Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm Review

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm Review

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Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser Balm Review

Hope you all are fine and looking forward for Christmas and the New Year’s break 🙂 I have always liked Sally Hansen brand for nail care and nail colours.  I have also used a few makeup products from Sally Hansen.  Since manicures at good places are extremely expensive here, I only go in for manicures occasionally and try to DIY nail care at home.  There are cheap nail spas around, but they are always in the spotlight (in a bad way) because they don’t have well-trained therapists and also have hygiene issues, so I avoid them totally and don’t have much option other than to rely on Sally Hansen for my nail care.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 1

I have used the cuticle remover in a cream form made by Sally Hansen before; however, I didn’t want to use a cuticle remover regularly as I felt that cuticle removers were a bit harsh.  The purpose of cuticles is to protect the nail bed, so I was quite skeptical about using a cuticle remover because of fear of getting an infection.


Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 2

Just when I was thinking about this, I came across a new introduction from Sally Hansen (at least new to Australia) which is the cuticle eraser+ balm and appeared to be a two-in-one product.  It looked extremely attractive because of the “swirl” design and the fragrance was really refreshing as it was a cucumber fragrance.  Please read through to see how this product fared for me:

Product Description and Claims:

Combination remover and creme quickly eliminates excess, ragged cuticles and hang nails as it conditions nails and cuticles. The result? Instantly, healthy, beautiful, conditioned cuticles that look up to 80% smoother. Salon tested 2 in 1 formula with white tea and cucumber gently and quickly loosens and exfoliates stubborn, overgrown cuticles while leaving skin feeling deeply moisturised.  Based on consumer perception testing.  This product claims to remove dry cuticles and moisturise in one step.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 3


A 2-in-1 formula with white tea and cucumber gently & quickly loosens & exfoliates stubborn, overgrown cuticles while leaving skin feeling deeply moisturized.  Helps prevent hangnails and promotes healthy nail growth.  Can be used daily.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 4


AUD 12.5 (I got this from Priceline).

Directions For Use:

Massage a small amount into cuticles until completely absorbed. Use a cuticle pusher, if needed, to help further loosen hard to remove cuticles.  Use daily for maximum benefits. Wash hands before applying polish.

My Experience with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm:

This product comes in a cute jar and has cute green and white swirl pattern.I made sure I took the photos for the review before starting to use the product.  This has a mild cucumber fragrance and is very refreshing.  I have been using this for about a month now.  The consistency of the product is a cross between a body butter and a balm.  I apply this balm on my nails and massage it, then leave it on for as long as I prefer.  Since this is a very mild product, I leave it overnight as well.  What I did notice with the effectiveness is that this balm definitely moisturized my nails and made the area around my nails soft.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 5

With regards to removing cuticles, I think this product works quite slowly.  Even though it did not remove dry cuticles immediately like a straightforward cuticle remover, it worked on my nails to soften and keep dry cuticles under check.  The best part was that my nail generally appeared neater after only using it for a couple of times.  I feel this balm has to be used consistently and continuously to keep nails under check.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 6

Pros of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm:

  • Moisturizes nails and makes the area surrounding the nail appear neater.
  • Slowly removes dry cuticles.
  • It is a cute-looking product which comes in a small jar, easy to carry around.
  • Refreshing cucumber fragrance.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 7

Cons of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm:

  • Not for you if you want cuticles to be removed immediately like at salon manicures.
  • Comes in a jar package, so it is unhygienic to dip fingers in.  It would have been better if an applicator came with this product.

IMBB Rating:


I love this product and am planning to use this product continuously.

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  1. How cute the packaging is…..waise, Supriya, try the cuticle remover reviewed by Nafisa, it instantly removes cuticles 🙂

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