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Karpagam Asks:

Hi All,

I used to wax my arms like once in 2 months. In recent years I started getting rashes on my upper arm, which turns the skin dark after drying 🙁

I donno if it is due to waxing or something else. But it increases everytime I do waxing.

It makes my arms look so bad. Please someone tell me how to prevent this and to remove those already present marks.

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29 thoughts on “How to get rid of rashes due to waxing : Ask IMBB

  1. I use lactocalamine just after waxing, it soothes my red bumps…
    but i am also looking for something better …. anybody any idea? :methinks:

  2. you should try using an ice pack after waxing as it soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.

    also try aloe vera gel(not fresh).. forever living aloe msm gel is really good(from personal experience)..its a bit pricey but it works 🙂 …or else biotique chlorophyll gel is also a cheaper option..

    check the ingredients in your wax..may be ur allergic to something in it…

    many people i know sprinkle baby powder on their skin before waxing,…the powder acts as a buffer and the wax adheres to the hair and not to the skin…

    waxing the right way is also important..hold ur skin taut and dont keep overwaxing any specific area…

    probably you should try some other hair removal method…my skin doc asked me not to wax cos it doesnt suit my skin so i had to stop completely…

    as for the should try massaging with creams or oils rich in Vitamin E…they help marks and scars..

  3. read nupur review of Biotiue ka sum product she gave 2 wks bak.. i forgot the name :worship: :worship: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: .. sorry.. she uses tht & no rashes or anything.. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. use sum exfoliating soap or scrub on ur arm while bathing.. n also try bleaching ur arms 2 days b4/after waxing :))
    tht’ll remove the dark skin.. :))

    1. Thanks for your ideas nids. But my skin does not become dark completely. Just the bumps dry and become dark.

  5. hey karpagam..I wud say moisturise ur skin well..may be coz of dryness also…use biotique chlorophyll gel or aloe vera gel immediately post waxing to reduce d bumps..

  6. use powder on ur hands before waxing…and alovera gel after waxing…it will surelly work… :thumbsup:

    and to reduce the tan use raw milk (apply this on ur hands n wash after 15-20 mints)within a week u will notice the difference :specs:

  7. Hi Karpagam, Try using patanjali’s aloe gel or biotique’s chlorophyll gel. Also scrub you skin 2-3 days prior to (not after) waxing.

    Hope that helps. :))

  8. I too have this prob and what i do is to apply ice as soon as waxing is done…..before your arms are massaged, try applying ice feels heavenly and prevent rashes

  9. I’d say try to use some toner preferably astringent
    I dnt get rashes due to waxing but when I get threading done on upper lip I felt that the skin der bcame more oily and I used to get few pimples after dat
    Once I asked my beautician to apply astringent instead of moisturizer and frm den no oil excretion and no pimples so following the same
    1st apply ice – Astringent – let it dry for a while and den apply mositurizer

  10. A pt to note: I said astringent bcoz when i pluck ur hair out obvs ur pores open and gets oily so to close dem use astringent but if u r allergic to astringents or so try to use a mild toner and dnt apply moisturiser till ur pores are closed

  11. Its probably too late but if you still wax, apply baby power pre and Vaseline Aloe Vera Body Lotion post waxing. Works great for me!! 🙂

  12. Hi,did the ideas work? I have the same problem.i get small black bumps tht leave a mark behind.. my arm is completely ruined with these marks.

  13. The best method to treat rashes n acne of skin after waxing is apply thin coat of toothpaste Colgate or any other brand but mind u not ayurvedic ones like dabur,babool,or misvak etc
    Keep it for half hour n wash with plain water.

  14. Hey.. I too have the same problem.. A few days ago i done with waxing.. Nd nw my upr body part is infected badly.. Rashes allovr my breast,my stomach., my back,evn on my arms.. Evn the saloon lady applied lacto calamine on my skin after wax.. But thus tym lacto didnt work.. Please suggest me smghing m totally in a depressed mood

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