Lacto Calamine Moisturizing Face Wash Creme Review

Review on Lacto Calamine Moisturizing Face wash Crème

Hi readers,

Today I am going to talk about lacto calamine moisturizing crème face wash for dry to normal skin.

lacto calamine moisturizing face wash

Price – Rs 52 for 50 ml (I got it free with LC aloe moisturizer 😉 )
Shelf life – 2 years

Here is what the product says-

Daily use cleansing crème with Yogurt and avocado
Enriched with yogurt and avocado extract, it gives your skin 4 key benefits.

1. Moisturisation
2. Soothing and healing
3. Damage repair
4. Healthy supple skin

lacto face wash

My experience with lacto Calamine Cream face Wash

I have normal to dry skin. When I bought lacto calamine aloe moisturizer I got this face wash free with it ;). Every one of us is quite familiar with this moisturizer. In fact many of us love this lotion. It was a freebie and I was currently on clean and clear, so I didn’t paid much attention to it and kept it in the cupboard. When my clean and clear got finished I was looking for some other face wash. Suddenly I remembered that a face wash is lying idle in the cupboard. Then I started using it.

My first impression with it was like ‘OMG!! Is this really a face wash’. That so because this was a crème face wash. I have used L’Oreal white perfect face wash but that was also not that creamy. In fact with this LC face wash you can draw patterns and designs as it quite solid and doesn’t have a runny texture like other face washes :D.

face wash swatch

But don’t underestimate it. Its fragrance is very lively and fresh. It just smells like fresh avocado and aloe vera. It lathers well but don’t contain SLS or SLES.

From the first application I love it. It really leaves the skin moisturized and smooth. My face was also squeaky clean like clean and clear. It’s the second best face wash I have used after clean and clear. I didn’t felt the need of immediate moisturisation after using this. The smell is so fresh that it leaves you energized. A must face wash if you have normal to dry skin. It can beat other face washes of this price range.

Pros of lacto calamine crème face wash :-

1. It’s fresh smell. It lingers on your mind leaving you complete fresh and energized
2. Amazing moisturisation. Skin becomes incredibly soft and supple. I feel like touching my cheeks again and again.
3. Texture is very creamy.
4. Economical since you need a very small quantity in every application. I have been using it for past 15 days and it’s just 1/4th finished.
5. By clean I mean squeaky clean. 🙂
6. Rather well.
7. Convenient tube packaging.
8. I didn’t felt the need of immediate moisturisation.
9. Doesn’t contain SLS or SLES.
10. Filled with the richness of yogurt and avocado.

Cons of lacto calamine crème face wash :-

1. Flip cap not that tight. Not travel friendly for this reason.
2. Nothing else besides this

Final verdict :-

I have used other face washes from Himalaya, dabur uveda, loreal, ayur, clean and clear, everyuth etc etc but among all this is my hot favorite now. My love for this face wash is increasing day by day. Seems like it’s soon going to replace my clean and clear face wash. Its fresh cucumber like smell, its moisturisation, that soft and squeaky clean cheeks and that whole bottle is tempting me to buy another bottle of it. Do I need to say more? I have fallen for it. It’s a must if you have normal to dry skin. A suggestion. Whenever you go to a shop just smell this. You will buy it immediately if you love fresh fragrances.

At last I am attaching a picture of the rainbow seen in today’s morning at 7am. The place in front of this is IIT Delhi.



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    1. hihihih… i was so happy that day… and that was last Friday when the rainbow was seen… i had my exam that day and it went quite rocking!! :yahoo: :yahoo: 😀

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  2. nice review rupam,I have also done great research on face washes will definetly try this one at present Olay facewash is my fav O:)

    1. thanks jinal :thanks: :thanks:
      yeah it is… it was a wonderful day starting with a rainbow!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Nice review Rupam! :waytogo: This sounds so good. I’m wondering if it has a variant for oily skin as well. I’ve used Lacto calamine lotion for months and I loved it!
    Rainbow :pompom:

  4. gr8 review rupam :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .. i was just seeing these in adds n there u r giving a nice review of the same :yes: .. dont kno whether i’ll using it or not coz already hav 4 other face washes to finish first.. :)) :haanji: :haanji:

  5. hi Rupam, great post, i like the fragrance of lacto calamine and i have used their product and its really nice. I would love to try their facewash too :lashes:

  6. ho…. such a beautiful rainbow…… 🙂 🙂
    i’ll get this facewash Rupam after the current oriflame one gets over….. nice review 🙂

  7. I think it cotains paraben ?????// :nonono: Sooooo ……..not a good product , :waiting: but the other pink gel of the same series dosn’t contain paraben .So I feel that the pink gel is better and it makes the skin feel cool .:) :teddy:

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