How To Remove Black Patches From Bleaching

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In this post, we would cover on “How to remove black patches from bleaching”. Stay tuned to find some tried and tested methods to reduce the effects of bleaching and remove dark patches that might be caused by the reactor.

Patches from bleaching

1. Turmeric and Yoghurt Paste:

When mixed with a sour medium like yoghurt, turmeric acts as a skin whitening agent and helps in removing and lightening dark spot, dark patch or burn mark effectively. Turmeric, when used alone without any fat-based medium, can leave unsightly yellow stains on your skin which can be hard to get rid of and can be a bit harsh for sensitively skinned beauties. Therefore remember to always use it with yoghurt or even milk and never on its own.

2. Aloe Vera:

The white gel extracted from aloe vera leaves can be exceptionally useful in treating dark patches caused by bleaching. It has a number of qualities that make it useful to heal skin tissue and it has been used to beautify skin and solve a number of skin problems since time immemorial.

3. Cold Milk:

Cold milk has soothing properties and a lot of lactic acid that helps in exfoliating your skin in the most gentle way in order to get rid of old dead cells and make way for new skin cells. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to get rid of dark and ugly black patches and make way for beautiful skin. Also, apart from removing black patches caused by bleaching, milk also helps to subside any possible burn marks which may be caused by bleaching agents.

4. Potato Peel:

Potato peels have anti-inflammatory properties and natural skin whitening agents that get rid of dark spots and patches on skin effectively with regular usage. Apart from that, vitamins and minerals present in potato help in keeping your skin healthy and nourished. To get most out of potatoes in your skincare regime, peel some potatoes and use these to massage your face lightly. Alternatively, you can also mash a potato and make yourself a quick potato mask.

5. Cucumber Pack:

Cucumber has multi-skin cooling properties and components which make it an ideal option to treat various skin related issues such as burns and patches. When put in a refrigerator and rubbed/massaged onto the skin it provides an instant cooling sensation and soothes skin. Apart from massaging cucumber slices onto your skin, you can store some cucumber juice in your fridge and use a cotton ball to apply it as a toner or use a spray bottle to spray it all over your face. Regular usage of cucumber in skincare routine helps in getting rid of acne and acne scars as well and makes your complexion brighter.

6. Coconut Milk:

Coconut milk has abundant healing properties that restore your skin’s lost glory and also heal any bleach burns or dark patches caused by it. You can apply coconut milk directly to the affected area using a fluffed cotton ball and then wash it off after a couple of hours. Using coconut milk regularly can make your skin supple. Smooth and impart it a natural glow.

7. Sandalwood Pack:

Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties that help in removing any kind of bleaching burns and dark patches that may be left behind. To get rid of black patches, sandalwood powder should be mixed with rose water, milk or coconut oil and massaged onto the skin using a circular motion and washed off after drying. You should do this therapy twice-thrice a week for optimum results.

That’s all for today girls, hope this helps.

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