Santoor Face Wash, Face Wash Gel Review

Santoor fairness face wash gel (with sandal and saffron)
Santoor moisturising faces wash (with sandal and almond milk)


Santoor fairness face wash gel:
SLES,sodium pca, peg 7, glyceryl cocoate, saffron and sandal extract
(My skin is sensitive to a lot of things I use, even tomatoes, but the above ingredients did not cause any sensitivity to me)

Its effect on oily blemish prone skin, residing in humid area:

I assume very few of us have either seen these or tried these. I saw these in pune few months back and I picked them up just for trial, assuming these are new releases. For the price of 60 grams for 35 rupees, a close comparison to everyuth face washes, I did not hope anything much from these. Santoor fairness face wash claims to deliver fairness through sandal and saffron, the two key ingredients used in India for fairness. The face wash is in a gel form, soft orange colored, and lathers mildly into soft foam. I was not hoping anything much from these, until I saw the difference in two days. Bam!!!! It was clearing my skin out, my complexion was even, there was a glow and sheen on my skin surface after washing my face with the gel, and in a week’s time, the difference was huge. It was delivering fairness thru lightening my skin and making it even. I was mighty impressed. I have used so may face washes with creamy foam, that dry out my skin in the name of fairness, rip the oil and glow of surface and give a soapy after feel which lasts for just five minutes. This product on the contrary worked its way out slowly, and in a week my face was glowing, there was no dryness at all, the skin felt smooth to touch and pigmentation was lightened. I had never before used a similar fairness face wash for such a tiny price. By the time finished the tube, I was longing for more. Chennai is humid and there is a layer of stickiness on the skin more often than not. But this face wash, on the contrary, made skin clean without leaving it dry. The gel is ideal for oily skin, the moisture is just enough for oily skin. I did not witness any blocked pores either while using this product for around 20 days or so.
You will need just a coin sized amount for one wash. Ideally, use twice a day for mild cleansing (not any makeup or grime) .the soapy smell may put u off but wait till you see the effect!


Pros of Santoor Fairness Face wash:

  • The best fairness face wash available for 35 rupees.
  • Does not dry out skin at all.
  • Evens out skin.
  • Can be carried around
  • Silky smooth after feel!
  • Extremely gentle face wash
  • Ideal for dry skin and oily skin will love it as well
  • santoor

Cons of  Santoor Fairness Face wash:

  • I wish it had a flip cap
  • I haven’t found it here in Chennai yet
  • Soapy smell
  • Takes a little more effort to be removed with hard water

Last word: buy three of these together. You won’t regret it. I had never thought it will work so well!

Rating 4.5/5

Santoor moisturising face wash
Price: 35 for 60 grams

Sles, glycerine, peg 7, glyceryl cocoate, almond milk and sandal extract
(Inspite of the chemicals, I found it way gentler than herbal face washes)


After desperately trying find it again, I remembered about the twin I had picked up along with fairness one. Again I was really impressed. For the price of 35, the moisturising face wash left my oily skin smooth to touch, with just the right amount of cleansing and removing the oil. This face wash has a milky creamy texture but with out any kind of oily feel to it. It lathers into very little soft foam and coin sized is again enough for a single use. It’s so gentle to use that I was even tempted to use it for eye make up removal out of laziness. This is the best face wash sensitive skin can find in this price and quality. I did not feel it blocked my pores at all. I used it twice a day for about two weeks. My skin was left soft with a glowy sheen. Though it did not do anything for lightening my skin, I did feel my skin was evened out. I totally love this find of mine; I can not believe how it’s not very popular still. The above two face washes are the most gentle and yet effective face washes I have come across in the past two years I would say. Can be safely carried in the bags, for office, I have not had any incidents of leakage.


Pros of Santoor moisturising face wash:

  • Soft after feel
  • Can be carried around
  • Extremely gentle
  • Cons of Santoor moisturising face wash:

    • I wish it had a flip cap
    • They can do away with the soapy smell
    • Takes a little more effort to be removed with hard water

    Last word:
    If you are looking for a very gentle face wash, this on is just perfect!

    Rating 4/5

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    38 thoughts on “Santoor Face Wash, Face Wash Gel Review

    1. These sound to be really great :waytogo: Pity you couldn’t find them in Chennai. Do let me know if you find them

    2. nice review Neha………but not flip cap :waiting: out of the flip cap it goes to waste by myself……….but may be i will look for this………. :tongue: at least after used that i will suppose to say “meri tvacha se meri ummar ka pata hi nahi chalta” :hihi: :handshake:

        1. only maybelline,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what :specs: ……………in delhi/ncr na…… many stuff :pompom: :pompom: …………. 😉

    3. 1st of santorr facewhes..!! thats newss..!!!
      and mighty good news as it works soo well..!!!
      thanx for the review neha…. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    4. Thtas really nice, I have seen these face wash so many times, but never bought it, I have dry skin so may not suit me, but am happy for you that it really scores good in the fairness claim, I really cant believe it! Anyways I have used their soap when I was a child 😀

    5. wow!!!! results in i week time… :yahoo: i’m hunting for it now…… :toothygrin: :thumbsup:
      Bt i have seen face washes here.. Ireally hope i find them.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :yikes:

    6. Hey neha,
      I m new to IMBB n i m from pune i have read sum of reviews in dat u mentioned k u picked it up from pune n den u have chennai n pune mixed responses okay my question is whr r u from? :toothygrin: :tongue: O:)
      N about the product I have seen it many times but never intended to buy it bt seeing your review i m surely gonna buy it pakka :shame:
      I really LOVE IMBB hope to be apart of IMBB friend circle :high5:
      Sups :heart:

    7. Hi i’m from Chennai and i would like to know why is the Santoor moisturizing face wash (with sandal & almond milk) not available in stores anymore. This face wash is just too good. Pls let me know where and how i can get this particular face wash. (Pls assist me with the list of outlets in chennai where this face wash is available) I just luv this face wash. It is indeed one of the best products introduced by Santoor.


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