience With Remington Salon Pro Model S5004:

Straightener and curler are must have product on every girl dressing table,as without perfect hairdo,your complete makeup looks halfdone.I am very happy with my new product as it gives me infinite adorable looks.It straightens,curls,flicks and waves my hair.(thank God! A single product does so much  ).Before buying a straightener or curler always look for the material of the plates.This comes with titanium coated plates,which makes it a wonderful product.It has mirror smooth surface;that much silvery that I can see my face into it.

hot tools

The benefit of titanium coated plates are it provides quick heating and maintains its heat evenly,as a result it fastens the process and I don’t get ending up with sore arms. The titanium coated plates are best for thick and curly hair,more over they impart negative ions to your hairs,the healthier the hair shaft.They are corrosion resistant so no cracks so less chances of getting damage and frizzy hair as hair will not get stuck into it.

Remington Salon Pro Model S5004 (5)

The Remington salon pro gives a professional look to my hair.It gives me lovely straighten hair for 5 days and marvelous locks(i.e curls). Well I am not that much satisfied with the pointed tip,as my hair get stuck into it every other second and it irritates me(huhh).with barrel lock the plates get locked and I can give salon like spiral and drop curls on my own.

Pros Of Remington Salon Pro Model S5004:

• Titanium plates
• Even heating
• Led ON(gives blue light),i.e ready to use indicator
• 120 mm plates gives smooth straigt styles
• Wear resistance
• Maximises heat transfer
• Straightening last for 5 days

Remington Salon Pro Model S5004 (6)

Cons Of Remington Salon Pro Model S5004:

  • Everytime I use it I end up in burning my fingers as accidendtly I touch hot plates.They should have provided with some covering.
  •  Irritating pointed tip .
  • These are only cons I can think of.

IMBB Rating :


Would I recommend Remington Salon Pro Model S5004?

Yes! yes!

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