Revlon Matte Lipstick Eclair Bite Review,Swatches

Revlon Matte Lipstick Eclair Bite

Vibrant colour that glides on lips effortlessly and leaves matte effect. It stays all day long and feels comfortable. The creamy formula works well with or without added lip gloss and also keeps the lips soft and supple.


An ideal pick for those seducing lips!

Price 550, I got it as a gift.

This is a matte lipstick and somehow I think I can make most matte lipsticks work so I took this shade as a gift. This is a nice range and the shades Fabulous fig and Rosedew are my favorites. You can read more on those. The packaging is very bland. Just a simple click lock and a sticker and a silver band in the center saying Revlon. So nothing great.



The color is a deep brown almost leaning towards grey. The color does have some yellow undertones. The color can almost be a nude lip color for darker skin tones and pigmented lips if worn lightly. It has no shimmer and is powder matte.


The texture is fine, it is not buttery, but it is creamy enough. It does not render a thick coat in one layer. It feels light enough but dry lips may not like it. In two coats it will feel more powdery and very matte.On its own it is a light to medium matte lipstick, it is not heavy or cakey till two coats.


You might feel the need to layer it on evenly, to make the color better.It could be more pigmented and even but it is not a bad texture, may be it could be more opaque. but this color is not for me.It makes me look like I have natural brown lips. So yes this could be a natural color for many. The color lasts for 4 hours easily but could feel dry at many points in time.


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