Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care Review

Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care

By Nikita Neil

Hi everyone!!
Today I’m here with a review of a product called Sally Hansen Salon hand care. When it comes to hand creams, I usually prefer the ones with cool fruity fragrances. The temptation for fragrance just reminds me to moisturize my hands often. However, this one was a gift and I tried it in spite of it having a very mild fragrance. But those with sensitive skin may prefer mild fragranced hand creams.

Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care

Product Description:

* Severely dry chapped hands
*Helps dry, chapped hands
* Exclusive formula Contains Keratin and Collagen
* Helps relieve chafed, chapped or cracked skin due to the drying effects of the wind and cold weather

Price: Not sure

Quantity: 120.5 g


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Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care ingredients

My take on Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care :

It comes in an inverted tube packaging and flip opening. The tube is really sturdy and the closure too, hence it is travel-friendly. Most of us may like fragranced hand creams, but this one has a really mild fragrance which could hardly be felt after a minute. So after a minute of application this mild fragrance is completely gone, which makes this cream fragrance free. Its a good choice for those with sensitive skin and few of those who do not prefer fragrance. The cream is white in colour and has medium consistency. Not too thin and not too thick. So it spreads easily for application. I must say, it is very very moisturizing. I do not have dry skin, so at first, I felt my hands are going to remain too greasy but within a minute the cream was all absorbed. Hence, making my hands all moisturized but at the same time not too greasy. Just perfect!! And it does keep hands moisturized for hours. I don’t use it very regularly but it does improve the texture of the skin up to some extent. Although I do feel that those with oily skin can avoid this cream. I’ll pass this cream to my mom who has rather dry skin and doesn’t care much about the fragrance.

Pros of  Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care :

  • Tube Packing which I consider hygienic compared to tubs.
  • Sturdy tube and closure
  • Travel Friendly, since its leak proof
  • Very moisturizing
  • Staying power is good
  • Non-greasy
  • Fragrance-free (good for sensitive skin)
  • Contains Keratin and Collagen
  • Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care 2

Cons of Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care :

  • Availability – Although available at certain online shopping stores, I found out upon checking that not all variants are available, particularly this one
  • Fragrance-free: Fragrance lovers might not prefer this since it is fragrance free

Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care 3

IMBB Rating:


Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care swatch

Will I repurchase Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care ?
I loved the product and its moisturizing properties, however I’m a fragrance lover, neither do I have sensitive or dry skin and so would go for a fragranced hand cream.

Do I Recommend Sally Hansen Salon Hand Care ?
Yes, absolutely. Especially for those having sensitive skin. It keeps your hands moisturized for hours.


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