Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit Review

Hello Nail Art Buffs!!!
I love salon style French manicure but they are way too expensive to get one on regular basis hence I decided to buy my own French manicure kit so I can pamper my nails as and when I desire.
Sally Hansen is a well known brand for its awesome nail care products, hence among all the kits available in the store I decided to buy this particular one, even though it was a little pricey. I had high expectations with this product and thought that it would give me a perfect French manicure, the kind we see on celebrities, however I was a little disappointed. Keep reading to know why.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

Product Description:
Sally Hansen has revolutionized the French manicure with her French Manicure polish set in Sheer Romance. End the long wait time for beautiful nails. Give yourself a perfect, professional looking quick French manicure. For perfect nails start with the professional products of Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

Features & Benefits:
• Precision brush control
• Complete manicure kit with UV topcoat
• 2 easy steps to the perfect French
• Contains manicure and pedicure guides, white tip, sheer color and top coat


Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

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Price: $5.99

My Take on Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit:

Like I said I have had good experience with this brand in past which made me chalk up really high expectations but it didn’t live up to them. I won’t say it failed miserably but didn’t do anything exceptional either.

Packaging: Three nail paints come in a thin cardboard box which also contains a strip of French tip guides – both straight and concave.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit


Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

• Start with clean dry nails with no oils on them to increase wear time of nail paint.
• Gently file and buff nails to get a smooth surface to apply the polish.
• Start with clear base and let it dry for few minutes.
• Place the French tip as desired and seal it in place so that there are no small gaps through which paint could seep in.
• Apply the white coat on tips and ensure it is not too thick or gooey or it would not appear neat.
• When it is semi dry, gently peel of the tip and let it dry some more.
• Apply the clear pink coat; usually one coat is enough but two can be applied if desired.
• Finally apply clear coat to seal it in place.

End Result:
• I did like the end result but like I said I can achieve the same result with any other nail paint brand and need not buy this particular one.
• The consistency was bit too thick for my liking and made it look a bit untidy if a second coat was applied.
• The pink coat on top has a weird shine and gives a photo chromatic like shine to nails which I didn’t like at all.
• Since the white coat is so thick, the white part gets a little deformed when the tip guide is peeled off.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

Wear time: It starts to chip after two days even though I wear gloves while doing any sort of house hold work. I expected it to stay nice and neat for at least a week but it failed miserably in this regard.

Conclusion: It is a good at home French manicure kit but nothing exceptional and one can make do without it.

Pros of Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit:

• Compact packaging which contains all three bottles along with tip guides.
• Easy instructions to follow.
• Tip guides are good for precise application of white coat.
• Clear coat gives a very nice shine.
• Dries relatively fast.

Cons of Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit:

• White coat is way too thick.
• Pink coat has an unflattering shine.
• Tip guides can be used maximum twice.
• Wear time is not more than two days after which it starts to chip away.

Would I Repurchase Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit??
No, in fact I will return this kit and continue looking for something better. Readers can buy it and give it a try but I can assure they will not experience anything exceptional.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

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7 thoughts on “Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit Review

  1. I love french manicure, and my sister can do it without any tip guides, so I would rather rely on her and use products of my choice. I have tried just one Sally Hansen product so far and I feel it’s over hyped.

  2. Expected this trio to fare much better than it actually did. But this post reminded me to go for french manicure, have not done that since looong. Thank you darling !

  3. oh thats bad… I was gonna purchase this but now I will skip it! I used one from Wella years back. this sounds similar to it… streaky pink base, gloopy white color!
    its a never ending search for a genuinely good kit!

  4. Ouch….it hurts, when I don’t get great results from a extremely hyped product. Sally Hansen is so well known. I thought of buying their product many times. But it seems I’ll get better manicure with my normal Lakme or Maybelline polishes. Thanks for reviewing dear 🙂

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